Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well unless you're an Aggie; what a great TEXAS FOOTBALL weekend!

THE University of Texas and the Houston Texans made us proud indeed.  Heck, even the Hooters upset Cougar high. 

                           Texas WILL beat OU next year and be back in the top 10......Hook 'em
                           Horns, Baby!
                           The Texans WILL win their division and make it to the AFC
                           Championship game!
                           Rice WILL win at least 2 more games this season.

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A Harris County Lawyer said...

As an Aggie, I'm now kind of hoping we lose the rest of our games so that they'll be forced to fire Mike Sherman. We haven't been real competitors since the days of Dat Nguyen.

We should have joined the SEC and gotten our butts handed to us for several years and then started building.

I wish A&M would recruit Kevin Sumlin out of U of H.