Monday, November 16, 2009


When it came to law and order in Harris County, I always thought that it was the rank and file Republican party who supported truth, justice and fair play--not because it was popular, but rather because it was the right thing to do. Maybe I was just used to the strength of character that personified the venerable John B. Holmes, Jr. and in deference to this great leader tolerated his poor replacement, Chuck Rosenthal. However, the unfettered destruction of the Harris County District Attorney's Office in short order under the ruse of Pat Lykos' "leadership" is intolerable.
It seems that the HCGOP is more concerned today with how long a candidate has been a Republican, who is the most hard core candidate ( regardless of relevance) and who has attended the most Republican women's lunches. The actual qualifications of the candidate seeking to serve our community are of no apparent import.

Hard core politics have usurped societal needs under the pretense that certain "core values" should not be compromised. Lest we not delude ourselves, Christian values and moral direction are not preserved with angry hatred and biased judgment. The sole pretense and purpose of such nonsense is to divert attention from who is most qualified to who yells the loudest.

The war will be lost if the battles aren't fought intelligently. Occasionally the common sense insight of a young child is more simplistically profound than the unyielding vitriol of the elder statesman whose sage wisdom can sometimes be clouded with the prejudice of outdated teachings. To wit: the risks of pursuing political correctness while sacrificing common sense are coming home to roost in many arenas; but it is no more evident than at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, where justice has taken second chair to politics.
In this regard I urge you to read the very informative blog on the demise of the once prominent Harris County District Attorney's Office written by Murray Newman, Esq. entitled: "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center". It will shock you.

A colleague of mine recently commented that she had been to a women's luncheon in support of a prominent Republican and the only thing not old and white was the candidate's blond hair coloring. This is not meant to imply that old white folks are all bad but that America and Harris County are not comprised exclusively of old white folks. Notwithstanding, diversity should not be peddled as widow dressing. To hire, promote and coddle based on race, gender or age is inappropriate but so is exclusion on the same terms.

Bottom Line: If the Harris County Republican Party wants to remain viable it must promote candidates that are the most qualified for the position sought. Not the blackest, not the whitest, not the one who has merely been a Republican the longest, not the one who shouts the loudest ......but the best and the brightest. The one who will fight the hardest to insure that justice is served in Harris County.


Anonymous said...

Pat Lykos has a method to her madness. As a fellow republican, don't be like the rest of those stupid democrats and make an early judgement. She will prove to you her strengths.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 7:18,
That would depend on one's definition of "strengths".
Political manipulations are no substitute for a prosecutors performance of his/her duty. The DA's charge is not a Republican or Democratic issue. The DA should have the strength of character to do what is right because it is the right thing to do; not because it is politically advantageous to self.
Integrity, ability, experience and empathy are the strengths of leadership a qualified DA should exemplify; Lykos cannot remotely claim these attributes. So we shall agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Your DA poll was a cruel tease. Kelly should've and would've been a great DA. Politics really does suck no doubt about it.