Tuesday, February 28, 2012



I would love to give the Pastor of this predominantly black church in Virginia three cheers. This guy is obviously a leader. Perhaps we should each decide who our real leader is......... amazing to see that very little has changed in 4,000 years.

"Good morning, brothers and sisters; it's always a delight to see the pews crowded on Sunday morning, and so eager to get into God's Word. Turn with me in your Bibles, if you will, to the 47th chapter of Genesis. We'll begin our reading at verse 13, and go through verse 27.

Brother Ray, would you stand and read that great passage for us? ... (reading) .... Thank you for that fine reading, Brother Ray. So we see that economic hard times fell upon Egypt, and the people turned to the government of Pharaoh to deal with this for them. And Pharaoh nationalized the grain harvest, and placed the grain in great storehouses that he had built. So the people brought their money to Pharaoh, like a great tax increase, and gave it all to him willingly in return for grain. And this went on until their money ran out, and they were hungry again.

So when they went to Pharaoh after that, they brought their livestock - their cattle, their horses, their sheep, and their donkey - to barter for grain, and verse 17 says that only took them through the end of that year. But the famine wasn't over, was it? So the next year, the people came before Pharaoh and admitted they had nothing left, except their land and their own lives. "There is nothing left in the sight of my lord but our bodies and our land. Why should we die before your eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land for food, and we with our land will be servants to Pharaoh." So they surrendered their homes, their land, and their real estate to Pharaoh's government, and then sold themselves into slavery to him, in return for grain.

What can we learn from this, brothers and sisters?

That turning to the government instead of to God to be our provider in hard times only leads to slavery? Yes... That the only reason government wants to be our provider is to also become our master?

Yes. But look how that passage ends, brothers and sisters! Thus Israel settled in the land of Egypt , in the land of Goshen . And they gained possessions in it, and were fruitful and multiplied greatly." God provided for His people, just as He always has! They didn't end up giving all their possessions to government, no, it says they gained possessions! But I also tell you a great truth today, and an ominous one.

We see the same thing happening today - the government today wants to "share the wealth" once again, to take it from us and redistribute it back to us. It wants to take control of healthcare, just as it has taken control of education, and ration it back to us, and when government rations it, then government decides who gets it, and how much, and what kind. And if we go along with it, and do it willingly, then we will wind up no differently than the people of Egypt did four thousand years ago - as slaves to the government, and as slaves to our leaders.

What Mr. Obama's government is doing now is no different from what Pharaoh's government did then, and it will end the same. And a lot of people like to call Mr. Obama a "Messiah," don't they? Is he a Messiah? A savior? Didn't the Egyptians say, after Pharaoh made them his slaves, "You have saved our lives; may it please my lord, we will be servants to Pharaoh"? Well, I tell you this - I know the Messiah; the Messiah is a friend of mine; and Mr. OBAMA IS NO MESSIAH! No, brothers and sisters, if Mr. Obama is a character from the Bible, then he is Pharaoh. Bow with me in prayer, if you will..

Lord, You alone are worthy to be served, and we rely on You, and You alone. We confess that the government is not our deliverer, and never rightly will be. We read in the eighth chapter of 1 Samuel, when Samuel warned the people of what a ruler would do, where it says "And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day..."

And Lord, we acknowledge that day has come. We cry out to you because of the ruler that we have chosen for ourselves as a nation. Lord, we pray for this nation. We pray for revival, and we pray for deliverance from those who would be our masters. Give us hearts to seek You and hands to serve You, and protect Your people from the atrocities of Pharaoh's government."

In God We Trust........

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Jim Leitner rode around in Coast Guard Reserve units at the Houston Ship Channel during the Persian Gulf War; his son served two (2) tours of active duty in Iraq.

Jim Leitner taught Sunday School at his Lutheran church; but the Ten Commandments were for others to follow.

Jim Leitner knowing he could never earn a job as a Harris County prosecutor on his own merit....................agreed to engage in whatever subterfuge necessary to elect Pat Lykos District Attorney of Harris County and quid pro quo his way in the back door.

Jim Leitner was a longtime criminal defense lawyer who was paid as much as $200,000 a year by the citizens of Harris County for representing defendants too poor to hire their own lawyers.......................admitting with a grin that he defended crooks because it was more lucrative than prosecuting them.
Jim Leitner has an odd perspective as it relates to his criminal representation of former clients. 
Leitner, in his unabridged arrogance, considered himself to be such a brilliant defense attorney that he incredulously claimed to have been a financial asset to the tax payers of Harris County.

Jim Leitner explains this odd premise by arguing that when his clients were convicted (in spite of his extraordinary legal prowess) that those convictions were less likely to be overturned on the grounds of ineffective counsel...................one can only speculate as to what the legions of Leitner's convicted clients think about that convoluted rationale.

In 2000, Jim Leitner defended a cop-killer whom prosecutors sought the death penalty on.
Leitner successfully argued that his client did not deserve the death penalty under Texas law because he would not be a continuing threat to society.
Leitner called the case "a political prosecution," saying prosecutors only sought death because, instead of following the law, they wanted to please a public desire for executing the murderer of a police officer.
The jury sentenced his cop killing client to life in prison....................a cop was murdered, a killer was saved and a well deserved needle was set aside as Leitner smiled.

Jim Leitner agrees that some killers sent to death row from Harris County deserve to die; but alleges that others have been executed without having met the legal criteria for the ultimate punishment.

Before being sworn in as the first assistant to the district attorney, Leitner advocated philosophical "change" by instilling more discipline in how the DA's office approached sentencing for crimes large and small. Leitner's policy changes and "influence" at the Harris County District Attorney's Office  have proven to be a counter productive farce.

Jim Leitner shaving off his mustache to distance his image from Chuck Rosenthal didn't change his character; it was foreboding.

Some folks self sacrifice for the benefit of others.............................Jim Leitner prefers to sacrifice others for his benefit.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Notorious COP KILLER Carl Wayne Buntion, is petitioning the court to delay the retrial punishment phase of his Death Capital conviction until such time as an "untainted" prosecutor is made available to proceed.


Instead of jurors hearing evidence to decide whether or not Buntion should be executed for gunning down Houston police officer James Irby during a mere traffic stop in 1990; a judge must first decide whether a Special Prosecutor should be hired before punishment testimony can be heard.
The REAL issue ought to be: why is this convicted capital murderer still alive?

Officer Irby has laid in his cold casket for twelve (12) long years...........yet before a second jury can be cajoled by a defense team regarding Buntion finding Jesus, being a model inmate and/or other excuses to mitigate his selfish cold blooded killing of a: husband, father, son, brother, friend and Houston Police Officer---justice is placed on hold while politics holds the court hostage.

Defense counsel Casey Keirnan and Phillip Scardino argue that their convicted cop killing client cannot receive a fair punishment trial for murdering a police officer simply because they believe the entire Harris County District Attorney's Office is tainted by DA Pat Lykos' questionable personal behavior.
Specifically, they submit that since the Texas Rangers and the FBI are currently interviewing certain members of the DA's office in that regard; the entire staff is corrupt.........BULLSHIT!
Disingenuous profiling from, of all people, criminal defense attorneys...........brother please.

DA Pat Lykos has no doubt behaved badly; as did Chuck Rosenthal before her.
Notwithstanding, the ADAs were not responsible for Rosenthal's bad behavior then nor are the ADAs responsible for Lykos' bad behavior now.

"Mr. Buntion is entitled to be prosecuted by a District Attorney and assistant district attorneys who are neither witnesses in nor targets of a criminal prosecution," reads a motion to suspend prosecution or appoint a special prosecutor.
Careful what you wish for...........does cop killer death row inmate Buntion really want a high profile Rock Star Special Prosecutor who is NOT afraid of nor subject to the whims of disgraced DA Pat Lykos spear heading his retrial on punishment?
Wayne Buntion is no Anthony Graves........and there's the rub.

Law enforcement officials have been talking to Harris County district attorney employees about allegations the DA's office investigated the grand jurors of the 185th District Court, who for six months, investigated Lykos' office.
Lykos admitted she asked her chief investigator to do an "internet search" into possible political connections between grand jurors of the 185th District Court, two judges and a political opponent of the district attorney. She has said it was not an "investigation.".........and Bill Clinton said, "I never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."

Recall that on the eve of the death penalty trial of John Edward Green, Lykos agreed to a plea bargain for 40 years in prison.................James Irby, his family, his friends and his community deserve better than that.

So if Scardino and Keirnan want to challenge justice let's offer them the best Special Prosecutor in the country: KELLY SIEGLER.....................wonder how fast they'll move to dismiss their motion to appoint a special prosecutor after the Siegler ace is played?

Thursday, February 2, 2012


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's Fast and Furious cover-up and Harris County DA Pat Lykos' B.A.T. van shell game subjected both individuals to government investigations.

Lykos skated earlier in the week, her troops are in lock down and the Honey Badger is out for revenge.

Today we will find out whether or not Holder appears in front of Congress and complies with  the subpoena duces tecum or is held in Congressional Contempt.

From Washington D.C. to Houston, Texas, the chief law enforcement officers of our country hold themselves above the law.