Monday, December 28, 2009


On December 16th I was concerned enough to make an open request that a qualified candidate challenge the buffoonery of Rachael Palmer in the Republican Primary for the CCCL 13 judicial race.
Well Santa ponied up on Christmas Eve when Don Smyth announced that he would be that guy.
Not only is Smyth  highly qualified for the position;  he is also one of the few remaining senior ADAs who is not a coward when it comes to standing up for what is right at the Harris County District Attorney's Office.
JBH taught Smyth well and Denise Bradley should take note.

Shamefully, the real issue now is not who is most qualified for the bench; but whether or not qualifications will prevail over political corruptness.
If I were to compare the judicial abilities of Don Smyth to Rachael Palmer, it would be tantamount to comparing former Chief  Justice William  Rehnquist to a struggling misdemeanor 3.
Logic precludes a realistic debate on who is more qualified for judicial leadership.

Palmer's mentor and handler, Pat Lykos, has proven that perception trumps reality in the world of Harris County GOP  politics. 
So if Lykos is calling the shots, her playbook is actually quite simple:
1. divert attention from the real issues such as the candidates' actual experience and qualifications,
2. capitalize on your opponent's skeletons--real, enhanced or imagined and
3. employ double talk, innuendo and fluff to supplant truth and rightfulness.
So look for more of the same in this race.
That is unless Palmer's political consultant and campaign manager, Steve Brewer, prevails in taking the high road; as he is known for.

Brewer has the political savvy to now recognize that his client has very weak comparative credentials and cannot win on the merits. But unlike most paid political consultants, Brewer is a very ethical straight shooter who believes in the various causes he fights for. So he must soon decide whether "winning at all costs" will ironically be an accurate label for his candidate this time and worth the sacrifice of his core values.

Rather than basing political endorsements on who pays homage to Junior League pretense and attends archaic lily white blue haired tea parties; the Harris County GOP ought to be more concerned with what is in the best interest of the citizens of Harris County and discern:
Who exactly are Don Smyth and Rachael Palmer? What motivation does each have in running for judge? What actual expertise and experience is brought to the table?  In short, who is the most appropriate and qualified candidate deserving of GOP support?

Palmer, in my opinion, is far from being a good trial attorney. But, on a positive note, the fact that she has actually tried some criminal cases sets her apart from Lykos.  That and ~50 years of mileage....political that is.
Notwithstanding, she is a far cry from being the best candidate for the position sought and not remotely close to being in the same league as Smyth.
Smith is not only vastly more competent and experienced than his opponent; he also will strive to do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
Smyth will not be a political puppet and his bench will not be for sale to the highest bidder.

Lest history repeat itself, Palmer's efforts to be be elected judge must be overwhelmingly crushed like a cockroach invading your kitchen.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The  racial references in the piece herein below are both inflammatory and unnecessary to make the point that socialism is a destructive path for America.  Regardless of racial makeup, the disastrous effect of excessive governmental intervention on a community is aptly revealed.
I choose to ignore, rather than edit, the racial overtones and to focus on the message.
Racial identity should not be covered up or feared out of political correctness; but rather evaluated in perspective and context.
Black Ink

Editor's note: One of the most controversial pieces we published this year was Porter's essay paralleling America 's decline with Detroit 's complete economic and political failure. We received more heated e-mails about this Digest than any in recent memory. Some called us "racists," though everything in the below essay is fact. Others agreed with our simple message... A socialist government is dangerous. 

USA: The Next Detroit
By Porter Stansberry
From the October 28, 2009, S&A Digest

One of the most important things to remember about socialism – or coercion of any kind – is it fails eventually because human beings have an innate desire for liberty and a strong need for personal property rights. In fact, the origins of government lie in the need of agricultural communities to protect themselves from violence and theft. So it is particularly ironic that in more recent times, it is government itself that has more frequently played the role of bandit.

When you start taxing people at extreme rates to pay for socialist "benefits," when you start telling them which schools their children must attend, when you start giving jobs away to people based on race instead of ability... you quash human freedom, which bogs down productivity... and if continued for long enough, leads to social collapse.

I find it perplexing that only 20 years after the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the West continues to implement laws that mimic all of the failed policies of our former "communist" foes. In fact, our current president won the election by promising to "spread the wealth around." But... truth be told... we don't have to look to Eastern Europe or the Soviet Union to find a society destroyed by coercion, socialism, and the overreaching power of the State. We could just look at Detroit ...

In 1961, the last Republican mayor of Detroit lost his re-election bid to a young, intelligent Democrat, with the overwhelming support of newly organized black voters. His name was Jerome Cavanagh. The incumbent was widely considered to be corrupt (and later served 10 years in prison for tax evasion). Cavanagh, a white man, pandered to poor underclass black voters.

He marched with Martin Luther King down the streets of Detroit in 1963. (Of course, marching with King was the right thing to do... It's just Cavanagh's motives were political not moral.) He instated aggressive affirmative action policies at City Hall. And most critically, he greatly expanded the role of the government in Detroit , taking advantage of President Lyndon Johnson's "Model Cities Program" – the first great experiment in centralized urban planning.

Mayor Cavanagh was the only elected official to serve on Johnson's task force. And Detroit received widespread acclaim for its leadership in the program, which attempted to turn a nine-square-mile section of the city (with 134,000 inhabitants) into a "model city." More than $400 million was spent trying to turn inner cities into shining new monuments to government planning. In short, the feds and Democratic city mayors were soon telling people where to live, what to build, and what businesses to open or close. In return, the people received cash, training, education, and health care.

The Model Cities program was a disaster for Detroit . But it did accomplish its real goal: The creation of a state-supported, Democratic political power base. The program also resulted in much higher taxes – which were easy to pitch to poor voters who didn't have to pay them. Cavanagh pushed a new income tax through the state legislature and a "commuter tax" on city workers.

Unfortunately, as with all socialist programs, lots of folks simply don't like being told what to do. Lots of folks don't like being plundered by the government. They don't like losing their jobs because of their race.

In Detroit , they didn't like paying new, large taxes to fund a largely black and Democratic political hegemony. And so, in 1966, more than 22,000 middle- and upper-class residents moved out of the city.

But what about the poor? As my friend Doug Casey likes to say, in the War on Poverty, the poor lost the most. In July 1967, police attempted to break up a late-night party in the middle of the new " Model City ." The scene turned into the worst race riot of the 1960s. The violence killed more than 40 people and left more than 5,000 people homeless. One of the first stores to be looted was the black-owned pharmacy.

The largest black-owned clothing store in the city was also burned to the ground. Cavanagh did nothing to stop the riots, fearing a large police presence would make matters worse. Five days later, Johnson sent in two divisions of paratroopers to put down the insurrection. Over the next 18 months, an additional 140,000 upper- and middle-class residents – almost all of them white – left the city.

And so, you might rightfully ask... after five years of centralized planning, higher taxes, and a fleeing population, what did the government decide to do with its grand experiment, its " Model City "? You'll never guess...

Seeing it had accomplished nothing but failure, the government endeavored to do still more. The Model City program was expanded and enlarged by 1974's Community Development Block Grant Program. Here again, politicians would decide which groups (and even individuals) would receive state funds for various "renewal" schemes. Later, Big Business was brought into the fold. In exchange for various concessions, the Big Three automakers "gave" $488 million to the city for use in still more redevelopment schemes in the mid-1990s.

What happened? Even with all of their power and all of the money, centralized planners couldn't succeed with any of their plans. Nearly all of the upper and middle class left Detroit . The poor fled, too. The Model City area lost 63% of its population and 45% of its housing units from the inception of the program through 1990.

Even today, the crisis continues. At a recent auction of nearly 9,000 seized homes and lots, less than one-fifth of the available properties sold, even with bidding starting at $500. You literally can't give away most of the " Model City " areas today. The properties put up for sale last week represented an area the size of New York 's Central Park . Total vacant land in Detroit now occupies an area the size of Boston – Detroit properties in foreclosure have more than tripled since 2007.

Every single mayor of Detroit since 1961 has been a Democrat. Every single mayor of Detroit since 1974 has been black. Detroit has been a major recipient of every major social program since the early 1960s and has received hundreds of billions of dollars in government grants, loans, and programs. We now have a black, Democrat president, who is promising to do to America as a whole what his political mentors have done to Detroit .

Those of you with a Democratic political affiliation may think what I've written above is biased or false. You may think what you like. But there is no way to argue that what the government has done to Detroit is anything but a horrendous crime. You may think what I've written above is merely a political analysis. Perhaps so, but politicians drive macroeconomic policy. And macroeconomic policy determines key financial metrics, like the trade-weighted value of a currency and key interest rates.

The likelihood America will become a giant Detroit is growing – rapidly. Politicians now control the banking sector, most of the manufacturing sector (including autos), a large amount of media, and are threatening to take over health care and the production of electricity (via cap and trade rules). These are the biggest threats to wealth in the history of our country. And these threats are causing the world's most accomplished and wealthy investors to actively short sell the United States – something that is unprecedented in my experience.


Porter Stansberry

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Judge Rachael Palmer does not sit well. 

Lest the Republican judiciary mimic some of the newly elected Democratic black robers; a principled candidate with real judicial qualifications needs to stand up and file as a Republican to challenge Ms. Palmer  in the CCCL 13 race.

Has the legal community of Harris County learned nothing from the Lykos debacle?
Is Harris County so apathetic that she will accept the inherent corruptness of political puppetry in her criminal judiciary as well?
Is there not a well schooled ADA or criminal defense attorney left in Harris County willing to stand up for our legal community in this matter?

Black robe arrogance is not a prerequisite to being judge; there are still men and women of character on the bench.  Judicial pay of $130K/year, although not a lot of money for many, should not preclude the challenge.

To risk nothing is to have nothing and to be nothing.

Monday, December 14, 2009


Annise Parker and Houston should both be proud of the recent mayoral race results.  Parker was victorious not because of her sexual identity, but in spite of it.
Parker ran for mayor as someone who happened to be gay, not because she was gay.   Houston voted for her based on the issues not her sexual orientation.

Many so called conservatives supported her opponent, Gene Locke, not based on his meager qualifications and surely not because he was a black man; but instead simply because Parker was openly gay.  That is disgusting.

The assumption that Parker will push a gay/lesbian agenda simply because she is a lesbian is nonsense.
So long as Parker's private life is not illegal or unethical and does not negatively impact her job description; it is no one's business but her own.

However, since no significant issue of her sexual orientation was part of her platform as it relates to public policy AND media coverage of the issue was marginal at best; if she turns out to be a gay/lesbian activist mayor, as the fear mongering extremists advocate,  then not only will she be a one term mayor, sexual orietation will become a legitimate campaign issue in Houston for many years to come.
I hope Annise Parker is better than that.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Obama's handling of legal issues as it relates to the GWOT is communicating weakness. 

His insistence of the Senate to delay investigating the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre, and his insistence not to label it an act of terror, despite the man's yelling Allah Akbar as he gunned down US Soldiers is a compelling indictment of the President.  
While Obama found it easy to assume the Boston Policeman was a racist, assuming this self-professed "Soldier of Allah" was a terrorist was somehow a rush to judgment?  
Further, the movement of the 9-11 terrorists for trial in New York City gives the enemy the message they have nothing to fear from Barrack Obama and the United States.  
This trial allows terrorist lawyers access to our nations greatest secrets through the judicial process of discovery.

Secondly, it is my desire to see Obama learn the lessons of Statecraft.  
His apologies to heads of state, like those of President Kennedy to Premier Khruschev were weak and ineffectual.  In fact, they led to the opposite response.  Should Iran, the supporter of numerous suicide bombings of US interests over the years, Khobar Towers and the Beirut Marine Barracks to name a few, develop nuclear weapons, the Cuban Missile Crisis will pale in significance to the trouble we will face.  
Obama needs to, like Kennedy, realize that some bullies need to be intimidated.  
Further, while the world may sometimes fret over our doing so, in the end, a strong America gives them a sense of security and safety.

Monday, December 7, 2009


As the Houston Chronicle reported on the front page above the fold in yesterday's Sunday edition; the hallowed halls of the Kinkaid School are rumbling, as common sense attempts a reemergence from the stifling repression of the politically correct's diversity agenda.
When the Kinkaid School varsity football players dressed as their opponents' cheerleaders, pom poms in tow, to perform a harmless parody at a school pep rally; it should have been nothing more than that, the politically correct's protestations notwithstanding.

When deciding whether or not you support diversity you must first define the term.
The politically correct define diversity as a philosophy that promotes the unique differences of an individual's heritage to the exclusion of all others.  It facilitates a sense of self righteousness and arrogance that leads to confrontation among the different sub-cultures in American society.  Class envy, racism, victim-hood and general social divisiveness are the results.
This is aptly demonstrated with the current drama at The Kinkaid Preparatory School.
However, those with common sense define diversity quite differently.  The common sense folks appreciate an individual's differences; but rather than exploiting those differences to divide and conquer, this faction embraces the uniqueness of the individual while encouraging the collective strength of unity.

America was at it's pinnacle of greatness when She represented the world's cultural "Melting Pot".  People from all corners of the earth flocked to America to be Americans and live the dream.  They were not hyphenated Americans, they were simply Americans. Each drew from the strength of each other.  No one relied on excuses for their advancement. The success that came with hard work and sacrifice was rewarded instead of frowned upon and whining didn't cut it.

My how things have changed at The Kinkaid School campus.  The parents are finally fed up and who can blame them?
It's real easy to condemn these predominately rich white folks for being too white and too rich.  After all, that's what the media has programmed us to champion for a couple of generations; and we obediently lap it up like trained circus animals.
Take a big breath and a few steps back.  These Kinkaid families, wealthy or otherwise, are fed up with the public school system's diversity agenda and lack of core values.  Opting out of this perverse insanity is their right and precisely why these parents are willing to pay the steep private school tuition in addition to the mandated public school taxes.
To now require these families to import the very destructive behavior they paid to escape from truly defies logic.

Ironically, compliments of America's self destructive diversity mandate, those of us who are not privileged white folks, yet have achieved significant success playing by the rules; are routinely condemned by the old and new neighborhoods alike--albeit with grossly diverse criticism.

 Every one does not drive a Bentley and live in a mansion on the hill.  Nor should they.

Success does not render a white man a racist anymore than it renders a black man or other minority a sell out.

Warren Buffet once said: "Success is getting what you want while happiness is wanting what you get."

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Texas Governor Rick Perry might not have the charisma of former Governor and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee; but on the other hand, when it comes to the meting out of Texas justice, he doesn't have Huckabee's cavalier arrogance to disregard his constituents' deliberations .
Texas citizens, who take the time to serve as jurors instead of shirking their responsibility, know that their commitment is not going to be tossed out of a window at the Governor's mansion. 
If Huckabee is so concerned with mercy for the wicked, in lieu of enforcing justice, then he needs to head back to the pulpit from whence he came.

Huckabee's excuse of not having a crystal ball when he commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons is a cop out....literally four (4) cops out.
This wasn't Huckabee's first rodeo in the clemency ring either.  Over 1200 crooks had their sentences commuted by the merciful Huckabee.

Sometimes those that preach the Word of God forget Who is really speaking.  Combine that same preacher with the power and arrogance of high public office and he can easily become a false idol unto himself.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The inspiration for this blog was Murray Newman, Esq.

Some people believe that adversity creates character.  The truth is that adverse circumstances reveal one's character.

Former Harris County ADA Murray Newman knows adversity and its consequences on many levels. As a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and single dad,  Mr. Newman has had more than his share of traumatic events to deal with.  He has handled them all with honor and dignity.

When considering the old saying "you can count your true friends on one hand"; Newman's buddies will tell you that he is a finger you can count on without hesitation.

Newman's blog: "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center" was borne from adversity. The blog was not started for personal accolades; but rather anonymously in support of an institution that he cherished and sought to protect.....The Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Newman appreciated the inherent personal risk of stepping into the political arena; but he did it anyway as he took the side of truth and justice.  The odds of his candidate overcoming the Chuck Rosenthal scandal seemed insurmountable and the odds of protecting his blog identity were slim; but Newman was not one to passively sit on the sidelines as a mere spectator while his teammates were crushed.

Whether or not you agree with what Newman stands for; at least he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.
Doing what is right because it is the right thing to do defines Murray Newman.

Newman's team lost.  Newman was outed. Newman was fired.
But Newman walked the walk and conducted himself with integrity. 

Thank you Murray Newman for manning up when it counted.