Monday, March 22, 2010


Well for those of you who thought that America's role as "World Policeman" was inappropriate and too costly..... you ain't seen nothing yet.
America's new role as "World Health Care Provider" will dwarf  those fears.

In the Democrats' shear frenzy to pass health care reform they have sold America to the highest bidder.
Not only will the most irresponsible 30,000,000 people residing in the USA now be provided with free or cheap health care at the expense of those Americans that do take responsibility for their lives; but now any foreign national who is able to sneak across our borders will be provided with the same entitlement.

So for the world's medically disadvantaged, fret no more.
The Guatemalan with congenital heart disease, the African with AIDS, the Croatian with prostate cancer, the Chinese with a stroke and the Indian with leprosy-- all you folks need to do is get your butts across the US border and we will provide medical care for whatever ails you free of charge or for a very nominal fee.
And remember, your pre-existing conditions matter not.

For our Canadian friends who need procedures and diagnostic testing but either do not qualify or are on long waiting lists in your homeland of Canada--we welcome you in America.
However, you will no longer have to pay fair market value for your medical care when you come to the US. We will now offer you state of the art medical care once you sign up for our very affordable American health care coverage (unless you can't afford the policy and then it will be free) and once your care is complete you can quit paying for American health coverage and go back home.
Remember, if another health care concern arises down the road that Canada will not cover to your liking come on back to the USA and pick up your temporary health care coverage and you're good to go.

Let's not forget , all that Obama will sign into law tomorrow is the health care 2014 when the legislation takes real effect there will be a public option and a plethora of added bells and whistles. 
The only thing there won't be plenty of is quality American trained physicians.

"Uncle Sam's Candy Store" is open for all..........hurry in for the bankruptcy clearance sale.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


It seems ever more commonplace today that we are more concerned about the pebble in our shoe than our neighborhood church burning down.

A close friend of mine and Princeton graduate was a die hard Obama supporter until last Thursday. He is smart and well read, works hard long hours and is meritoriously very successful on many levels.
Prior to Thursday, he defined oxymoron.

What soured his support for Obama?
The pebble in his shoe reared its ugly head. The economy had finally started to negatively impact him personally. He tasted a bowl of the government gruel and it wasn't to his liking.
Imagine that!

His kind has no reservations about pontificating their Ivy League liberal elite crap and imposing pie-in-the-sky rules and mandates on others. However, when the folly negatively impacts THEIR personal lives, the consequences are unacceptable.
So now that my old friend is reaping what he has sown for others; suddenly the delusional rules are grossly unfair.
Who knew?
You'd think he was a damn Congressman.

Obama's philosophy of change and hopelessness is nothing new.
He promotes the principle that every person should contribute to society to the best of his or her ability and consume from society in proportion to his or her needs, regardless of how much he or she has contributed.
This mantra sounds eerily similar to a popular slogan of Karl Marx:    " From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
The caveat being that the government, not the individual, shall be determinate in evaluating "need" and "contribution".

Obama's Marxist health care scheme should scare the hell out of every American.
So don't worry about the pebble in your the end of the day we'll all be walking barefoot on shards of glass, grateful for a government band-aid.

On a far far lesser scale, the Harris County  Republican run-off for the 180th District Criminal Court  represents a pebble in the shoes of those of us who work in the Harris County Criminal Justice System.....the rest of Harris County could care less if our church burns down.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


First of all CONGRATULATIONS to all the primary winners last night.
Even if your folks didn't come out on top yesterday, at least they got in the arena and fought.

Voter turnout was somewhat better than expected; but overall electorate apathy still prevailed making each vote that much more significant.  Something to remember in the upcoming November elections.

Texans' anger and trepidation at the unfettered spending and corruption in Washington paved the way for easy victories at the Rick Perry and Ron Paul camps.  Sheila Jackson Lee's landslide victory in my district, however, was a shocker. Not just because Sheila Jackson Lee is at the heart of Washington D.C.'s cavalier incompetence; but because of the resentment many of her constituents voiced over her personal arrogance and detachment from our district.

Arrogance and incompetence also took their toll in some of the judicial contests.

Don Smyth trouncing Rachael Ann Palmer for the CCCL #13 judicial bench highlights this best.
Smyth overwhelmingly outclassed Palmer with respect to fund of legal knowledge, judicial temperament, trial experience, impartiality and basic human decency.
Palmer was merely Harris County DA Pat Lykos' protege and was minimally qualified. Thankfully,  Lykos' influence over her old guard base was not sufficient to carry the day.

In essence, Palmer's campaign was a referendum on Lykos' political clout.
Lykos' strength is in the runoff process.....period.
The paucity of voter turnout in a runoff traditionally does not reflect the general will of the community; but rather yields a far greater significance to party loyalists who vote in droves and support hard core Party rhetoric over actual qualifications and experience.

It is baffling, therefore, that once a qualified challenger to her hand picked protege announced his candidacy, that Lykos did not fully appreciate the potential fail-safe of a puppet 3rd candidate.
Lykos will not repeat this miscalculation in 2012.......Jimmy Leitner will do her bidding once again in hopes of a runoff and voter apathy.

In the 180th District Court race, Marc Brown was able to secure a runoff with the moneyed but outclassed Danny Dexter. 
This needs to be a dress rehearsal for the likely 2012 Harris County DA runoff.
Marc Brown is the qualified and experienced candidate while Danny Dexter is the Lykos-type candidate, albeit with a good disposition.

Incumbent Leslie Brock Yates' loss in her re-election bid to the14th Court of Appeals was a reflection of the public's demand for impartiality and fair play; at least at the appellate level.
Congratulations to Sharon McCally!