Monday, November 30, 2009


Today's Houston Chronicle headline read: "Four Officers Shot Dead in Ambush".  Let's hope tomorrow's headline does not read: "Person of Interest in Police Shootings is the Real Victim".
The city of Lakewood in Pierce County Washington, where the officers were assassinated, is not known for it's tough stance on crime and punishment.  Maybe this will be their 911 awakening call at 3 AM?  This is an opportunity for the Pierce County DA to step up to the plate and not timidly capitulate to the flag of political corruptness; known in some circles as political correctness.

As a Houstonian, I am grateful on many levels that this cowardly slaughter did not occur in Harris County, Texas.  Selfishly, I have many friends in local law enforcement whose loss I would mourn greatly.  This in no way lessens the tragedy of those affected and is not intended to diminish or disrespect their loss.

If the shooter was to be tried in Harris County today, pleasing the defense bar and the local media would trump achieving a just outcome.
Doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do has lost favor at the Criminal Justice Center in Houston. The Harris County DA's office has lost its way.  No longer is Harris County thought of as the benchmark of excellence when it comes to the prosecution of crooks.  The no nonsense cutting edge prosecutors of  Harris County Texas have been neutered, fired or resigned.
The once well oiled machine of Texas justice has rusted over. Ironically, achieving justice in Harris County used to be so routinely successful that prosecutors instead of being recognized for their extraordinary ability, sacrifice and sense of justice were erroneously condemned as unethical and only concerned with "winning at all costs".
Well now a "losing is okay mentality" has replaced that former excellence.  A Batson-brandishing circus run by inept politicians and a biased media has changed "justice at all costs" to "political correctness at all costs". 

So if Harris County suffers a similar atrocity in the days to come, who will be "the guy" who prosecutes the next shooter?
The Harris County Republican Party should be ashamed......

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thanksgiving seems to be the forgotten holiday for many of us.
Mama's and grandma's home cooking has been replaced with "to go food".
Appreciation for all of our blessings has been put aside in the rush.
But for the opportunity to watch The University of Texas crush Texas A&M every Thanksgiving weekend; I'm afraid this wonderful holiday would be lost.

Committing to give of ourselves in appreciation for all that has been given us, sets a wonderful tradition for families.

The Houston Food Bank is in dire need of support this Thanksgiving.  This terrific organization provides that special holiday feast, we take for granted, to the least fortunate of our community.  Their cupboards are wanting and the need is great.  Please consider, as you are able, contributing to this very worthwhile cause.

Secondly, it's often difficult to appreciate a meal delivered in boxes that you just need to heat up---so why not prepare your Thanksgiving meal as a family this year?
Imagine the delight of the little ones helping to create a special dish that they, one day, can recreate for their little ones.  And remember, there are worse things in life than burning the turkey.

A tradition of sharing, spending time with family and being happy with what you have, are immeasurable blessings.

Take the time.

Friday, November 20, 2009


The birth of America's greatness was not spawned by a pervasive victim  mentality nurtured by political correctness. America's roots were founded on the principle of personal responsibility derived from hard work, sacrifice and calculated risk.

Imagine if the Colonists had whined to the British clamoring: " Your troops are better trained and equipped than ours are. That's just not fair!  If we're going to have a successful Revolution you guys gotta dumb it down a few notches". 
Well that's exactly what America is doing  today as she placidly acquiesces to the various  revolutionaries' demands.

Our pioneer heritage is being squandered. The immigrants who kissed the soil of Ellis Island  morphed their diverse cultures into a unified commonality of a strong and proud people--America! They did this by drawing power from the best the world had to offer.
Today these efforts have been disgraced by the promotion of an unsustainable convoluted and divisive diversity position. We used to be Americans first. Now we are hyphenated Americans with each angry group competing with the other under the guise of diversity.
Divide and conquer personified!

When an individual buys an old house in ill repair and fixes it up or an organization cleans up a neighborhood, the State's reward to these home owners is higher property taxes.  However, if you devalue your home or neighborhood by failing to protect and maintain the asset, the State will reward your failure with lower taxes.  The same principle applies to work ethic.  The more successful an individual is, the greater his work effort or self sacrifice, the greater the State penalizes that individual.

The schools whose mission statement was that everybody plays on the team, nobody keeps score and everybody is a winner, have now graduated several generations.
These folks are the new leaders and work force of America's future.
Our success as a nation cannot be sustained or flourish on a foundation of apologetic blame that fosters mediocrity and fails to promote true achievement.

American politicians are a mere reflection of these corrupt values.  The days of public service being a true personal sacrifice are rare at best. No longer is the most qualified citizen who puts personal gain aside recognized or supported when he stands up to serve his community....such a candidate is ridiculed. 
Today's politicians expect the community to serve them. The politician's sacrifice of yesteryear has been replaced with a narcissistic arrogance of entitlement by individuals who have earned nothing and are nothing at the expense of a timid electorate.

So long as we accept the premise that elected officials are above the law which is applied to ordinary citizens, that they need not even remotely be qualified for their respective positions and they need not be held accountable for their actions;  America's demise is imminent.

What if those who contribute to the State to the best of their individual ability so others can choose not to, decide, one day, to refuse to idly drink the Kool Ade in apathetic oblivion?
It is way past due to stand up, man up and be heard.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


On the front page above the fold in today's Houston Chronicle, the results of a recent federally sponsored study "concluded" that breast cancer screening need not be initiated until a woman's 50th birthday. Talk about foreboding.
Not only have physicians voiced their opposition to the study's conclusion; a layman's, such as myself, reading would have to agree that the very statistics relied upon in said study are not sufficiently compelling to draw the conclusion reached. It sure would reduce health care costs for the government's plan though. I guess prostate screening will start at 70 years of age for gender balancing?
As you should recall, his "O-ness" said that "studies" would be used to guide doctors in more efficient ways to administer medical care to their patients under his plan.
For those of you who believe that the Public Option is going to provide all levels of health care for all Americans and "visitors" for less dollars it's time to open your eyes....there is no Tooth Fairy just the American taxpayer.
Although the Politically Correct so called "progressives" on the Left would have us believe this hype; the reality is that health care rationing is a necessary component of all socialized medical delivery systems.
If the American public does not appreciate the consequences associated with this sham study they will have little right to complain when the subsequent care they need is denied.
The choice should be responsible health care not rationed health care for America.

Monday, November 16, 2009


When it came to law and order in Harris County, I always thought that it was the rank and file Republican party who supported truth, justice and fair play--not because it was popular, but rather because it was the right thing to do. Maybe I was just used to the strength of character that personified the venerable John B. Holmes, Jr. and in deference to this great leader tolerated his poor replacement, Chuck Rosenthal. However, the unfettered destruction of the Harris County District Attorney's Office in short order under the ruse of Pat Lykos' "leadership" is intolerable.
It seems that the HCGOP is more concerned today with how long a candidate has been a Republican, who is the most hard core candidate ( regardless of relevance) and who has attended the most Republican women's lunches. The actual qualifications of the candidate seeking to serve our community are of no apparent import.

Hard core politics have usurped societal needs under the pretense that certain "core values" should not be compromised. Lest we not delude ourselves, Christian values and moral direction are not preserved with angry hatred and biased judgment. The sole pretense and purpose of such nonsense is to divert attention from who is most qualified to who yells the loudest.

The war will be lost if the battles aren't fought intelligently. Occasionally the common sense insight of a young child is more simplistically profound than the unyielding vitriol of the elder statesman whose sage wisdom can sometimes be clouded with the prejudice of outdated teachings. To wit: the risks of pursuing political correctness while sacrificing common sense are coming home to roost in many arenas; but it is no more evident than at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, where justice has taken second chair to politics.
In this regard I urge you to read the very informative blog on the demise of the once prominent Harris County District Attorney's Office written by Murray Newman, Esq. entitled: "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center". It will shock you.

A colleague of mine recently commented that she had been to a women's luncheon in support of a prominent Republican and the only thing not old and white was the candidate's blond hair coloring. This is not meant to imply that old white folks are all bad but that America and Harris County are not comprised exclusively of old white folks. Notwithstanding, diversity should not be peddled as widow dressing. To hire, promote and coddle based on race, gender or age is inappropriate but so is exclusion on the same terms.

Bottom Line: If the Harris County Republican Party wants to remain viable it must promote candidates that are the most qualified for the position sought. Not the blackest, not the whitest, not the one who has merely been a Republican the longest, not the one who shouts the loudest ......but the best and the brightest. The one who will fight the hardest to insure that justice is served in Harris County.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Roman Catholic Church was rightfully vilified in America for it's gross misconduct in "looking the other way" as little boys were molested by Catholic priests. Unquestionably this activity was egregious and wrong on every level. These little boys have grown into tormented men with a lifelong indelible scar. No doubt that action needed to be taken and harsh punishment meted out. It was.

But should Christianity be the exclusive whipping boy for America when it comes to religious misconduct?
The government-media complex has responded with a resounding "Hell yes!".
Does separation of church and state really mean separation of Christianity and American government? Of course not. America was founded on the Christian values that made our country the greatest nation earth has ever known. Yet all non Judeo-Christian religions are protected while Christianity is crucified.

The recent Jihad massacre at Fort Hood has rekindled this blatant hypocrisy. The media blitz to sway public opinion in support of Islam by offering excuses for this Muslim murderer; rather than recognition and condemnation of his horrific actions for what they were, is appalling.
I submit that harsh consequences for bad behavior are a more appropriate and effective tool in deterring recidivism than timid coddling has proven to be. To that end, the precedent set in the assault on the Catholic Church should be applied to the Imams and Mosques that knowingly support, promote and condone Jihad against Americans; or at the very least "look the other way".
How many more body bags will it take for Americans to wake up from their PC induced fog?

It is time to stop apologizing for being a Christian nation while catering to those religious beliefs that seek to do us grave harm.