Thursday, November 12, 2009


The Roman Catholic Church was rightfully vilified in America for it's gross misconduct in "looking the other way" as little boys were molested by Catholic priests. Unquestionably this activity was egregious and wrong on every level. These little boys have grown into tormented men with a lifelong indelible scar. No doubt that action needed to be taken and harsh punishment meted out. It was.

But should Christianity be the exclusive whipping boy for America when it comes to religious misconduct?
The government-media complex has responded with a resounding "Hell yes!".
Does separation of church and state really mean separation of Christianity and American government? Of course not. America was founded on the Christian values that made our country the greatest nation earth has ever known. Yet all non Judeo-Christian religions are protected while Christianity is crucified.

The recent Jihad massacre at Fort Hood has rekindled this blatant hypocrisy. The media blitz to sway public opinion in support of Islam by offering excuses for this Muslim murderer; rather than recognition and condemnation of his horrific actions for what they were, is appalling.
I submit that harsh consequences for bad behavior are a more appropriate and effective tool in deterring recidivism than timid coddling has proven to be. To that end, the precedent set in the assault on the Catholic Church should be applied to the Imams and Mosques that knowingly support, promote and condone Jihad against Americans; or at the very least "look the other way".
How many more body bags will it take for Americans to wake up from their PC induced fog?

It is time to stop apologizing for being a Christian nation while catering to those religious beliefs that seek to do us grave harm.


Anonymous said...

Who do you support for Gov.? Pretty Boy Perry or Kay?

BLACK INK said...

Anon 9:41,
It's premature for me to endorse any candidate...neither of the two (2) mentioned are stellar choices.