Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The inspiration for this blog was Murray Newman, Esq.

Some people believe that adversity creates character.  The truth is that adverse circumstances reveal one's character.

Former Harris County ADA Murray Newman knows adversity and its consequences on many levels. As a prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and single dad,  Mr. Newman has had more than his share of traumatic events to deal with.  He has handled them all with honor and dignity.

When considering the old saying "you can count your true friends on one hand"; Newman's buddies will tell you that he is a finger you can count on without hesitation.

Newman's blog: "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center" was borne from adversity. The blog was not started for personal accolades; but rather anonymously in support of an institution that he cherished and sought to protect.....The Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Newman appreciated the inherent personal risk of stepping into the political arena; but he did it anyway as he took the side of truth and justice.  The odds of his candidate overcoming the Chuck Rosenthal scandal seemed insurmountable and the odds of protecting his blog identity were slim; but Newman was not one to passively sit on the sidelines as a mere spectator while his teammates were crushed.

Whether or not you agree with what Newman stands for; at least he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.
Doing what is right because it is the right thing to do defines Murray Newman.

Newman's team lost.  Newman was outed. Newman was fired.
But Newman walked the walk and conducted himself with integrity. 

Thank you Murray Newman for manning up when it counted.


Anonymous said...

A great post and a well deserved tribute to Murray.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I'm absolutely floored by what you write. I don't think anybody has ever said such nice things about me.

I'm speechless other than to say how greatly I appreciate what you said.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

I agree Black Ink. What Murray did takes a ton of courage and he showed the integrity and courage of an Aggie. Murray set an example for all people and made his Aggie following proud. Here's to Murray!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone finally took the time to publicly thank Murray for all he did to try and save our office. Thank you Murray from one of the many you worked so hard for.

Twilight Zoned said...

While most were satisfied to simply sit;
Murray Newman stood up to take the hit.

A man of courage without doubt;
A shame he didn't have more clout.

Now we're stuck with a nasty troll;
Politics sure has taken its toll.

One month shy a year of Hell;
Who is left to even tell?

Two golden chairs and a pack of dogs;
A sorry legacy for incompetent hogs.

Pride, honor, integrity no more;
All hail to the almighty whore.

Thanks Murray, you at least tried man.

Anonymous said...

Murray, as a fellow "rosenthal fall-out" target, where do I start? You made the decision early on to do all that you could to help everyone in that office, knowing from the beginning what would happen to you if it failed. We all knew what would happen to you and though many hedged their bets and played both ends and never did a damn thing, you did. With your heart and your wit and your sarcasm and your wonderful sense of humor, you amazed us and entertained us and shamed us. You will have my respect for the rest of my life.

Anonymous said...

You have my sincere,albeit anonymous, appreciation and respect as well.

Twilight Zoned,
OMG that is some funny shit.

Nice pos.