Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thanksgiving seems to be the forgotten holiday for many of us.
Mama's and grandma's home cooking has been replaced with "to go food".
Appreciation for all of our blessings has been put aside in the rush.
But for the opportunity to watch The University of Texas crush Texas A&M every Thanksgiving weekend; I'm afraid this wonderful holiday would be lost.

Committing to give of ourselves in appreciation for all that has been given us, sets a wonderful tradition for families.

The Houston Food Bank is in dire need of support this Thanksgiving.  This terrific organization provides that special holiday feast, we take for granted, to the least fortunate of our community.  Their cupboards are wanting and the need is great.  Please consider, as you are able, contributing to this very worthwhile cause.

Secondly, it's often difficult to appreciate a meal delivered in boxes that you just need to heat up---so why not prepare your Thanksgiving meal as a family this year?
Imagine the delight of the little ones helping to create a special dish that they, one day, can recreate for their little ones.  And remember, there are worse things in life than burning the turkey.

A tradition of sharing, spending time with family and being happy with what you have, are immeasurable blessings.

Take the time.


Anonymous said...

I haven't had a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner since I was a kid.I'm copying this and taping it to our fridge.BTW,I found your blog through Life at the HCCJC and love it.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 6:48,
Thank you for the kind words.
And remember: a burnt bird cooked at home will feed more than your stomache.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Our government is now the charity that keeps on giving and takes from those who work hard. Enjoy this Thanksgiving because if Obama keeps it up, Uncle Sam will be serving your Turkey and it will be the Turkey of his choosing.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Michael Jackson's doctor speak about being home and taking care of his patients. What a sad person. He left his patients more than a year ago and is now saying he is coming back to work because he was forced into poverty by the criminal investigation. Another man blaming others for his choices. He is a doctor for crying out loud. I am sure he isn't going to blame Obama for his poverty. Frankly, I am shocked that Obama didn't go to him for treatment.....

The same law firm AHCL promotes represents that bastard.

Anonymous said...

Hook 'em horns baby!

Xi, said...

Thanksgiving Day prediction:
Texas 38
A&M 3

Who needs a turkey when we have the Aggies?

Aggie PCT Chair said...

I started to follow your blog until you began the aggie bashing. Bandwagon UT fans have all surfaced how. I am proud of my ags and our day will come. UT is a bunch of bandwagon frat boys!


BLACK INK said...

Aggie Pct Chair,
I predict the Aggies will do as well this Thanksgiving as the Harris County Republican Chairs did last year with their endorsements.
Care to wager on that?

Aggie Pct Chair said...

The republican party stood strong in the face of Mr. Obama. Locally, we were saddled with Chuck Rosenthal. We overcame his bad deeds and will do even better in 2010.

BLACK INK said...

Aggie Pct Chair,
With all due respect, if Pat Lykos is the personification of successfully overcoming Chuck Rosenthal's bad deeds then you were probably good with Ayatollah Khomeini replacing the Shah of Iran.
Simply having an "R" in office is not the answer. Qualifications and integrity ought to trump petty politics. Community 1st, Party 2nd.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

You have a point. I must say, I have seen what is happening to our criminal justice system and I will support our republican but she has not impressed me to say they least. I am giving her time though. She is new to the job and had alot of evil to undo. Have some patience, her publicity is good for the party my friend.

BLACK INK said...

Aggie Pct Chair,
Even though I generally agree with the Republican Party's ideology as to the direction our community and country ought to go; I will always put Country before petty politics.
No one should advocate jeopardizing the safety of their community just to make a particular political party look good.
Lykos' chickens will come home to roost and your Party and my community will both suffer greatly as a consequence.