Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Brian Wice and Brian Rogers remind me of Laurel and Hardy.  They give "win at all costs" new meaning.

Wice's fiasco got front page above the fold coverage in today's Houston Chronicle and gets first coverage here.
What was Wice's agenda in the Susan Wright trial? 
Wright is the former dancer who, rather than getting a divorce from her abusive husband, elected to butcher him instead.  Never mind that she took a nap just before the gruesome slaying AND allegedly had a "lucid interval" while stabbing her tied up husband 193 times?

How does Wice explain Wright's, "time out" from her, "battered wife psychosis" to calmly answer the bedroom door when her young son knocked during the carnage?  How does an individual turn a switch from a psychotic killing frenzy to holding her young son's little hand and walking him calmly to his room for a bedside story?  AND THEN, once her son finally falls asleep; how does she switch back to battered wife mode, get another knife, proceed back to a bedroom turned slaughterhouse and continue the stabbing of her son's baby daddy?

Secondly, why would Wice suggest that Wright's former defense attorney, Todd Ward, was derelict not to put on Dr. Jerome Brown as a battered wife expert?  Was it that defense attorney Ward was concerned Dr. Brown might have difficulty explaining why a "battered wife" fell asleep immediately prior to her violent rampage?
I submit that had Ward put Dr. Brown on the stand, as Wice suggests he should have; Wright's sentence would have been life instead of 25 years.
Where exactly is lawyer Wice during this re-sentencing phase.......as far away as possible it seems!

I fully appreciate that justice has nothing to do with actual guilt or equitable punishment to many defense attorneys; but was Wice zealously representing himself or the best interests of his client in this instance?

The final punishment of Wright might, ironically, be more JUST at the end of the day; thanks to Wice's meddling.....

Brian Rogers' death penalty report is a prelude for what to expect in 2012. 
How does he keep his bullshit straight?

Rogers' headline read, "He's the forth to get (death) sentence during Lykos era".  
Pat Lykos put four (4) on death row!  My Goodness!
One of Kelly Siegler's 22 Death Capitals and one of Denise Bradley's Death Capitals each gets "reaffirmed" and Patsy is credited.  Does that make Lykos a "win at all costs" DA by extension? 

The only de novo successful Death capital under Lykos prior to Monday's jury sentence, was Mabry Joseph Landor, III.   Landor was sentenced to death last April and although ADA Jim Leitner stole credit; at least he sat second chair to ADA Julian Ramirez during the trial.

Odd there was no mention in Rogers' article today as to who the actual ADA was who prosecuted Garland Bernell Harper to death row yesterday. 
CONGRATULATIONS to ADA and soon-to be Criminal District Judge DENISE BRADLEY on her outstanding prosecution of this turd.

No doubt this cold blooded cowardly killer of three (3) deserves the needle; but I am shocked that Lykos was lauded by the Chronicle for getting death on a "mentally ill" black man. 
"All he did" was tie up his girlfriend and a couple of her kids before cutting baby mama's throat ONLY ONCE and squeezing the sacred life out of her two (2) precious children.
Only a mentally ill, battered boyfriend, impaired crackhead etc. would do such a thing....so where is Brian Wice's outrage?  Why is the Chronicle not screaming foul "win at all costs" injustice from the rooftops?  Where's the race card now?

How would the headline have read if Johnny Holmes or Kelly Siegler were at the helm today?


Anonymous said...

Brian Wice is about Brian Wice. It would be interesting to see what Susan Wright and her sister think about him now and after the new sentencing trial.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Denise great job. We R gonna miss ya.

Anonymous said...

There are few men on God's green earth who are more full of themselves and less deserving of that feeling than Wice.

He finally wins one in the appealate courts. So that's like how many losses to one win.

I wonder how that comes out in baseball averages, Mr. tired sports analogy wice-man.

Wee Man Wice is not without his amusement value. He likes to puff up like Randy and Kent, but he's such a wee man it tends to be funny when you see it.

Wee Man Wice and Wee Man Jim ought to start a club together. Little dudes with horrific personalities who are into themselves. I mean, how many mirrors do you think these guys have in their houses for catches passing glimpses of themselves?

Anonymous said...


"Where exactly is lawyer Wice during this re-sentencing phase.......as far away as possible it seems!"

Not really. Mr. Ego has been in the front row looking for a camera but nobody wants to film him.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Houston Chronicle didn't instruct Brian Rogers to write an even bigger political fluff piece for Judge Pat during early voting.

Anonymous said...

Is there any truth to the rumor that Lykos and Wice are doing the bed scene together? Ewwwww how nasty would that be?

Anonymous said...

Wice will be sipping martini's looking for somebody to join him this evening....

And then he will realize he has no friends.

Twilight Zoned said...

Poor little Susan Wright;
Try as hard as she might.

The ADA's are doing it right;
Susie's staying locked up tight.

She was fooled by Brian Wice;
A fool himself who's not very nice.

Who would think to put on Brown;
Only Wice a pretentious clown.

Little Miss Wright played it all wrong;
So now she'll get life, no one's buying her song.

Twenty five years was a gift;
So why was Wice so miffed?

Wice is the one who plays, "win at all costs";
But who are the ones who suffer the loss?

Claiming ineffective counsel;
Now ain't that a mouthful?

If Wice had tried Susan Wright at the start;
Kelly Siegler would have ripped out his heart.

Anonymous said...

Politaical Pat's spin predictions:

If Wright gets less than 25 yrs it shows that Kelly was a corrupt win at all costs prosecutor and now true justice has been served.

If Wright gets 25 yrs spot on then it shows that the bed scene was just drama mama over-the-top and not relevant or necessary.

If Wright gets more than 25 yrs it shows that Kelly was an ineffective bad prosecutor and now true justice has been served.

It begs the question, however, as to what result Pat Lykos would have achieved had she been the prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:18,

With the new shrink testimony Susan Wright should get 99yrs or life. When all the spin is said and done Brian Wice will be the only one labeled ineffective counsel.

brian rogers said...

Dear Black Ink,

This is Brian Rogers. I tried to email you, but could not find an email address on your blog.
You may post this as a comment if you like, but it is intended to be a simple emailed message to you.

If you have questions about my coverage, feel free to email me at brian.rogers@chron.com or call me at the office at 713 362 7464.

I'm happy to answer your questions if you are interested in having an actual conversation.

Just Sayin' said...

Was this "sudden passion" or "selfish rage"?
If this modern day Lizzie Borden gets probation the only silver lining will be that the divorce lawyers in Harris County will be on the soup line.
More importantly, however, it speaks volumes at how Pat Lykos has "changed" the mission statement at the HCDAO, "Lose at All Costs Lykos".

Spence and Jordan better get their resumes in order.

Just Sayin'