Monday, December 14, 2009


Annise Parker and Houston should both be proud of the recent mayoral race results.  Parker was victorious not because of her sexual identity, but in spite of it.
Parker ran for mayor as someone who happened to be gay, not because she was gay.   Houston voted for her based on the issues not her sexual orientation.

Many so called conservatives supported her opponent, Gene Locke, not based on his meager qualifications and surely not because he was a black man; but instead simply because Parker was openly gay.  That is disgusting.

The assumption that Parker will push a gay/lesbian agenda simply because she is a lesbian is nonsense.
So long as Parker's private life is not illegal or unethical and does not negatively impact her job description; it is no one's business but her own.

However, since no significant issue of her sexual orientation was part of her platform as it relates to public policy AND media coverage of the issue was marginal at best; if she turns out to be a gay/lesbian activist mayor, as the fear mongering extremists advocate,  then not only will she be a one term mayor, sexual orietation will become a legitimate campaign issue in Houston for many years to come.
I hope Annise Parker is better than that.


Anonymous said...

Well put black ink


I really like your no nonsense common sense approach to politics. I'm a Republican Precinct Chair who was very offended by the way the Republican party handled things in this election cycle. It was almost as bad as their support of Lykos over Seigler in last year's DA race. The Harris County Republicans need to get back to basics and support quality candidates instead of settling for outdated empty rhetoric or the whole county will go the way of the current DA's office--straight to hell.

Anonymous said...

Annie Parker rocks. She's the best thing for H-Town since Katie Whitmire.

Anonymous said...

You are good black man.

jigmeister said...

Don't know much about Parker, but remember Locke well as city attorney. Big zero. By the way, Kathy Whitmire was not a good mayor.

BLACK INK said...

I agree on both counts. Kathy Whitmire was a terrible mayor and Gene Locke never showed me anything.
Annise Parker has the ability and potential to be a good mayor if she puts the people first and is not unduly influenced by special interest agendas. Time will tell.

Thank you for your kind words.
I hope that many more precinct chairs start to share your view. Common sense and a candidate's actual qualifications must replace Republican fluff if the party is to survive in Harris County.
I also concur with your assessment of the DA's office.
Pat Lykos personifies precisely what is wrong with the Harris County Republican Party.