Wednesday, May 26, 2010


When Hurricane Katrina barreled through the Gulf Coast and hammered New Orleans; President George Walker Bush was later crucified by now President Barrack Hussein Obama for his "underwhelming" response. Some actually blamed W's cozy relationship with Big Oil and the so called hydrocarbon induced "Global Warming" as the causative agent of the Hurricane itself.  Incredibly, others proposed the ludicrous allegation that in Katrina's immediate aftermath W sent covert demolition teams into Ray Nagin's "Chocolate City" to blow up the levees.

President Bush's offer of Federal assistance to Louisiana days before the storm wrecked havoc on New Orleans was soundly rebuked until the 11th hour. A Federal evacuation effort was only requested by Louisiana government officials when the force of Katrina had dangerously escalated to the level of precluding a safe preemptive Federal intervention. The high command of Louisiana politics had missed the boat and were eager and successful in designating Bush as the official captain of the sinking ship.
We can only speculate how differently things would have turned out had Bush's offer of a Federally sponsored evacuation of New Orleans been heeded when initially offered four (4) days prior to Katrina's landfall.....or even the day before.
However, in America, state sovereignty precludes a POTUS from sending Federal troops into a state in mere anticipation of a possible impending disaster without that state's consent

When the storm finally subsided, the devastation to life and property was horrific and the post storm Federal response was logistically ill thought out.  FEMA and Homeland Security performed poorly on numerous levels.
Bush is still broadly criticized for his handling of this tragedy.

British Petroleum's stance on Deep Water Horizon's catastrophy has mirrored the initial "mindset" of the state of Louisiana under Governor Blanco and the City of New Orleans under Mayor Ray Nagin. The "we can handle it on our own; but if we fail---well then it's somebody else's fault" position has proven to be FUTILE, FLAWED and FRAUDULENT in both instances........simply put the Gulf Coast has been F'd once again by grossly ill prepared upper management

This was a teaching moment and Obama did not learn from the lesson plan:  "Valuable time is lost while fooling around with inferior resources."

BP has shirked its responsibility for the oil spill.  While BP attempts to capture the oil flow using makeshift untried methods, oil continues to gush into our coastal waters.
BP does not know whether they want to invest in new equipment or not. Their equipment inventory does not appear to be effective and they are reluctant to be honest in this regard or consider equipment upgrades such as oil sweeping arms. The oil sweeping arms specialist, Kampers Oil Spill Equipment (Koseq), from Puttershoek, Holland and oil spill specialist Hebo Maritime Service from Zwartsluis offers of assisstance have both been rebuked. Dutch dredging companies, including Van Oord, are also interested and able to assist with the efficient removal of oil and their equipement can, in principle, be flown in quickly and within a few days be installed on local vessels.

Gert Kampers, designer of the sweeping arms and director of Koseq, does not understand the reluctance of BP and the American government: "There are already 568 ships deployed we only need to equip four ships with our equipment to effectively control the spill. A ship equipped with sweeping arms can harvest 250 cubic meters of oil per hour from the water. That's 1000 cubic meters per hour with four ships which is more than presently flows into the sea."
BP is now using chemicals to prevent the oil from rising to the surface that are further damaging the environment.  12 sweeping arms are currently available for deployment that can immediately be put in service. More sweeping arms can be manufactured in little time if the demand requires. The sweeping arms have been deployed in Europe several times and they perform very well.

The Dutch Government and the European Union are prepared to quickly help America, but they must wait for a request. "It's all very sensitive," said Achterberg. "The Americans think they can do a better job themselves. They obviously find it embarrassing to ask for outside help. The Dutch government cannot step in because they do not wish to offend their American colleagues."

After the disasters of the Erika and Prestige off shore rigg spills, the European Union utilized the services of the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA); one of the Europe's environmental maritime disaster-organizations.  EMSA has ships all along the European coasts and has sweeping arms and other equipment that can be quickly adapted for evironmental disaster control by outfitting tankers and other ships to suck up large quantities of oil from the surface.

"We're here to help and have also communicated to the pertaining authorities but there is no request for assistance received by the European Commission and without a request, we cannot take any action," says an spokesman for EMSA in Portugal. "We have the equipment, experts and the ships, but unfortunately we can not use them ."

It seems that BP is currently more afraid of double bills than a bad image and would rather wait until the U.S. government completely takes over the clean-up......Obama has given BP three (3) months to remedy the problem before intervening.

So it begs the question: Why has Obama settled for rhetorical blame on Big Oil but done absolutely nothing to mitigate the issue at hand? Is Obama THAT indecisive and overwhelmed or is he simply an even bigger whore to Big Oil than he labeled Bush?

The EPA is Obama's  FEMA and the US Coast Guard has supplanted Homeland Security in addressing THIS disaster.........Obama needs to stop whining and hiding and be presidential.

When 50,000-70,000 barrels of oil spew from the ocean floor and each of those barrels is subject to a federally mandated fine of $4,300.00; Obama will have the mother of all Federal fines to "spread the wealth around" with.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Bert Graham was not a rock star trial attorney; nor did he pretend to be one......but he sure as heck facilitated others to maximize their courtroom prowess. That is what an administrative leader does and Bert did that like a rock star.
Bert did not seek accolades or center stage for himself. He preferred to work behind the scenes to assure the most efficacious work environment possible for the ADA front line warriors and their support staff.
The Johnny Holmes era DA's office was a well oiled machine that Bert quietly maintained and managed. The transition to Rosenthal was essentially seamless for Bert; albeit often under difficult circumstances in the latter years with the plethora of issues Chuck brought to the table....pre and post meltdown.

Semper Fi was not a mere cliche for Bert.

Bert ALWAYS wanted to do what was RIGHT for the office BECAUSE it was in the best interest of the office.......self interest invariably took a back seat with Bert Graham.
The last forty or so years of Bert's life were dedicated to making sure that the Harris County District Attorney's Office was the best DA's office in the country.

Bert was a diplomat as well as a brilliant budget director/manager.
He protected and honored the office and those under his charge.
Bert was the antithesis of arrogance.....he socialized with the troops regularly; always in a sincere and dignified fashion, never sacrificing their respect or admiration.
Bert led by example....he appreciated the intrinsic weakness and corruption of cronyism. His leadership was always objective as he carried out his duties without a hint of playing favorites.
Bert's sense of duty was so great that he not only covered Rosenthal's failings with grace and humility; but also selflessly preserved the budgetary integrity and day to day operational side of the office during the initial transition phase after Rosenthal's selfish implosion.......thereby allowing a mere figure head and glorified baby sitter, Ken Magidson, to shine as interim DA. Bert never sought nor received recognition for his unyielding dedication during this phase of his career.
Astonishingly, Bert also offered his service and experience to the Lykos administration for their transition.
Notwithstanding, Lykos discounted Bert's expertise and he was tossed out.
DA Lykos misplayed her hand on a great asset and as a consequence of this grave miscalculation has not fared as well as Magidson.

Bert knew the budget. He made sure money was available for pay raises when somebody was promoted. He didn't spend money with out knowing how it would affect the overall budget in the long term. Bert kept very close ties to Dick Raycraft and spent only what he knew he had. 
Given the monetary shortfalls facing Harris County and much of the country today, Bert Graham is an even greater asset than ever before.

Bert may have gotten hung up on the details at times; but he got things done without making enemies.
It might be quirky of Bert to always have an apple for lunch and to eat at the same time and place every day. But that was Bert-- a man of routine.
Bert's discipline and routines were invaluable in the fiscal and administrative stability of the DA's office.

Every major law firm has a managing partner; an administrator of the day to day affairs so to speak.  Bert was the quintessential managing partner for the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Bert did not play politics and was loyal to the office of District Attorney.
It is an honor to be a friend of now citizen Bert Graham..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When the Houston Chronicle supported Pat Lykos for DA they made a great misjudgment. Instead of getting the selective incompetence they bargained for; they got total and complete incompetence.

Thus, when it's "okay" for an illegal immigrant to execute a black Houston Police Officer how can it now NOT be "okay" for a white Bellaire Police Officer to shoot a black former high school baseball star in the kid's own front yard while mama watches her son anguish in pain?
After all, selective agenda driven incompetence requires some degree of competence to differentiate AND carry out the mission.

"Cop Killers" and "Killer Cops" live by the sword and so shall they perish.....that is unless the killing fields are located in Harris County.

Maybe this case should have been no billed as well....but wait we had eye witnesses---oh but they were BLACK, never mind!

Hmmm. Striking a Black juror for cause or with a preemptory challenge is racist if that juror is a member of politically connected Lakewood Church; but striking and killing with impunity a black cop or shooting with intent to kill a black high school baseball player execution style is justice?
A DEATH SENTENCE for the assassin and life for the attempted assassination would, no doubt, be condemned by Lykos as "winning at all costs".
Crackhead Lykos logic at it's finest!

So who is ADA Clint Greenwood who "prosecuted" this most recent miscarriage of justice?

Greenwood is a former criminal defense attorney and long time buddy/baggage handler of fellow former criminal defense attorney Jim Leitner.
Both of these clowns are now high level ADAs at the Harris County District Attorney's office after being hand picked by DA Pat Lykos.
Greenwood ironically is in charge of police integrity.......INTEGRITY is obviously not the strong suit for Lykos or her Lieutenants.

So for those of you who don't give much credit to the Grand Jury no bill epidemic....when taken in context with the huge trial loss and dismissal stats since Lykos sashayed into the Harris County District Attorney's office; this recent atrocity should at the very least give you pause.

Pandora's box has been ripped off and burned and Pat Lykos is sitting in the corner smoking with a crowbar in the other hand.

Monday, May 10, 2010


The Houston media's extraordinary politicization of what clearly should be an apolitical position has resulted in the facilitation of an undermined Harris County District Attorney's Office where integrity and quality have been sacrificed at the alter of Pat Lykos.

The 40% drop in true bills in Harris County during Lykos' first year as DA can be interpreted in one of two ways: either the  Grand Jury system has dramatically and inexplicitly changed from 2008-2009 OR the Harris County District Attorney's Office has dramatically changed during the same time frame.
The latter explanation seems most obvious; unless you use "Lykos math" in place of real world mathematics.

Lykos' tyrannical and arbitrary rule now has supporting solid data to expose her farce.
Most of the top ADAs have been run out of the DA's office.  Those ADAs that remain are either too inexperienced to properly prepare non boiler plate whales or too scared to try a tough case and lose.  As a result only the easy wins are presented appropriately to Grand Jury. 
Kind of gives new meaning to the "Win At All Costs" prosecutor.

Thankfully, May 10, 2010 has marked the end of the Houston media's universal love affair with the DA who insists on being referred to as Judge Pat.
Lykos' seemingly impervious armor of media deception now has a notable chink.
KHOU's Channel 11 finally broke from the lockstep pack of programmed media sheeple.
They chose NOT to settle for the heretofore kid glove softball game the Houston media has notoriously played with Pat Lykos.
KHOU should be highly commended for their journalistic integrity.........BRAVO!!!

Lykos' exposure as a clueless disingenuous angry little piss ant will not bode well with the media.
The CJC waters have been chummed with gross mismanagement and a media feeding frenzy will be difficult even for Lykos to divert.

After watching this interview, if  DA Lykos does not present a clear and present danger to the safety of the citizens of Harris County then  cutting your child's wrists and having him swim in a tank of hungry Mako sharks would be a safe after school activity.

Lykos' pretentious misrepresentations and angry child-like behavior are wearing thin. 
Irrelevant political sound bites, out-right lies and rule by fear and intimidation do not, in perpetuity, compensate for incompetency.

Pat Lykos' total lack of prosecutorial experience and ability is becoming more and more self evident as she continues to plunder the Harris County District Attorney's Office.