Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Judge Rachael Palmer does not sit well. 

Lest the Republican judiciary mimic some of the newly elected Democratic black robers; a principled candidate with real judicial qualifications needs to stand up and file as a Republican to challenge Ms. Palmer  in the CCCL 13 race.

Has the legal community of Harris County learned nothing from the Lykos debacle?
Is Harris County so apathetic that she will accept the inherent corruptness of political puppetry in her criminal judiciary as well?
Is there not a well schooled ADA or criminal defense attorney left in Harris County willing to stand up for our legal community in this matter?

Black robe arrogance is not a prerequisite to being judge; there are still men and women of character on the bench.  Judicial pay of $130K/year, although not a lot of money for many, should not preclude the challenge.

To risk nothing is to have nothing and to be nothing.


jigmeister said...

Run Black Ink. You have my support.

Anonymous said...

Since I have no idea who Rachel is or why you object to her, why don't you tell us something about why she shouldn't be a judge?

Anonymous said...

Rachel Palmer is more than qualified. As a Republican, you should be thankful to have her.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Palmer is a better lawyer than you would ever be. Those who attack her are just jealous. Look at her supporters, Rusty Hardin and rising star defense lawyers. Plus, she has 100% support of her division. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

who are these rising star defense lawyers? And I know for a fact her division doesn't support her 100%, probably not even 25%. Because they work under her, of course they will do what they need to keep from provoking her.

Anonymous said...

anon 6:55,
Why don't you ask some of the misdemeanor judges Rachael Palmer has worked with. They despise her without exception. Rachael Palmer is a horrible person on every level.