Thursday, December 30, 2010


ILLEGAL ALIENS find that designation offensive and are demanding to be referred to as undocumented workers instead. 
What I find even more offensive is that they are here in the first place.

But why are all these illegals flooding across the US border?
How does one reconcile the fact that we have double digit unemployment among our American workers in the face of this record illegal immigration? 

Oh, the simple answer is that the illegals work cheaply, don't pay taxes, etc. 
Well these illegals are able to not only survive on these so called paltry wages; but are also able to send the bulk of their salaries back to their homelands.  These folks are building our country because LEGAL Americans seem too arrogant and lazy to do it themselves. 
America essentially entices a group of impoverished people to our shores to perform tasks that Americans deem beneath them for wages Americans laugh at and then these same Americans have the audacity to condemn the foreign workers.  Shame on America.

Americans need to get off their sofas, turn off their flat screens and WORK instead of demanding 13 months of extended unemployment benefits after exhausting 99 weeks of similar hand outs.

American kids don't cut the grass anymore; they have personal coaches. 
White boys and black boys don't work construction anymore; the Latinos do that. 
Today, Americans EXPECT to start at the top with all the perks and are not willing to PAY THEIR DUES.  Entitlement has trickled upward and sideways; not just downward.
Too many of the privileged parents are more concerned with lattes and not offending their children's sensitivities than they are with being parents. Too many of the less fortunate parents also fail to make parenting a top priority. 
So it is no surprise that our young work force has the disgraceful work ethic it has.

Supply and demand is the root of illegal immigration just like it is for drugs. 
STOP the demand and the supply will wither all boils down to responsible behavior and consequences.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Harris County DA Pat Lykos' hap hazard stance on the Death Penalty issue will be her death blow when she runs for re-election in 2012.

The Harris County Republican base and the clear majority of true Independents support Capital Punishment.  This is not Dallas County and the fringe bloggers at the Houston Chronicle are not only irrelevant, they are even less significant than the paltry voters in our little court house world.

The earliest US national Gallup poll on Capital Punishment was in 1936. That survey found that 59 %  of Americans supported the death penalty, 38% opposed it and  6% were undecided.  Throughout the Gallup  polling history on the issue, the majority of the general US population has always supported the death penalty.  The most recent Gallup data being 7 October 2010, which showed a greater than 2:1 support for the death penalty, specifically 64% supported,  29% opposed and 6% had no opinion.

The 7 October 2010 US National Gallup Poll also asked:
In your opinion, is the death penalty imposed -- [ROTATED: too often, about the right amount, or not often enough]?
The following results were revealed:
Too often: 18%;  About the right amount: 26%; Not enough: 49%; No opinion: 7%.

Now these are NATIONAL polls. Texas has recently been polled at a whopping 83% support for the death Penalty and Harris County leads the pack in Texas.

The drastic decline in Texas Death Capitals does not reflect the will of Texans; but rather the media's agenda.
If Harris County DA Pat Lykos acquiesces to media demands because of an underlying fear that her complete and total ineptness would otherwise be exposed, she needs to be held accountable.

Lykos cannot afford to continue to bank on smoke and mirrors if she intends to remain at the Harris County DA's Office.
The illusion of accomplishment by simply renaming divisions within the office or promoting tangential social agendas that are not DA functions or attending Republican luncheons won't cut it.  The people are tiring of political corruption, arrogance and incompetence.
Lykos laughingly labels others myopic when they call bullshit on her absurd policies..............ironically it is those very policies which demonstrate her own gross lack of foresight and discernment.
Lykos now has a record as Harris County DA.  It will not stand up to public scrutiny.  Her odd destructive and grandiose "leadership" is becoming more widely noted.
It is one thing to cover up the petty vindictive tirades and inappropriate behavior of a District Judge that ruled decades ago; but quite another to camouflage or mitigate the crazyness of her current role as the Harris County District Attorney.................even for Lykos.

When the sitting County District Attorney does the bidding for that county's media outlets; the citizens are left with the proverbial fox guarding the hen house........Pat Lykos must be working an extra job for Chick-fil-A when she's not scrambling the Harris County eggs!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ironically, Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos and state District Judge Kevin Fine have a lot in common.
Instead of performing their respective duties in a professional fashion within the course and scope of their actual job descriptions; each has chosen to  pursue re-writing the, "Rules of Law", for political gain and personal recognition.
These arrogant distractions to compensate for personal gross incompetence are disgusting.

Lykos seems worried that her ineptness is contagious.  Why else would she send her ADAs to a bogus hearing in time-out mode?  The implication is that there are no senior ADAs left who know what the heck they are doing?  To place a self imposed gag order on prosecutors at a hearing is demeaning to the office of the District Attorney generally. Lykos has degraded not just ADA Alan Curry, but the very process itself.

Personal agendas instead of the "Rule of Law" is paramount for these two (2) clowns.  Fine doesn't like the Death Penalty and Lykos wants drunk drivers to get one free pass (DIVERT)..........the Constitution, the Texas Legislature and the will of the people be damned.

If Pat Lykos and Kevin Fine can't represent their constituents in a competent lawful manner THEY are the ones who need to "stand down, step down and shut up".

Lykos is quoted as saying, "the constitutionality of the death penalty is well settled law". 
But Lykos has a history of disregarding well settled law; so it begs the question, "does Lykos support the death penalty or not?"
If you judge a book by its cover instead of by the content, Pat Lykos is a death penalty advocate.  However, if one's actions are a better judge of an individual's position; Lykos' lack luster pursuit and defense of the death penalty should give Texans pause.

There are some people in society that are so horribly dangerous and vile that the death penalty is warranted.
Society has a responsibility to protect ALL its members in a reasonable manner; not just the sociopathic most violent segment.
The criminal justice system must always strive to prevent wrongful prosecution; but it can never be expected to come with a warranty.  When an innocent individual is found to have been harmed, every reasonable effort should be made to minimize a future similar occurrence. 

The death penalty, it has been argued, is not an effective deterrent. Further, an eye for an eye revenge mentality is not condoned in many civilized societies.
Philosophical bullshit aside,  whose safety is society really protecting by abolishing the death penalty? 
There is no guarantee that every capital murderer will be a model prisoner. That he will never harm fellow prisoners or prison guards.
There is no guarantee that a capital murderer will NEVER escape from prison either. 

The argument that it is better to release a thousand guilty violent criminals than to to punish a single innocent man does not address what harm those thousand bad guys will render on INNOCENT civilians after their release.

The execution of an innocent man, whether it is sanctioned by the state or by a violent crook, is a travesty.
Dead is dead and the victim killed in a robbery is of no lesser value than an innocent man executed by the state. To require that a capital killer can never get the ultimate punishment for his crime unless we have a video clip of the murder that is accompanied by a confessional narration, reduces our justice system to politically correct insanity.
What if we applied this convoluted logic to the rest of our daily lives?  We wouldn't have cars, planes, guns, whiskey or Whataburgers.........

You don't fix incompetence by throwing the baby out with the clean the tub. 
If Pat Lykos simply stands down because she's too wobbly to stand up--then she ought to get out of the way so a real prosecutor can take charge; AND if Kevin Fine wants to legislate then he ought not put on that black robe.

2012 can't come soon enough........

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The California Supreme Court has unanimously decided that illegal immigrants who steal at least three (3) years of free public high school education in the state of California and graduate are thereby entitled to the reduced in- state tuition rate.
The challenge that, "states may never give a benefit to unlawful aliens without giving the same benefit to all American citizens", was overcome simply by stating that out-of-state Americans would also be eligible for the reduced in-state rate if they moved to California for three (3) years prior to applying to college.

Well obviously if you are an American citizen living in a particular state you should pay that state's in-state tuition and NOT the higher out-of state fee;  BUT the issue is whether or not an illegal alien should receive preferential treatment over any United States citizen with respect to admission or tuition in ANY state college or is absurd to even have to ask the question.

To the California Supreme Court, it seems that if illegals are entitled to free American healthcare and a free American high school education, it follows that they should not have to pay the high cost of out-of-state tuition that U.S. citizens are subject to.  A faulty foundation at best.

More than half of the California public school system is Latino; a high percentage of whom are illegal.  However,  this statistic alone has no relevance to support, as a matter of law,  that a preferential financial benefit to further the education of illegals over U.S. citizens is the correct course to serve the best interests of America.

As goes California, so goes the country; it is only a matter of time before all colleges and universities in America will have to offer each of their core curriculum courses in both English and Spanish.........

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Those who pass through the doors of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center generally voice a strong opinion when they speak of Kelly Siegler. Her name evokes the extremes of our judicial consciousness.

Murray Newman's latest post, "An Aggressive Prosecutor", found on his renowned blog: is a remarkable tribute to a very remarkable lady who just happens to be the best prosecutor in Texas history.

Newman's closing comments succinctly address the controversial prosecutor:
"Who is truly the better candidate to be a District Attorney: A pandering politician or an "aggressive" prosecutor?
I'm sure that  former death row inmate, Anthony Graves, today wishes he had an aggressive prosecutor like Kelly Siegler back in 1992."

Siegler stirs controversy because she doesn't give a political damn in her pursuit of justice.  She does it her way, in your face and makes no apologies.  She doesn't kiss ass, she kicks ass........and a lot of folks don't like that.  The hard reality of her tough justice is difficult to accept for many politicians, pundits, and the bitter opponents she crushes and leaves in her wake.

Siegler's job has always been to ensure justice for the victims she represents; whether it's exposing a crooked prosecutor or crooks in general.

Anthony Graves' exoneration from a death capital murder conviction highlights yet another victim Siegler fervently fought and achieved JUSTICE for--kudos to Newman for pointing out that had Graves file ended up on Siegler's desk at the onset, it never would have gone to so many other cases Siegler has dismissed as a prosecutor without fanfare over the years.    

There is no bringing back the consequences of innocence lost for Graves' terrible injustice; and although it pales in comparison to the loss of a murdered son or daughter who never get a second least Special Prosecutor Siegler provided that small solice of a new beginning for Graves as he now lives in freedom.

For Houston Chronicle editorial columnist, Rick Casey, to espouse, "My fantasy: Siegler puts DA on trial," is incredible.  When it suits the media to destroy a corrupt prosecutor, they want the very best to take him down. But when Harris County is prosecuting a capital murderer, the prosecutor better not be too aggressive.

Constitutional application and common sense cannot rationalize this manipulative media driven bias.
If the media logic holds true that a few bad prosecutors corrupt the entire class..........then what about firefighters, cops, combat forces, priests, doctors, Muslims, democrats, defense attorneys, reporters, etc. 

I concur with Murray Newman: Kelly Siegler has my support over a pandering politician any day!

Congratulations Kelly Siegler for once AGAIN doing the right thing simply BECAUSE it was the right thing to do. You could have just as easily have said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Graves; but instead you put your neck out there to proclaim his INNOCENCE. That selfless act took courage. Your proclamation carries great weight and will help Anthony Graves hold his head high when he walks down the street; someone of less character would not have cared.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Houston Chronicle is once again a great source to guide the Harris County voters this election cycle.

If you, the voter, have absolutely no idea what the issues are or which of the candidates is most qualified; I strongly urge you to read the Editors' picks at the Houston Chronicle and vote the OPPOSITE way. 
Occasionally the Houston Chronicle picks a qualified candidate or position; but in those cases the choice is so obvious any endorsement is superfluous.

Today's editorial headline, "Proposition 1 would bolster Houston's quality of life" is written by the Chairman of the Quality of Life Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership and chair of the Bayou Greenway Initiative and is a steering committee member of the Quality of Life Coalition.
I wonder what his objectivity is on the issue?

Harris County squeezes enough money out of property owners as it is. 
Whether you call funding for Proposition 1 a tax, fee, fine or assessment; it is yet another payment that the home owner has to shell out to the government money shredder.

To equate The Houston Ship Channel, NASA and the Texas Medical Center with  a proposition that requires property owners to pony up more money to be a "leader", is insulting.
Voters should take umbrage to the mere suggestion!

There is no doubt that Houston has a very significant drainage/flooding issue which should have been remedied years ago.
WHY is that?
Is it because Houston  homeowners do not pay their fair share of taxes?
OR......... is it that the city government lacks fiscal responsibility? 

Private entities across Houston adhere to a fiscally sound operating budget......that is if they are successful and want to remain so.
If a family or business has insufficient income, reserves or credit to make multiple contemporaneous purchases; they must evaluate the financial impact against the perceived need to determine which product(s) to select in or out. 
Houston we have a problem; city government is not walking the talk.  It's time for government to address their internal inefficiencies, minimize waste and promote appropriate innovation. That is if the city wants to increase revenues in a responsible fashion to fund this effort......................a FUNDamental concept in maximizing the growth and development of any competive organization. 

Government workers who exploit their respective position for personal gain, whether it be falsifying time sheets or profiteering from their position, need to be targeted.
Imagine if you owned a business and your workers demanded to be paid for time they never worked or they operated YOUR business after hours as if it were there own keeping ALL the profit for themselves......would the solution simply be to increase the cost of services to your customers or to stop the fraud and abuse?

Throwing money at the Houston  Independent School District without meaningful accountability hasn't improved the student outcomes and simply increasing property taxes won't improve the quality of life in Houston.

So unless Houston homeowners are permitted to rob liquor stores with impunity to satisfy their poor personal financial CHOICES; The City of Houston and their green buddies shouldn't be granted the same liberty.

VOTE NO to Proposition 1!!!!!

AND when the Houston Chronicle endorses Proposition 2 in tomorrow's editorial section.......remember to VOTE NO to proposition 2 as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Brian Wice and Brian Rogers remind me of Laurel and Hardy.  They give "win at all costs" new meaning.

Wice's fiasco got front page above the fold coverage in today's Houston Chronicle and gets first coverage here.
What was Wice's agenda in the Susan Wright trial? 
Wright is the former dancer who, rather than getting a divorce from her abusive husband, elected to butcher him instead.  Never mind that she took a nap just before the gruesome slaying AND allegedly had a "lucid interval" while stabbing her tied up husband 193 times?

How does Wice explain Wright's, "time out" from her, "battered wife psychosis" to calmly answer the bedroom door when her young son knocked during the carnage?  How does an individual turn a switch from a psychotic killing frenzy to holding her young son's little hand and walking him calmly to his room for a bedside story?  AND THEN, once her son finally falls asleep; how does she switch back to battered wife mode, get another knife, proceed back to a bedroom turned slaughterhouse and continue the stabbing of her son's baby daddy?

Secondly, why would Wice suggest that Wright's former defense attorney, Todd Ward, was derelict not to put on Dr. Jerome Brown as a battered wife expert?  Was it that defense attorney Ward was concerned Dr. Brown might have difficulty explaining why a "battered wife" fell asleep immediately prior to her violent rampage?
I submit that had Ward put Dr. Brown on the stand, as Wice suggests he should have; Wright's sentence would have been life instead of 25 years.
Where exactly is lawyer Wice during this re-sentencing far away as possible it seems!

I fully appreciate that justice has nothing to do with actual guilt or equitable punishment to many defense attorneys; but was Wice zealously representing himself or the best interests of his client in this instance?

The final punishment of Wright might, ironically, be more JUST at the end of the day; thanks to Wice's meddling.....

Brian Rogers' death penalty report is a prelude for what to expect in 2012. 
How does he keep his bullshit straight?

Rogers' headline read, "He's the forth to get (death) sentence during Lykos era".  
Pat Lykos put four (4) on death row!  My Goodness!
One of Kelly Siegler's 22 Death Capitals and one of Denise Bradley's Death Capitals each gets "reaffirmed" and Patsy is credited.  Does that make Lykos a "win at all costs" DA by extension? 

The only de novo successful Death capital under Lykos prior to Monday's jury sentence, was Mabry Joseph Landor, III.   Landor was sentenced to death last April and although ADA Jim Leitner stole credit; at least he sat second chair to ADA Julian Ramirez during the trial.

Odd there was no mention in Rogers' article today as to who the actual ADA was who prosecuted Garland Bernell Harper to death row yesterday. 
CONGRATULATIONS to ADA and soon-to be Criminal District Judge DENISE BRADLEY on her outstanding prosecution of this turd.

No doubt this cold blooded cowardly killer of three (3) deserves the needle; but I am shocked that Lykos was lauded by the Chronicle for getting death on a "mentally ill" black man. 
"All he did" was tie up his girlfriend and a couple of her kids before cutting baby mama's throat ONLY ONCE and squeezing the sacred life out of her two (2) precious children.
Only a mentally ill, battered boyfriend, impaired crackhead etc. would do such a where is Brian Wice's outrage?  Why is the Chronicle not screaming foul "win at all costs" injustice from the rooftops?  Where's the race card now?

How would the headline have read if Johnny Holmes or Kelly Siegler were at the helm today?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well unless you're an Aggie; what a great TEXAS FOOTBALL weekend!

THE University of Texas and the Houston Texans made us proud indeed.  Heck, even the Hooters upset Cougar high. 

                           Texas WILL beat OU next year and be back in the top 10......Hook 'em
                           Horns, Baby!
                           The Texans WILL win their division and make it to the AFC
                           Championship game!
                           Rice WILL win at least 2 more games this season.

Monday, October 4, 2010


One of the sillier Houston Chronicle editorials was in today's edition entitled, "Laurels for Lykos".  It is a bit cozy and odd, to say the very least.   The piece goes as far as to say, "It's hard to imagine Lykos' predecessor, Chuck Rosenthal, concerning himself about such an issue (the issue referenced being the suicide of Asher Brown, age 13). The DA's office has certainly changed, and for the better..........a DA can be both compassionate and tough".  
Rosenthal may be a selfish uncaring individual on many levels; but he was never elected to be the District Psychiatrist or Social Worker of Harris County...........neither was Lykos, her political pursuit of  suicide etiology notwithstanding. The only criminal act was carried out by the the dead boy........have you no shame Pat Lykos? 
"Capitalizing on Children's Coffins Instead of Character", would have been a more appropriate editorial headline to describe Lykos.

The editorial goes on to praise Lykos for restoring integrity at the DA's office by establishing a post conviction review board, taking on the role of police when the Houston Police Department fails and  for her sensitivity to the issues of the mentally ill in the criminal justice system.
As an aside, it seems the Chronicle failed to recognize Lykos' in house petting zoo and her new hardwood floors and gilded "chairs in waiting".......after all, appearances are everything in the Houston Chronicle Protector's Office.

What EXACTLY does the HOUSTON CHRONICLE think the job description of the HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE entails?

The "CHANGE yes we can of Pat Lykos" is as unfounded as her national mentor, Obama.
The DA's job is to PROSECUTE criminals.....ALL of them; even the clever crooks.
Why should a DA's office only accept charges on the "average" sloppy and/or stupid  suspects?
It appears that today in Harris County, if a crook reasonably covers his tracks or his IQ is low enough, his behavior is excused and he is free to prey on Houston's gentler kinder society. 
Is that the kind of change our society yearns for?

A DA's role is to do a thorough job at the onset; not focus on being a division for a criminal defense appellate firm.
It is NOT the  DA's responsibility to serve as a suicide intervention agency.
It is NOT the role of DA to establish a crime lab.
It is NOT the role of DA to to run the mental health department for the state of Texas.
It is NOT the role of DA to establish immigration policies or otherwise rewrite legislation.
It is Not the role of DA to abolish the death sentence.

The Houston Chronicle is so intent on having a Public Defenders Office they are transforming the DA's office into that very entity.

Maybe the Houston Chronicle will report next on how Lykos will fight the war in Afghanistan....that would be equally ridiculous.

So how is Pat Lykos really performing at her actual j-o-b as DA?
1. How is her leadership affecting the prosecution of criminals in Harris County and making the rest of us safer?
2. What are the prosecution stats on violent crime in Harris County?
3. What's going on at intake and has the murder rate really dropped off; or are charges just not being accepted? I suspect the medical examiner and the DA are on different pages.
4. Who is going to trial these days?
5. What are the plea deal parameters?
6. Are any NEW Death Capitals ever going to be tried  under the Lykos/Cohen watch?
7. What's the morale like today among the ADAs and support staff ?
8. What do law enforcement and other DA offices think about the Lykos DA's office?
9. What role does merit play in promotions, position or pay grade?
10. How is the DA handling the tough cases that require obsessive preparation and excellent trial skills?

Is the best way to ease jail over crowding and prevent prosecution of innocent defendants to simply try only the really dumb crooks?

Here's a hypo: An attorney, well versed in criminal law, tires of his wife.  Rather than pursue a messy and EXPENSIVE divorce proceeding, he instead decides to terminate his wife.  He tells his mistress, "if only my evil wife were dead we could be together always etc. etc.". The attorney husband selects a mistress he knows to be malleable to this suggestion and one who will carry out his wishes. The husband reviews ways the killing could be accomplished if, "only they knew a shooter". The actual shooter never meets or even speaks to the unhappily married attorney. The mistress finds several shooters, albeit with bad aim.The deed is attempted and botched. The girlfriend flips on her paramour after hubby and "evil wife" reconcile.  Does Lykos take charges or stand down?

Barack Obama, Pat Lykos, and the mainstream media have a similar philosophy of "CHANGE".................but the real change that's needed is them.

Monday, September 27, 2010


 Detractors of  "The Draft" will cite the short term higher cost.  That it will cost an exorbitant amount of money to train the plethora of young inductees who are predicted to serve a mere two (2) to four (4) years and bolt.  However, the adage that career soldiers volunteer and are not drafted may not be as accurate as it once was.  Notwithstanding, the long term cost benefit analysis to American society will reveal that it is well worth the investment, regardless of the attrition rate.  The Israelis have drafted their young men and women for generations and look at the character of their society.

In reality, the only real issue most politicians are concerned with is getting re-elected.  So with polls resoundingly rejecting the notion of reinstating the draft; it is of no surprise that Obama supports the idea while most other folks in the cesspool of D.C. move to quash the proposal.

We redeploy our young warriors over and over again.  They are worn out physically and mentally.  Soldier deaths, serious bodily injury and post traumatic stress disorder are more and more commonplace.  The available new recruits are often times ill prepared for what is asked of them and the old guns are burned out.  The cost of this reality is unacceptable. 

To be viable, the draft must be TRULY fair and equitable.  Political favor and political correctness can have no place in the draft.  Every conscript must serve to the best of his/her capacity; regardless as to birth right.
Having a U.S. Senator as a parent is of zero consequence with respect to eligibility and assignment of duties.
Any LEGITIMATE impairment shall be "common sense" considered in deciding how best an individual shall serve his country. Flat feet, psoriasis, diminished intellectually capacity, religious pacifism, etc. are insufficient to warrant a total exemption of service.....everyone is not a front line warrior but politicians' kids are not going to be photographers either.

The consequences of a military draft are not as readily apparent as one might suggest.

If the children and grandchildren of Congress serve like the rest of American families; the decision to declare war will be taken more seriously.  Once American troops are engaged, our boys and girls will take precedence over political correctness and profiteering by the industrial military complex. 
Politicians will provide the mission objectives; while combat strategy will be determined by real military leaders.
The tragic lessons of Viet Nam have been too often's time to pull out the embedded reporters and put in the sons and grandsons of our Congressional leaders.
A Mosque filled with enemy combatants will no longer be a safe haven if a single American soldier is thereby placed at risk.  Wars will be fought to win.

Soldiers from all walks of life will be forced to live, work, fight, pray and die as brothers and sisters.
People will be judged more by the content of their character than by the color of their skin or by the God they worship.
The comradery that grows from the Esprit de Corps is based on a commonality of experience and character.
Hardship does not have to breed the bigotry that plagues America's street and prison gangs.
Privilege does not have to breed the bigotry inherent in college fraternities and sororities.

Imagine if young inner city high school drop-outs had the U.S. Marine Corps as a role model instead of joining the Aryan Nation to survive in prison?
Discipline, sacrifice, pride in self and country and a marketable skill will provide a better future than the lessons learned in gang life.
A kid might not know who his baby daddy was; but he'll never forget who was his Sergeant Major.
Imagine if a young poor black Marine saved a privileged white boy's life on the battlefield?  That white boy will have a whole different appreciation of PEOPLE if he subsequently joins a fraternity in college.

The diversity agenda of America's politically correct highlights the differences among Americans instead of the is no wonder that class envy, racism and cultural bias is at an all time high.

The broader the gene pool of our military personal; the stronger and more effective America's fighting force will be...........AND the more unified our fellow Americans will be towards each other.

FREEDOM is the most expensive PRIVILEGE a people can fight for......and we must ALL contribute to the best our ability.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Texas is Bush Country.  It is a conservative Red state.
The energy capital of the world and home to NASA. 
The Lone Star State has minimal union influence and a strong military presence. 
Texas is a right to work state with NO state income tax. 
Texas business has minimal government intervention and as a result thrives in comparison to other states. 
We are home to the best barbeque in the world. 
The Texas Medical Center in Houston is world renowned. 
Friday nights highlight the best high school football in the country and successful college programs heavily recruit our boys.
Texas' farms, ranches and fishing industry feed not only Texans; but also many families outside of our borders.
Texans are not ashamed of their strong faith in God and the right to bear arms.....we don't "cling" to these beliefs out of fear; but rather stand strong for our freedom and convictions.

Obama's "Bush bashing" is wearing thin.
His agenda highlights the dismantling of NASA, moving the energy capital to Brazil, crushing American health care, unionizing the Texas work force, ostracizing Christian values, imposing unprecedented tax burdens on Texas business.........heck, Cap and Trade might even make it impracticable to tailgate.

Texas is a state of mind that Obama detests.  I get that.
But what I don't get is why District Attorney Pat Lykos is steering  the Harris County District Attorney's Office in self-destruct mode?  Does she not care, is she that oblivious or this a deliberate act?  Either way she's making the notorious Chuck Rosenthal look more and more competant and moral every day; and I am NO Rosenthal fan by any stretch.

Pat Lykos has professed to be a Republican for longer than most of us have been alive; yet her bizarre behavior contradicts basic Republican principles.
Republicans support responsible behavior and are therefore strong advocates of real justice. 
Merit and common sense are touted to trump political correctness at the GOP HQ.

Prosecutors should be treated equitably and with self respect by the District Attorney.  If cronyism, deceit and hypocrisy are the hallmark of Lykos and her lieutenants what should the community expect from the ADA foot soldiers?
Lykos' blatant self interest over community justice is largely ignored by the media so long as she promotes their liberal agenda.  Who knew?
Lykos is a fool of a prosecutor but a damn savy politician.  Because without media coverage, Lykos is confident that only a relative handful of folks will ever know what a truly disastrous job she is doing outside of our little courthouse world......and that will never be enough votes to make a difference.
Lykos' fatal flaw, however, will be the growing number of monied players who are disgusted with her behavior and ready to support a tough qualified opponent.  Money talks and bullshit walks; so the Harris County District Attorney's Office will have her day of redemption when a Rock Star prosecutor instead of a politician takes the helm in 2012.

Lykos may be an expert at saying, " I'm the queen of the Harris County Republican Party and support The Rule of Law"; but she does not appear to have the slightest idea what that means.

Ronald Reagan was a true Republican.  He stood out as a great  leader because of his core values. 
Reagan had faith in Americans as a people and gave that back to us.
He was not afraid to surround himself with a team of advisors based on merit and ability.  Reagan was secure enough to appoint the most qualified people to positions of power instead of the most malleable.....America's interests came first. 
He created an environment that rewarded hard work and sacrifice. He fostered a pride in America.
He did not throw his people under the bus. He did not base his presidency on blaming Jimmy Carter.  Reagan led by example with honor and respect.  America flourished.
Reagan's principles were reciprocated when Alzheimer's overwhelmed him.  His cabinet not only had Reagan's back, they had our country's back.

A great leader is measured not by what he accomplishes for himself, but for those he leads.

Lykos and Obama will be remembered for many things.............but never as great leaders.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


After reading Murray Newman's latest Blog at, "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center"; it struck me how eerily similar Pat Lykos and Barrack Obama really are.
So in that light I thought it would be interesting to list the top ten (10) similarities that pop to mind....... 
Please feel free to add any characterisics that I miss.

Obama/Lykos Commonalities:

1.  Minimal (if that) qualifications to hold their elected position. Obama is a "natural born" US citizen over 35 years of age. Lykos has a pulse and is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas. If anyone is aware of other job related qualifications either of these folks have I'm all ears.
2.    Narcissism.
3.  When speaking in a public forum, the audience might as well be a third grade home room.
4.  Spare no expense when spending tax payers' money on their own personal office decor, personal travel and other non- essential personal benefits.
5.   Blame their predecessor to mask their own ineptness.
6.   Promote self serving legislation with total disregard as to the consequences or the Constitution.  Obama's Health Care reform. Lykos' DIVERT Program.
7.   Re-name existing policy and then claim it as their own.
8.   Surround themselves with incompetent yes men.
9.   Are media whores.
10. Have cocktails and a smoke with Satan every Friday afternoon......

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Craig Young of EASY CHAIR posted the following:

In Federal District Court on July 20, 2010, the ATF won a conviction from an Austin jury that defies logic and reason. In a trial before Federal Judge Sam Sparks, government lawyers conceded Texas resident Paul Copeland did not know his buyer was an illegal alien, but the jury they should convict him anyway because he "had reasonable cause to believe" he was selling to an illegal alien because the two men and a boy who were present at his table at the time of the sale: 1) were Hispanic, 2) spoke Spanish, and 3) wore cowboy clothing. And the jury did as asked. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Freel acted as lead prosecutor in the case.

The firearm transaction at issue occurred on January 16, 2010, at a gunshow at the North Austin Events Center, at 10601 N. Lamar Blvd., in Austin, Texas. Undercover ATF agents followed Mr. Huerta, his son, and another Hispanic male, Hipolito Aviles, around the "Texas Gunshow" that day, and claimed to observe Huerta’s transaction. Austin P.D. used Copeland’s case as the reason to close down the gunshow, leading to a protest by Austin residents in front of APD headquarters on January 25.

Mr. Copeland is a 56 year old Cedar Creek resident and Vietnam veteran who liked to buy, sell, and trade firearms as a hobby. On January 16, however, he had the misfortune to sell a handgun to Leonel Huerta Sr., who spoke both English and Spanish. Huerta Sr. negotiated his purchase from Copeland in English, showing Copeland his Texas Driver’s License. At Copeland’s trial Huerta admitted on the witness stand, that he is in the country illegally, (Huerta Sr. had previously admitted this fact to Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Special Agent Leo Buentello). ATF Agent Shawn Kang claimed he saw Huerta later hand off the gun to Aviles. Despite these admissions, Huerta Sr. was never arrested, charged, or deported. Instead, his presence at the gunshow was used to entrap an American citizen into an unwitting violation of a federal gun control law. Huerta Sr., who is a resident of the City of Austin, appeared as a witness at the trial, admitted he was in the country illegally before federal prosecutors and a federal judge, yet he was allowed to leave the courtroom under his own power. To date Huerta Sr. has not been prosecuted for his purchase, possession, or disposition of the handgun he bought from Copeland, while Copeland is now a convicted felon.

"Instead of busting the illegal alien for buying, they bust the citizen for selling," commented Paul Velte, attorney and founder of Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights, a gun-owners rights advocacy group from Austin. Velte asked, 'who was in a better position to know the buyer’s immigration status, the buyer or the seller?" He also said, "What happened to Paul Copeland should enrage all Americans. The Federal Government is using illegal aliens to entrap citizens lawfully exercising their right to sell firearms. The illegal alien walks free, but the citizen gets convicted. The same government charged with controlling immigration is the one using illegal immigrants to attack its own citizens. Does this make any sense? It makes no sense unless the purpose is to discourage attendance at gunshows and frighten citizens from selling their firearms to other citizens."

Velte pointed out that "There is no way for a citizen to know who is here legally or not. In fact, under Austin’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy, not even the police officer at the door of the gunshow was allowed to ask a person’s immigration status, yet the average Texan inside the show is expected to assume that a person standing before them with a Texas driver’s license is in the country illegally just because they look Mexican and speak Spanish." Velte noted that the federal government’s lawsuit against Arizona was based on that very type of conduct: Concluding someone could be here illegally based on their looks or their language. Velte said gun owners in his group are outraged, and they want to know:

1.Why is the illegal alien who purchased the gun, Leonel Huerta Sr., still living in Austin?

2.Why does he still have a Texas Driver’s license?

3.Why is ATF using illegal aliens to set up and convict American citizens?

4.What has he been promised for his cooperation?

5.Why has he not been prosecuted? He committed three distinct crimes: he purchased a firearm knowing he was an illegal alien, he possessed the firearm, and he transferred the handgun to another illegal alien (Hippolito Aviles, who was convicted and given time served on June 30, 2010).

6.Why has Huerta Sr. not been deported?

Judge Sparks sentenced Copeland on August 27 to six months confinement and 24 months of probation, and called Copeland "a liar" for not admitting guilt. ATF confiscated Copeland’s entire gun collection and initiated forfeiture proceedings. Copeland was also fired from his job due to the indictment, and he would have lost his home to foreclosure, if not for his family stepping in to pay his mortgage while he serves his sentence."

How's that for political correctness?

Monday, September 6, 2010


If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water that little fella will jump out right quick to survive. 
However, if that same frog is placed in a pot of cold water which is then heated; it will not take evasive action, but rather will be complacent and perish as the water boils.
So go the frogs at the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

People fear change and often grasp at any excuse not to rock the boat ......never realizing that they can actually swim to shore.
Life throws some overboard to sink or swim, others jump on their own volition and some are content to sit idly on board as the ship sinks or putters along.

Educated Americans living in this great country have choices.
An individual may choose to listen to the voice that tells him that security, safety or even great wealth trumps integrity and honor. OR he may choose to listen to the voice of righteous values AND walk the walk.

The dignity inherent with the freedom to DO, not merely SAY, what is right BECAUSE it is the right thing to do is what separates us. It is what USED to make GREAT prosecutors.
On the other hand, politicians, cowards and the politically correct tend to merely talk the talk.

Which voice will you listen to?

Monday, August 30, 2010


I am not a big fan of the Houston Chronicle, its agenda-driven biased editor, Jeff Cohen, or KPRC TV (Channel 2 in Houston); but I strongly support their First Amendment right to have access to a video surveillance tape which might document police misconduct.
Any limitation on the videotape's publication should be based strictly on the degree of graphic content and not political favor.......our Constitution would demand nothing less.

How can DA Pat Lykos explain her teaming up with the Houston Police Officers' defense teams in support of a protective order that hides the tape of an alleged HPD police brutality incident from the public?
    1. Does the criminal defense bar really intimidate the Keystone Cops running the Harris County District Attorney's Office to that extent?
    2. Perhaps Lykos does not appreciate the cultural differences between Houston and Los Angeles?
    3. Could it be that Lykos' inexperienced crew is too afraid to try a high profile slam dunk case after the public videotape viewing?
    4. The publicity of a public viewing would undoubtedly preempt a plea bargain.
Well whatever the case might be: "The Rule of Law", "Transparency", purging "The Culture of Corruption", etc. etc. is as meaningless to DA Pat Lykos' administration as it is to any other cartel.

The Chronicle's legal counsel, Joe Larsen,  summarizes the issue quite well noting: "the videotape is indisputably the key evidence in the case and is a court record."  Larsen went on to say, " It looks more to me this motion (the Lykos Protective Order) is to protect law enforcement more than the trial process."
The absurdity and blatant subterfuge by Lykos is succinctly spelled out by Larsen when he effectively points out that Lykos' argument that, "a public release of the videotape would prejudice the entire jury pool does not account for the fact that the jurors are going to see this whether they see it on the Web or see it when they are empaneled as jurors, and the impact will be the same."

Benjamin Hall, who is representing the alleged police brutality victim at the Civil courthouse, is not afraid of taking this matter to trial and neither should the Harris County District Attorney's Office. 
Heck, even Clint Greenwood or a comparable first year law student could prosecute this whale and maybe DA Pat Lykos can bust her cherry and actually prosecute her 1st criminal case.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The concept of the media or press as a fourth branch of American govenment stems from a belief that the news media has a responsibility to OBJECTIVELY inform the populace and as such is essential to the healthy functioning of the Republic. The media's role should be as a watchdog to protect its readers and viewers from corrupt government and special interests; not to be a lapdog in bed with either of these folks. Once a publication's dissemination of truth and objectivity is marginalized, its only valid function is to line a birdcage.

"The most effectual engines for [pacifying a nation] are the public papers... [A despotic] government always [keeps] a kind of standing army of newswriters who, without any regard to truth or to what should be like truth, [invent] and put into the papers whatever might serve the ministers. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper." --Thomas Jefferson to G. K. van Hogendorp, Oct. 13, 1785. (*) ME 5:181, Papers 8:632

"I fear the newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets."
— Napoleon Bonaparte
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. 
Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief.
HOWEVER, despite popular misunderstanding, the right to freedom of the press guaranteed by the first amendment is not very different from the right to freedom of speech. It allows INDIVIDUALS to express themselves through publication and does not afford members of the media any special rights or privileges not afforded to citizens in general.
Capital punishment is often the subject of controversy and the Houston Chronicle continues to shirk its responsibility to provide objective journalistic integrity in coverage of the issue.
Jefferson would be appalled at a publication, such as the Houston Chronicle, which furthers an editor's agenda to place a national moratorium on the death penalty above fair and balanced objectivity to its readers.
In a death capital case, the media's responsibility is not to usurp or attempt to influence the jury's deliberations; but rather to fairly and objectively report the facts.
Capital punishment, or the death penalty, is the execution of a person by judicial process as a punishment for an offense. The term capital originates from Latin capitalis, literally "regarding the head" (Latin caput). Hence, a capital crime was originally one punished by the severing of the head.........severe historical penalties include breaking wheel, boiling to death, flaying, slow slicing, disembowelment, crucifixion, impalement, crushing, stoning, execution by burning, dismemberment, sawing, scaphism, or necklacing.
The great state of Texas provides for meting out the death penalty when a defendant's conduct satisfies statutory guidelines and is so terrible in nature that twelve jurors agree unanimously that death by lethal injection is appropriate. To effectively argue that the method of "death by lethal injection" is cruel and unusual, the courts need to place a moratorium on general anesthesia.

Opponents of the death penalty argue that it has led to the execution of innocent people, that its main motive is not justice but revenge, that to save money, life imprisonment is an effective and less expensive substitute, that it discriminates against minorities and the poor and that it violates the criminal's right to life.
Ironically, it is the very people who complain about the high cost of death row that are responsible for the exorbitant cost.

Supporters believe that the penalty is justified for only specified murderers by the principle of retribution, that life imprisonment is not an equally effective deterrent and that the death penalty affirms the right to life by punishing those who violate it in the strictest form.

To date, as many as 39 executions have been carried out in the U.S. in face of compelling evidence of innocence or serious doubt about guilt. Newly available DNA evidence has allowed the exoneration of more than 15 death row inmates since 1992 in the U.S., but DNA evidence is only available in a fraction of capital cases.
Debate is sometimes revived by particularly brutal murders, though few countries have brought it back after abolishing it. However, a spike in serious, violent crimes, such as murders or terrorist attacks, has prompted some countries (such as Sri Lanka and Jamaica) to effectively end the moratorium on the death penalty. In death penalty countries, the debate is sometimes revived when a miscarriage of justice has occurred, though this tends to cause legislative efforts to improve the judicial process rather than to abolish the death penalty.

Most religions weigh in on the ultimate punishment.

Followers of Judaism either oppose the death penalty altogether or support it only in extreme cases with absolute proof, such as well-documented cases of genocide.
The WW II genocide cases were 100% eye witness testimony based AND never had supporting DNA.  Where is the media's outrage in reporting on the Nazi hunters? Imagine if a Harris County defendant was sentenced to death with the same type of evidence!
Some Christians interpret that Jesus' teachings condemn violence in The Gospel of Luke and The Gospel of Matthew regarding turning the other cheek, and John 8:7 in which Jesus intervenes in the stoning of an adulteress, rebuking the mob with the phrase, "may he who is without sin cast the first stone"; others consider Romans 13:3–4 to support it. Many Christians have understood that Jesus' doctrine of peace speaks to personal ethics and is distinct from civil government's duty to punish crime. Also, Leviticus 20:2–27 has a whole list of situations in which execution is supported. Christian positions on this vary. The sixth commandment (fifth in the Roman Catholic and Lutheran churches) is preached as, 'Thou shalt not kill' by some denominations and as, 'Thou shalt not murder' by others. As some denominations do not have a hard-line stance on the subject, Christians of such denominations are free to make a personal decision.
I wonder what the folks at Lakewood Church's view is?

The state has not only the right, but the duty to protect its citizens from enemies, both from within and without. A concept that Obama and the Houston Chronicle have a difficult time understanding.
It is often argued that it is better to let ten guilty men go than to punish one innocent man.
What is so magic about ten why not let 10,000 or even a million guilty men go so as to insure that not a single innocent man is wrongfully punished? Well what about the potential carnage these tens of guilty men will rain on innocent members of society that are subsequently exposed to the risk?
EVERY REASONABLE failsafe must be employed to minimize wrongful prosecution; but no judicial system comes with a warranty.

Society's need to provide for the common good of the whole is greater than the good of any particular person. The life of certain heinous criminals is an impediment to the common good of human society. Therefore, certain individuals must be removed by death from society; as a diseased limb or a cancer must be removed for the good of the whole individual.
As the head of a rabid dog is severed; the rest of the pack may survive and prosper.

The argument that evildoers should be allowed to live in the hope that they might be redeemed is frivolous. If they would not repent in the face of death, it is unreasonable to assume they would ever repent.
How many people are we to allow to be murdered while waiting for the repentence of the wrongdoer?
Using the death penalty is vastly more humane than the alternative. Further, a speedy execution is not only cost effective, it protects inmates and guards and negates any possibility of escape.

Sharia Law or Islamic law may require capital punishment. There is great variation within Islamic nations as to actual capital punishment. In Islam, apostasy and stoning to death are controversial topics.
Although the Qur'an prescribes the death penalty for several hadd (fixed) crimes—including rape—murder is not among them. Instead, murder is treated as a civil crime and is covered by the law of qisas (retaliation), whereby the relatives of the victim decide whether the offender is punished with death by the authorities or made to pay diyah (wergild) as compensation.
"If anyone kills a person—unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land—it would be as if he killed all people. And if anyone saves a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all people" (Qur'an 5:32). "Spreading mischief in the land," can mean many different things, but is generally interpreted to mean those crimes that affect the community as a whole and destabilize the society.
Crimes that have fallen under this description have included: treason, apostasy, piracy (essentially armed robbery), murder, terrorism, rape including pedophilia, adultery and homosexual intercourse.

So what makes it "OKAY" with the Houston Chronicle's Sunday edition that Peter Cantu will be executed on Tuesday, August 17, 2010, for his role in the brutal killing and rape of Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena 17 years ago?
Why is Cantu's confession more credible than others on death row?
Why are these two young girls' lives more precious than any one elses'?
Why is their horrific torture and death so much more gruesome than untold others in Texas?
Why is Cantu not deemed incompetent or insane?
Why does the Houston Chronicle have an exclusive on deciding when a killer deserves to pay the ultimate price for his atrocities?

MOST importantly, when the next Ertman Pena slaughter occurs in Harris County, WHO at the District Incompetent's Office will prosecute the vermin............

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Allen Wayne Porter was wrongfully convicted 19 years ago and should never have gone to prison for a gang rape and home invasion to which he was not a party.  His personal and family's suffering is tragic and immeasurable. Mr. Porter's strength of character and faith in the aftermath of his ordeal has been remarkable.

Notwithstanding, the Houston Chronicles' headline, "A Letter to Lykos," and subsequent article implied that D.A. Patsy Lykos was somehow the key player in righting this injustice.
In actuality,  Lykos merely passed the information on to a post-conviction writ assistant D.A., Baldwin Chin. This procedure was common practice under Rosenthal and Holmes and never once were they given such accolades by the Houston Chronicle, that I recall.
Mr. Chin is not only very thorough and phenomenal at his job; he is a hold-over from the Rosenthal administration.
Ms. Casey Garrett, a former ADA under Rosenthal and now a very effective defense attorney, was Mr. Porter's latest defense attorney. It is Ms. Garrett's skill and thoroughness which ultimately proved effective, earning Mr. Porter his long overdue freedom. Ms. Garrett actually more thoroughly interviewed the co-defendants and did not simply fold when the DNA evidence did not exonerate on its face. 

Now all this seems pretty unremarkable and routine except I noticed that a special prosecutor, Bob Loper, had been appointed to this case during it's final phase.
Hmm, that seemed kind of odd. Well, as it turns out, back in late November of 2001, the current D.A.'s first assistant and former criminal defense attorney, Jim Leitner, had been appointed as Mr. Porter's DNA defense attorney.
It seems Leitner's legal prowess and thoroughness were no match for Ms. Garrett as evidenced by the outcomes........Leitner's outmatched misgivings in this case are underscored by Garrett's extraordinary skill.

So for those of you who do not think Leitner is doing a good job as the first Assistant to his boss and close friend, D.A. Patsy Lykos; there is at least one innocent defendant who might just agree with Leitner's poor performance review as a criminal defense attorney as well.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Allen Wayne Porter for a long overdue taste of freedom and to Casey Garrett for zealously representating her client and not settling for merely going through the motions. 
Also, Mr. Baldwin Chin should be commended for his tireless dedication and professionalism in facilitating this outcome.

On the other hand, Lykos did nothing more than pass the baton and claim the trophy without stepping into the arena. 

How does the Houston Chronicle justify their sultry love affair with a D.A. who has not, in my opinion, accomplished a single positive thing on her own merit within her current job description.
The Chronicle's mission to facilitate the continued destruction of the Harris County District Attorney's Office is both ongoing and reprehensible.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Why is American unemployment in turbo drive?
In REAL numbers American unemployment is between 16-20% and climbing. Regardless whether one agrees with these numbers or not, no one can question that the only time in American history when the unemployment forecast was more dismal was during the Great Depression. 

So with near record U.S. unemployment, how can it be reconciled that people from foreign lands continue to illegally cross over our borders in droves to WORK?
Not only do these folks work for "slave wages under plantation conditions" but they are also able to send the bulk of these meager wages back home to their struggling families. WTF?
These illegal workers do not complain or whine about unemployment entitlements being inadequate; but rather are grateful for the opportunity to work.
This subculture provides an illegal work force ready, able and eager to do those jobs that most of the unemployed Americans deem beneath them. 
The irony of political correctness has never been more apparent as the consequences of mediocrity and entitlement get fatter and fatter sitting in front of their flat screens burning up AC while foreign nationals sweat and toil to provide for themselves and their families. Which behavior would our founding fathers deem more un-American at the end of the day?

I am not supporting illegal immigration or the drugs and violence that come with it; merely suggesting that supply and demand are greater influences on commerce and trade than philosophical bullshit.

The unemployed American worker will no doubt get an extension of unemployment benefits when West Virginia's interim puppet U.S. Senator gets sworn in today.  Obama's crippling philosophy for the American work force will now embrace 99 weeks of unemployment entitlements for every American..... that will damn sure NOT motivate these folks to get off their collective butts and get a J-O-B!
Why not instead premise unemployment benefits on requiring every able bodied unemployed person to perform the job duties of the illgal worker. We have plenty of Americans on the government dole to displace most if  not every illegal worker.  Heck these unemployed folks can even be trained to secure our borders!!!

Why is American unemployment in turbo drive?  
Obama is reminiscent of the young boy who butchered his parents and then had the audacity to throw himself on the mercy of the court squealing that he is now an orphan and the true victim. Obama has played the orphan victim scheme masterfully. As the Chicago Cartel continues to blame Bush and paint all Republicans as rich cold hearted slave masters; American business is tanking.
Thus the pivital question:
1. Is Obama that diabolical that he is intentionally crushing American business so that Big Brother can take over; OR
2. Is Obama that inept and one dimensional that he cannot comprehend the basic American business model ?

Absent evidence of treason, Obama's actions demonstrate a total failure to appreciate basic business 101. Free market capitalism is profit driven and has resulted in the highest overall standard of living for ALL active participants. The rich may get richer while the poor get poorer and the adage that it takes money to make money does not detract from the fact that the basic worker in this model has always had a much higher standard of living than his counterpart any where else on earth.
American unemployed folks sure as heck aren't sneaking across borders in droves to work in other countries legally or illegally.  What a person does speaks with greater authority than empty rhetoric.

Obama's Tooth Fairy economic policies ignore reality. Business decisions invariably have fundamental consequences in the real world that defy the lofty pretense of tenured philosophers who pontificate from the security of their privileged ivory towers.
People with essentially zero business experience e.g. those who have never met a payroll, negotiated a lease agreement, managed inventory, shopped for employee benefits, etc. are now not only in charge of American business development but also quick to dictate to and condemn those who have battled on the business front. These untested utopians who aloofly suckle the hind teat of government or university opulence don't have a clue as to how a successful real business is conducted and frankly don't seem to give a damn.

Obama is fueling a pervasive sense of entitlement and class envy among a large segment of the unemployed American "working" class. He has opted for the "Katrina government dependency model" as a blueprint for the unemployment crisis in America.

I'll bet this ain't the hope and change the Independent voters had in mind when they misplaced their trust in this Long Legged Mac Daddy.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


The following is an interesting article written by Dr. Geoffrey P. Hunt.
Dr. Hunt is a social and cultural anthropologist. He has had nearly 30 years experience in planning, conducting, and managing research in the field of youth studies, and drug and alcohol research. Currently Dr. Hunt is a Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Scientific Analysis and the Principal Investigator on three National Institutes of Health projects.


Barack Obama is on track to have the most spectacularly failed presidency since Woodrow Wilson. In the modern era, we've seen several failed presidencies—led by Jimmy Carter and LBJ. Failed presidents have one strong common trait—they are repudiated, in the vernacular, spat out. Of course, LBJ wisely took the exit ramp early, avoiding a shove into oncoming traffic by his own party. Richard Nixon indeed resigned in disgrace, yet his reputation as a statesman has been partially restored by his triumphant overture to China.

But, Barack Obama is failing. Failing big. Failing fast. And failing everywhere: foreign policy, domestic initiatives, and most importantly, in forging connections with the American people. The incomparable Dorothy Rabinowitz in the Wall Street Journal put her finger on it: He is failing because he has no understanding of the American people, and may indeed loathe them. Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard says he is failing because he has lost control of his message, and is overexposed. Clarice Feldman of American Thinker produced a dispositive commentary showing that Obama is failing because fundamentally he is neither smart nor articulate; his intellectual dishonesty is conspicuous by its audacity and lack of shame.

But, there is something more seriously wrong: How could a new president riding in on a wave of unprecedented promise and goodwill have forfeited his tenure and become a lame duck in six months? His poll ratings are in free fall. In generic balloting, the Republicans have now seized a five point advantage. This truly is unbelievable. What's going on?

No narrative. Obama doesn't have a narrative. No, not a narrative about himself. He has a self-narrative, much of it fabricated, cleverly disguised or written by someone else. But this self-narrative is isolated and doesn't connect with us. He doesn't have an American narrative that draws upon the rest of us. All successful presidents have a narrative about the American character that intersects with their own where they display a command of history and reveal an authenticity at the core of their personality that resonates in a positive endearing way with the majority of Americans. We admire those presidents whose narratives not only touch our own, but who seem stronger, wiser, and smarter than we are. Presidents we admire are aspirational peers, even those whose politics don't align exactly with our own: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, Ike, and Reagan.

But not this president. It's not so much that he's a phony, knows nothing about economics, and is historically illiterate and woefully small minded for the size of the task--all contributory of course. It's that he's not one of us. And whatever he is, his profile is fuzzy and devoid of content, like a cardboard cutout made from delaminated corrugated paper. Moreover, he doesn't command our respect and is unable to appeal to our own common sense. His notions of right and wrong are repugnant and how things work just don't add up. They are not existential. His descriptions of the world we live in don't make sense and don't correspond with our experience.

In the meantime, while we've been struggling to take a measurement of this man, he's dissed just about every one of us -- financiers, energy producers, banks, insurance executives, police officers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, post office workers, and anybody else who has a non-green job.

Expect Obama to lament at his last press conference in 2012: "For those of you I offended, I apologize. For those of you who were not offended, you just didn't give me enough time; if only I'd had a second term, I could have offended you too."

Mercifully, the Founders at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 devised a useful remedy for such a desperate state--staggered terms for both houses of the legislature and the executive. An equally abominable Congress can get voted out next year. With a new Congress, there's always hope of legislative gridlock until we vote for president again two short years after that.

Yes, small presidents do fail, Barack Obama among them. The coyotes howl but the wagon train keeps rolling along.

___Geoffery Hunt

"The trouble with Socialism is, sooner or later you run out of other people's money."

— Margaret Thatcher

"When you subsidize poverty and failure, you get more of both."

— James Dale Davidson, National Taxpayers Union

"The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates."

— Tacitus

"A Liberal is a person who will give away everything he doesn't own."

— Black Ink

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Contemporaneous with Obama's ill thought out ban on deep water offshore drilling in American waters and in conjunction with a moratorium on the issuance of ALL new offshore drilling permits in US waters; his administration has provided a $2 billion "loan" to Petrobas in Brazil to drill in their MUCH DEEPER offshore waters(14,000 ft there vs. 5,000 ft here).

George Soros, a billionaire with close financial ties to the Obama campaign and "presidency", is also closely affiliated with Petrobas.
The exclusive Brazil-China oil deal from this offshore formation is quite cozy and will reap huge profits for George Soros.
So is Obama's "hope and change" based on an unprecedented level of covert corruption as evidenced by his ACTIONS or on transparency based on his rhetoric?!

It is obvious to anyone not living in a cave that his O'ness makes George W. Bush look like a competent saint!

The owners/operators of the banned rigs cannot and will not allow them to go idle. These rigs will be leased to other countries to produce oil, jobs and infrastructure for foreign economies.
The economic impact to America will be devastating.
The local jobs and economic clout will PERMANENTLY go away!

Rio De Janeiro will replace Houston as the world's oil and gas capital.

When gas soars to $7.00/gallon in ~18 months, Obama will no doubt blame Big Oil for HIS miscalculations; but the real jump in gas prices at the pump will be a consequence of a huge expected Federal "Green Tax" imposed by Obama to curb carbon emissions while padding the pockets of his investors and funding his overburdened socialistic agenda.

A consumption tax (V.A.T.), Green Tax, healthcare tax, etc. may not be raising taxes in the Obama world but in the real world the responsible working class is going to be hammered hard by skyrocketing new Federal tax burdens.

So how will the U.S. economy fare when business after business is regulated into bankruptsy or opts to outsource to foriegn safe havens while American jobs are slashed and Federal taxes, fees and fines are put into turbo drive??????

How can Obama get away with this scheme without first doing a socioeconomic impact analysis on a Federal action as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)?

The Federal Judge in New Orleans was correct to overturn this arbitrary capricious powers grab by Obama as he usurped the laws of this land.......pathetically we will stand down as a beaten nation when the Obama Brownshirts quash the Judicial oversight recently imposed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When Hurricane Katrina barreled through the Gulf Coast and hammered New Orleans; President George Walker Bush was later crucified by now President Barrack Hussein Obama for his "underwhelming" response. Some actually blamed W's cozy relationship with Big Oil and the so called hydrocarbon induced "Global Warming" as the causative agent of the Hurricane itself.  Incredibly, others proposed the ludicrous allegation that in Katrina's immediate aftermath W sent covert demolition teams into Ray Nagin's "Chocolate City" to blow up the levees.

President Bush's offer of Federal assistance to Louisiana days before the storm wrecked havoc on New Orleans was soundly rebuked until the 11th hour. A Federal evacuation effort was only requested by Louisiana government officials when the force of Katrina had dangerously escalated to the level of precluding a safe preemptive Federal intervention. The high command of Louisiana politics had missed the boat and were eager and successful in designating Bush as the official captain of the sinking ship.
We can only speculate how differently things would have turned out had Bush's offer of a Federally sponsored evacuation of New Orleans been heeded when initially offered four (4) days prior to Katrina's landfall.....or even the day before.
However, in America, state sovereignty precludes a POTUS from sending Federal troops into a state in mere anticipation of a possible impending disaster without that state's consent

When the storm finally subsided, the devastation to life and property was horrific and the post storm Federal response was logistically ill thought out.  FEMA and Homeland Security performed poorly on numerous levels.
Bush is still broadly criticized for his handling of this tragedy.

British Petroleum's stance on Deep Water Horizon's catastrophy has mirrored the initial "mindset" of the state of Louisiana under Governor Blanco and the City of New Orleans under Mayor Ray Nagin. The "we can handle it on our own; but if we fail---well then it's somebody else's fault" position has proven to be FUTILE, FLAWED and FRAUDULENT in both instances........simply put the Gulf Coast has been F'd once again by grossly ill prepared upper management

This was a teaching moment and Obama did not learn from the lesson plan:  "Valuable time is lost while fooling around with inferior resources."

BP has shirked its responsibility for the oil spill.  While BP attempts to capture the oil flow using makeshift untried methods, oil continues to gush into our coastal waters.
BP does not know whether they want to invest in new equipment or not. Their equipment inventory does not appear to be effective and they are reluctant to be honest in this regard or consider equipment upgrades such as oil sweeping arms. The oil sweeping arms specialist, Kampers Oil Spill Equipment (Koseq), from Puttershoek, Holland and oil spill specialist Hebo Maritime Service from Zwartsluis offers of assisstance have both been rebuked. Dutch dredging companies, including Van Oord, are also interested and able to assist with the efficient removal of oil and their equipement can, in principle, be flown in quickly and within a few days be installed on local vessels.

Gert Kampers, designer of the sweeping arms and director of Koseq, does not understand the reluctance of BP and the American government: "There are already 568 ships deployed we only need to equip four ships with our equipment to effectively control the spill. A ship equipped with sweeping arms can harvest 250 cubic meters of oil per hour from the water. That's 1000 cubic meters per hour with four ships which is more than presently flows into the sea."
BP is now using chemicals to prevent the oil from rising to the surface that are further damaging the environment.  12 sweeping arms are currently available for deployment that can immediately be put in service. More sweeping arms can be manufactured in little time if the demand requires. The sweeping arms have been deployed in Europe several times and they perform very well.

The Dutch Government and the European Union are prepared to quickly help America, but they must wait for a request. "It's all very sensitive," said Achterberg. "The Americans think they can do a better job themselves. They obviously find it embarrassing to ask for outside help. The Dutch government cannot step in because they do not wish to offend their American colleagues."

After the disasters of the Erika and Prestige off shore rigg spills, the European Union utilized the services of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA); one of the Europe's environmental maritime disaster-organizations.  EMSA has ships all along the European coasts and has sweeping arms and other equipment that can be quickly adapted for evironmental disaster control by outfitting tankers and other ships to suck up large quantities of oil from the surface.

"We're here to help and have also communicated to the pertaining authorities but there is no request for assistance received by the European Commission and without a request, we cannot take any action," says an spokesman for EMSA in Portugal. "We have the equipment, experts and the ships, but unfortunately we can not use them ."

It seems that BP is currently more afraid of double bills than a bad image and would rather wait until the U.S. government completely takes over the clean-up......Obama has given BP three (3) months to remedy the problem before intervening.

So it begs the question: Why has Obama settled for rhetorical blame on Big Oil but done absolutely nothing to mitigate the issue at hand? Is Obama THAT indecisive and overwhelmed or is he simply an even bigger whore to Big Oil than he labeled Bush?

The EPA is Obama's  FEMA and the US Coast Guard has supplanted Homeland Security in addressing THIS disaster.........Obama needs to stop whining and hiding and be presidential.

When 50,000-70,000 barrels of oil spew from the ocean floor and each of those barrels is subject to a federally mandated fine of $4,300.00; Obama will have the mother of all Federal fines to "spread the wealth around" with.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bert Graham was not a rock star trial attorney; nor did he pretend to be one......but he sure as heck facilitated others to maximize their courtroom prowess. That is what an administrative leader does and Bert did that like a rock star.
Bert did not seek accolades or center stage for himself. He preferred to work behind the scenes to assure the most efficacious work environment possible for the ADA front line warriors and their support staff.
The Johnny Holmes era DA's office was a well oiled machine that Bert quietly maintained and managed. The transition to Rosenthal was essentially seamless for Bert; albeit often under difficult circumstances in the latter years with the plethora of issues Chuck brought to the table....pre and post meltdown.

Semper Fi was not a mere cliche for Bert.

Bert ALWAYS wanted to do what was RIGHT for the office BECAUSE it was in the best interest of the office.......self interest invariably took a back seat with Bert Graham.
The last forty or so years of Bert's life were dedicated to making sure that the Harris County District Attorney's Office was the best DA's office in the country.

Bert was a diplomat as well as a brilliant budget director/manager.
He protected and honored the office and those under his charge.
Bert was the antithesis of arrogance.....he socialized with the troops regularly; always in a sincere and dignified fashion, never sacrificing their respect or admiration.
Bert led by example....he appreciated the intrinsic weakness and corruption of cronyism. His leadership was always objective as he carried out his duties without a hint of playing favorites.
Bert's sense of duty was so great that he not only covered Rosenthal's failings with grace and humility; but also selflessly preserved the budgetary integrity and day to day operational side of the office during the initial transition phase after Rosenthal's selfish implosion.......thereby allowing a mere figure head and glorified baby sitter, Ken Magidson, to shine as interim DA. Bert never sought nor received recognition for his unyielding dedication during this phase of his career.
Astonishingly, Bert also offered his service and experience to the Lykos administration for their transition.
Notwithstanding, Lykos discounted Bert's expertise and he was tossed out.
DA Lykos misplayed her hand on a great asset and as a consequence of this grave miscalculation has not fared as well as Magidson.

Bert knew the budget. He made sure money was available for pay raises when somebody was promoted. He didn't spend money with out knowing how it would affect the overall budget in the long term. Bert kept very close ties to Dick Raycraft and spent only what he knew he had. 
Given the monetary shortfalls facing Harris County and much of the country today, Bert Graham is an even greater asset than ever before.

Bert may have gotten hung up on the details at times; but he got things done without making enemies.
It might be quirky of Bert to always have an apple for lunch and to eat at the same time and place every day. But that was Bert-- a man of routine.
Bert's discipline and routines were invaluable in the fiscal and administrative stability of the DA's office.

Every major law firm has a managing partner; an administrator of the day to day affairs so to speak.  Bert was the quintessential managing partner for the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Bert did not play politics and was loyal to the office of District Attorney.
It is an honor to be a friend of now citizen Bert Graham..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When the Houston Chronicle supported Pat Lykos for DA they made a great misjudgment. Instead of getting the selective incompetence they bargained for; they got total and complete incompetence.

Thus, when it's "okay" for an illegal immigrant to execute a black Houston Police Officer how can it now NOT be "okay" for a white Bellaire Police Officer to shoot a black former high school baseball star in the kid's own front yard while mama watches her son anguish in pain?
After all, selective agenda driven incompetence requires some degree of competence to differentiate AND carry out the mission.

"Cop Killers" and "Killer Cops" live by the sword and so shall they perish.....that is unless the killing fields are located in Harris County.

Maybe this case should have been no billed as well....but wait we had eye witnesses---oh but they were BLACK, never mind!

Hmmm. Striking a Black juror for cause or with a preemptory challenge is racist if that juror is a member of politically connected Lakewood Church; but striking and killing with impunity a black cop or shooting with intent to kill a black high school baseball player execution style is justice?
A DEATH SENTENCE for the assassin and life for the attempted assassination would, no doubt, be condemned by Lykos as "winning at all costs".
Crackhead Lykos logic at it's finest!

So who is ADA Clint Greenwood who "prosecuted" this most recent miscarriage of justice?

Greenwood is a former criminal defense attorney and long time buddy/baggage handler of fellow former criminal defense attorney Jim Leitner.
Both of these clowns are now high level ADAs at the Harris County District Attorney's office after being hand picked by DA Pat Lykos.
Greenwood ironically is in charge of police integrity.......INTEGRITY is obviously not the strong suit for Lykos or her Lieutenants.

So for those of you who don't give much credit to the Grand Jury no bill epidemic....when taken in context with the huge trial loss and dismissal stats since Lykos sashayed into the Harris County District Attorney's office; this recent atrocity should at the very least give you pause.

Pandora's box has been ripped off and burned and Pat Lykos is sitting in the corner smoking with a crowbar in the other hand.

Monday, May 10, 2010


The Houston media's extraordinary politicization of what clearly should be an apolitical position has resulted in the facilitation of an undermined Harris County District Attorney's Office where integrity and quality have been sacrificed at the alter of Pat Lykos.

The 40% drop in true bills in Harris County during Lykos' first year as DA can be interpreted in one of two ways: either the  Grand Jury system has dramatically and inexplicitly changed from 2008-2009 OR the Harris County District Attorney's Office has dramatically changed during the same time frame.
The latter explanation seems most obvious; unless you use "Lykos math" in place of real world mathematics.

Lykos' tyrannical and arbitrary rule now has supporting solid data to expose her farce.
Most of the top ADAs have been run out of the DA's office.  Those ADAs that remain are either too inexperienced to properly prepare non boiler plate whales or too scared to try a tough case and lose.  As a result only the easy wins are presented appropriately to Grand Jury. 
Kind of gives new meaning to the "Win At All Costs" prosecutor.

Thankfully, May 10, 2010 has marked the end of the Houston media's universal love affair with the DA who insists on being referred to as Judge Pat.
Lykos' seemingly impervious armor of media deception now has a notable chink.
KHOU's Channel 11 finally broke from the lockstep pack of programmed media sheeple.
They chose NOT to settle for the heretofore kid glove softball game the Houston media has notoriously played with Pat Lykos.
KHOU should be highly commended for their journalistic integrity.........BRAVO!!!

Lykos' exposure as a clueless disingenuous angry little piss ant will not bode well with the media.
The CJC waters have been chummed with gross mismanagement and a media feeding frenzy will be difficult even for Lykos to divert.

After watching this interview, if  DA Lykos does not present a clear and present danger to the safety of the citizens of Harris County then  cutting your child's wrists and having him swim in a tank of hungry Mako sharks would be a safe after school activity.

Lykos' pretentious misrepresentations and angry child-like behavior are wearing thin. 
Irrelevant political sound bites, out-right lies and rule by fear and intimidation do not, in perpetuity, compensate for incompetency.

Pat Lykos' total lack of prosecutorial experience and ability is becoming more and more self evident as she continues to plunder the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Friday, April 23, 2010


If  President Barrack Hussein Obama is not a socialist, ideologically, what is he?

Is Mr. Obama a Pinko?
A "pinko” is defined in Webster’s unabridged dictionary as: a person who holds leftist views. 
Well, how does Webster  define “leftist views”?
POLITICAL LEFT: “The part of a legislative assembly, situated on the left side of the presiding officer and that is customarily assigned to members of the legislature who hold more radical and socialistic views than the rest of the members.”

Wikipedia defines “Pinko" as: "a derogatory term for a person regarded as sympathetic to communism, though not necessarily a Communist Party member.”

Wikipedia goes on to relate: “The word pinko was coined by Time magazine in 1925 as a variant on the noun and adjective pink, which had been used along with parlor pink since the beginning of the 20th century to refer to those of leftish sympathies, usually with an implication of effeteness".
In the 1920s, for example, a Wall Street Journal editorial described supporters of the "progressive" politician Robert La Follette as “visionaries, ne’er do wells, parlor pinks, reds, hyphenates [Americans with divided allegiance], soft handed agriculturalists and working men who have never seen a shovel.”

This makes sense when you consider that early 20th century “progressives” were obsessed with Socialism, Fascism and every other radical left leaning ideology that came down the pike.
Heck, W.E.B. Dubois thought Hitler and Mussolini were the cat’s pajamas until the Reich’s National Socialist Program began their final solution.......mass murder, unfortunately for the left, made Fascism less fashionable.

Notwithstanding, Liberals still teach that Fascism is a far right philosophy; despite the glaring lack of right wing ideology expressed by its two greatest practitioners. If you removed the names Hitler and Mussolini from much of what was said both publicly and privately; you would think you were reading the transcript of the latest Bill Moyer Sunday show featuring Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

So maybe Mr. Obama is a Pinko, slightly socialist, but not a card carrying commie.
The American left certainly disdains debate like the Fascists and Commies of old. 
In his interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier, Mr. Obama did everything but the moon walk to avoid talking about the health care bill process. 
Similarly, I’m fairly certain I heard Billy Jean starting up as Congressman Anthony Weiner ended his interview with Bill O’Reilly on Obamacare fall out. 
Watching Weiner avoid admitting that the IRS will enforce the healthcare bill, looked like Dracula evading a garlic wreath, all fangs and hissing.

Actually, the O’Reilly v Weiner debate on "The Factor" was like watching Abbott and Costello perform Who’s On First? I kept waiting for Weiner to preemptively shout: “Who's on 1st?”

America is supposed to be an open society; yet the left works tirelessly to quash any debate.
You see it played out on liberal college campuses across the country as students, often provoked by their instructors, deny invited conservative speakers the right to voice their views. 
This was recently displayed at the University of Ottawa, where an Ann Coulter dialog was canceled due to rowdy students letting their fascist slips peak out from beneath their brown hems.

Since liberalism on it’s own strength cannot compete in the market place of ideas, you have fellows like MSNBC's Ed Schultz  calling for Congress to “equal out the audience” by bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine”.
Schultz goes on to say: “Hell, if we’re gonna be socialist, lets be socialist across the board.”

If the President is not a socialist and he is not a Pinko, then what is he?
Do we need a new name for a new “ism"?
The President’s impromptu and none to private tête-à-tête with Joe the Plumber sounded like socialism to me. 
Forcing people to buy health insurance against their will to pay for others health insurance sounds like socialism too.

The 21-year-old-- fresh out of school and on his first job, can opt out of the health care plan; but he still has to pay a fine enforced by the IRS to pay for the guy ensconced on his sofa playing Wii all day long. 
That’s not too fascist is it?

If President Obama is not a socialist or a fascist, he certainly has a strong predilection for those who are.
He has dinner with them.
He starts organizations with them.
Obama hangs out with them and appoints them to his Cabinet.

What the Liberal Leftists don’t get is that in their attempt to be conciliatory when talking about the president, they do him a disservice.
How is that?  
Because by doing so, they are suggesting that the President is too stupid to know he is promoting a socialist agenda.....that Mr. Obama is too dumb and oblivious to know what he is doing.

Despite the nattering denials; Congressman Dingell is too out of touch to even care about denying this healthcare bill is about controlling people. 
Whether it’s the insurance companies or the common man he advocates controlling; it is, make no mistake, about control.

What shall we call this new thing? Controlism? Governmentalism? Regulatism?
If President Obama is not a socialist my friends, what is he?

These excerpts come from the common sense genius of Digital Publius' blog; a site well worth reading if you are so inclined.