Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Obama's handling of legal issues as it relates to the GWOT is communicating weakness. 

His insistence of the Senate to delay investigating the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre, and his insistence not to label it an act of terror, despite the man's yelling Allah Akbar as he gunned down US Soldiers is a compelling indictment of the President.  
While Obama found it easy to assume the Boston Policeman was a racist, assuming this self-professed "Soldier of Allah" was a terrorist was somehow a rush to judgment?  
Further, the movement of the 9-11 terrorists for trial in New York City gives the enemy the message they have nothing to fear from Barrack Obama and the United States.  
This trial allows terrorist lawyers access to our nations greatest secrets through the judicial process of discovery.

Secondly, it is my desire to see Obama learn the lessons of Statecraft.  
His apologies to heads of state, like those of President Kennedy to Premier Khruschev were weak and ineffectual.  In fact, they led to the opposite response.  Should Iran, the supporter of numerous suicide bombings of US interests over the years, Khobar Towers and the Beirut Marine Barracks to name a few, develop nuclear weapons, the Cuban Missile Crisis will pale in significance to the trouble we will face.  
Obama needs to, like Kennedy, realize that some bullies need to be intimidated.  
Further, while the world may sometimes fret over our doing so, in the end, a strong America gives them a sense of security and safety.


Xi said...

A good read for those of you who thought Pat Lykos could never replace her mentor Adolf Hitler. Hit da pipe, hit yo ho, and hit da door...'cause yo azz ain't responsible no mo in Harris County.

Anonymous said...

The DA crackpipe policy is an attack on those who can afford powder!

Ronald MacDonald said...

The DA Crackpipe policy show a lack of concern for the poor neighborhoods. I sure crack doesn't effect those blue hair suburbs that voted for the Gash.

Confused Citizen said...

Patsy and Obama probably smoke the same brand of cigarettes. I hope they both smoke non-filtered Camels.

Hanna the Bannana said...

Black Ink,

Would you join me for a nice toke of some gooood crack. It feels good and it is safe. Just SMOKE IT ALL!

Anonymous said...

We need new leadership in the Harris County Republican party. What Hotze did was embarrassing and he lost.