Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Houston Chronicle is once again a great source to guide the Harris County voters this election cycle.

If you, the voter, have absolutely no idea what the issues are or which of the candidates is most qualified; I strongly urge you to read the Editors' picks at the Houston Chronicle and vote the OPPOSITE way. 
Occasionally the Houston Chronicle picks a qualified candidate or position; but in those cases the choice is so obvious any endorsement is superfluous.

Today's editorial headline, "Proposition 1 would bolster Houston's quality of life" is written by the Chairman of the Quality of Life Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership and chair of the Bayou Greenway Initiative and is a steering committee member of the Quality of Life Coalition.
I wonder what his objectivity is on the issue?

Harris County squeezes enough money out of property owners as it is. 
Whether you call funding for Proposition 1 a tax, fee, fine or assessment; it is yet another payment that the home owner has to shell out to the government money shredder.

To equate The Houston Ship Channel, NASA and the Texas Medical Center with  a proposition that requires property owners to pony up more money to be a "leader", is insulting.
Voters should take umbrage to the mere suggestion!

There is no doubt that Houston has a very significant drainage/flooding issue which should have been remedied years ago.
WHY is that?
Is it because Houston  homeowners do not pay their fair share of taxes?
OR......... is it that the city government lacks fiscal responsibility? 

Private entities across Houston adhere to a fiscally sound operating budget......that is if they are successful and want to remain so.
If a family or business has insufficient income, reserves or credit to make multiple contemporaneous purchases; they must evaluate the financial impact against the perceived need to determine which product(s) to select in or out. 
Houston we have a problem; city government is not walking the talk.  It's time for government to address their internal inefficiencies, minimize waste and promote appropriate innovation. That is if the city wants to increase revenues in a responsible fashion to fund this effort......................a FUNDamental concept in maximizing the growth and development of any competive organization. 

Government workers who exploit their respective position for personal gain, whether it be falsifying time sheets or profiteering from their position, need to be targeted.
Imagine if you owned a business and your workers demanded to be paid for time they never worked or they operated YOUR business after hours as if it were there own keeping ALL the profit for themselves......would the solution simply be to increase the cost of services to your customers or to stop the fraud and abuse?

Throwing money at the Houston  Independent School District without meaningful accountability hasn't improved the student outcomes and simply increasing property taxes won't improve the quality of life in Houston.

So unless Houston homeowners are permitted to rob liquor stores with impunity to satisfy their poor personal financial CHOICES; The City of Houston and their green buddies shouldn't be granted the same liberty.

VOTE NO to Proposition 1!!!!!

AND when the Houston Chronicle endorses Proposition 2 in tomorrow's editorial section.......remember to VOTE NO to proposition 2 as well.


Anonymous said...

All 3 props need to be voted down

Anonymous said...

Black Ink. Keep up the good work. The Chronicle is made of a bunch of morons.