Sunday, October 31, 2010


Those who pass through the doors of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center generally voice a strong opinion when they speak of Kelly Siegler. Her name evokes the extremes of our judicial consciousness.

Murray Newman's latest post, "An Aggressive Prosecutor", found on his renowned blog: is a remarkable tribute to a very remarkable lady who just happens to be the best prosecutor in Texas history.

Newman's closing comments succinctly address the controversial prosecutor:
"Who is truly the better candidate to be a District Attorney: A pandering politician or an "aggressive" prosecutor?
I'm sure that  former death row inmate, Anthony Graves, today wishes he had an aggressive prosecutor like Kelly Siegler back in 1992."

Siegler stirs controversy because she doesn't give a political damn in her pursuit of justice.  She does it her way, in your face and makes no apologies.  She doesn't kiss ass, she kicks ass........and a lot of folks don't like that.  The hard reality of her tough justice is difficult to accept for many politicians, pundits, and the bitter opponents she crushes and leaves in her wake.

Siegler's job has always been to ensure justice for the victims she represents; whether it's exposing a crooked prosecutor or crooks in general.

Anthony Graves' exoneration from a death capital murder conviction highlights yet another victim Siegler fervently fought and achieved JUSTICE for--kudos to Newman for pointing out that had Graves file ended up on Siegler's desk at the onset, it never would have gone to so many other cases Siegler has dismissed as a prosecutor without fanfare over the years.    

There is no bringing back the consequences of innocence lost for Graves' terrible injustice; and although it pales in comparison to the loss of a murdered son or daughter who never get a second least Special Prosecutor Siegler provided that small solice of a new beginning for Graves as he now lives in freedom.

For Houston Chronicle editorial columnist, Rick Casey, to espouse, "My fantasy: Siegler puts DA on trial," is incredible.  When it suits the media to destroy a corrupt prosecutor, they want the very best to take him down. But when Harris County is prosecuting a capital murderer, the prosecutor better not be too aggressive.

Constitutional application and common sense cannot rationalize this manipulative media driven bias.
If the media logic holds true that a few bad prosecutors corrupt the entire class..........then what about firefighters, cops, combat forces, priests, doctors, Muslims, democrats, defense attorneys, reporters, etc. 

I concur with Murray Newman: Kelly Siegler has my support over a pandering politician any day!

Congratulations Kelly Siegler for once AGAIN doing the right thing simply BECAUSE it was the right thing to do. You could have just as easily have said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Graves; but instead you put your neck out there to proclaim his INNOCENCE. That selfless act took courage. Your proclamation carries great weight and will help Anthony Graves hold his head high when he walks down the street; someone of less character would not have cared.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Houston Chronicle is once again a great source to guide the Harris County voters this election cycle.

If you, the voter, have absolutely no idea what the issues are or which of the candidates is most qualified; I strongly urge you to read the Editors' picks at the Houston Chronicle and vote the OPPOSITE way. 
Occasionally the Houston Chronicle picks a qualified candidate or position; but in those cases the choice is so obvious any endorsement is superfluous.

Today's editorial headline, "Proposition 1 would bolster Houston's quality of life" is written by the Chairman of the Quality of Life Committee of the Greater Houston Partnership and chair of the Bayou Greenway Initiative and is a steering committee member of the Quality of Life Coalition.
I wonder what his objectivity is on the issue?

Harris County squeezes enough money out of property owners as it is. 
Whether you call funding for Proposition 1 a tax, fee, fine or assessment; it is yet another payment that the home owner has to shell out to the government money shredder.

To equate The Houston Ship Channel, NASA and the Texas Medical Center with  a proposition that requires property owners to pony up more money to be a "leader", is insulting.
Voters should take umbrage to the mere suggestion!

There is no doubt that Houston has a very significant drainage/flooding issue which should have been remedied years ago.
WHY is that?
Is it because Houston  homeowners do not pay their fair share of taxes?
OR......... is it that the city government lacks fiscal responsibility? 

Private entities across Houston adhere to a fiscally sound operating budget......that is if they are successful and want to remain so.
If a family or business has insufficient income, reserves or credit to make multiple contemporaneous purchases; they must evaluate the financial impact against the perceived need to determine which product(s) to select in or out. 
Houston we have a problem; city government is not walking the talk.  It's time for government to address their internal inefficiencies, minimize waste and promote appropriate innovation. That is if the city wants to increase revenues in a responsible fashion to fund this effort......................a FUNDamental concept in maximizing the growth and development of any competive organization. 

Government workers who exploit their respective position for personal gain, whether it be falsifying time sheets or profiteering from their position, need to be targeted.
Imagine if you owned a business and your workers demanded to be paid for time they never worked or they operated YOUR business after hours as if it were there own keeping ALL the profit for themselves......would the solution simply be to increase the cost of services to your customers or to stop the fraud and abuse?

Throwing money at the Houston  Independent School District without meaningful accountability hasn't improved the student outcomes and simply increasing property taxes won't improve the quality of life in Houston.

So unless Houston homeowners are permitted to rob liquor stores with impunity to satisfy their poor personal financial CHOICES; The City of Houston and their green buddies shouldn't be granted the same liberty.

VOTE NO to Proposition 1!!!!!

AND when the Houston Chronicle endorses Proposition 2 in tomorrow's editorial section.......remember to VOTE NO to proposition 2 as well.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Brian Wice and Brian Rogers remind me of Laurel and Hardy.  They give "win at all costs" new meaning.

Wice's fiasco got front page above the fold coverage in today's Houston Chronicle and gets first coverage here.
What was Wice's agenda in the Susan Wright trial? 
Wright is the former dancer who, rather than getting a divorce from her abusive husband, elected to butcher him instead.  Never mind that she took a nap just before the gruesome slaying AND allegedly had a "lucid interval" while stabbing her tied up husband 193 times?

How does Wice explain Wright's, "time out" from her, "battered wife psychosis" to calmly answer the bedroom door when her young son knocked during the carnage?  How does an individual turn a switch from a psychotic killing frenzy to holding her young son's little hand and walking him calmly to his room for a bedside story?  AND THEN, once her son finally falls asleep; how does she switch back to battered wife mode, get another knife, proceed back to a bedroom turned slaughterhouse and continue the stabbing of her son's baby daddy?

Secondly, why would Wice suggest that Wright's former defense attorney, Todd Ward, was derelict not to put on Dr. Jerome Brown as a battered wife expert?  Was it that defense attorney Ward was concerned Dr. Brown might have difficulty explaining why a "battered wife" fell asleep immediately prior to her violent rampage?
I submit that had Ward put Dr. Brown on the stand, as Wice suggests he should have; Wright's sentence would have been life instead of 25 years.
Where exactly is lawyer Wice during this re-sentencing far away as possible it seems!

I fully appreciate that justice has nothing to do with actual guilt or equitable punishment to many defense attorneys; but was Wice zealously representing himself or the best interests of his client in this instance?

The final punishment of Wright might, ironically, be more JUST at the end of the day; thanks to Wice's meddling.....

Brian Rogers' death penalty report is a prelude for what to expect in 2012. 
How does he keep his bullshit straight?

Rogers' headline read, "He's the forth to get (death) sentence during Lykos era".  
Pat Lykos put four (4) on death row!  My Goodness!
One of Kelly Siegler's 22 Death Capitals and one of Denise Bradley's Death Capitals each gets "reaffirmed" and Patsy is credited.  Does that make Lykos a "win at all costs" DA by extension? 

The only de novo successful Death capital under Lykos prior to Monday's jury sentence, was Mabry Joseph Landor, III.   Landor was sentenced to death last April and although ADA Jim Leitner stole credit; at least he sat second chair to ADA Julian Ramirez during the trial.

Odd there was no mention in Rogers' article today as to who the actual ADA was who prosecuted Garland Bernell Harper to death row yesterday. 
CONGRATULATIONS to ADA and soon-to be Criminal District Judge DENISE BRADLEY on her outstanding prosecution of this turd.

No doubt this cold blooded cowardly killer of three (3) deserves the needle; but I am shocked that Lykos was lauded by the Chronicle for getting death on a "mentally ill" black man. 
"All he did" was tie up his girlfriend and a couple of her kids before cutting baby mama's throat ONLY ONCE and squeezing the sacred life out of her two (2) precious children.
Only a mentally ill, battered boyfriend, impaired crackhead etc. would do such a where is Brian Wice's outrage?  Why is the Chronicle not screaming foul "win at all costs" injustice from the rooftops?  Where's the race card now?

How would the headline have read if Johnny Holmes or Kelly Siegler were at the helm today?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well unless you're an Aggie; what a great TEXAS FOOTBALL weekend!

THE University of Texas and the Houston Texans made us proud indeed.  Heck, even the Hooters upset Cougar high. 

                           Texas WILL beat OU next year and be back in the top 10......Hook 'em
                           Horns, Baby!
                           The Texans WILL win their division and make it to the AFC
                           Championship game!
                           Rice WILL win at least 2 more games this season.

Monday, October 4, 2010


One of the sillier Houston Chronicle editorials was in today's edition entitled, "Laurels for Lykos".  It is a bit cozy and odd, to say the very least.   The piece goes as far as to say, "It's hard to imagine Lykos' predecessor, Chuck Rosenthal, concerning himself about such an issue (the issue referenced being the suicide of Asher Brown, age 13). The DA's office has certainly changed, and for the better..........a DA can be both compassionate and tough".  
Rosenthal may be a selfish uncaring individual on many levels; but he was never elected to be the District Psychiatrist or Social Worker of Harris County...........neither was Lykos, her political pursuit of  suicide etiology notwithstanding. The only criminal act was carried out by the the dead boy........have you no shame Pat Lykos? 
"Capitalizing on Children's Coffins Instead of Character", would have been a more appropriate editorial headline to describe Lykos.

The editorial goes on to praise Lykos for restoring integrity at the DA's office by establishing a post conviction review board, taking on the role of police when the Houston Police Department fails and  for her sensitivity to the issues of the mentally ill in the criminal justice system.
As an aside, it seems the Chronicle failed to recognize Lykos' in house petting zoo and her new hardwood floors and gilded "chairs in waiting".......after all, appearances are everything in the Houston Chronicle Protector's Office.

What EXACTLY does the HOUSTON CHRONICLE think the job description of the HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE entails?

The "CHANGE yes we can of Pat Lykos" is as unfounded as her national mentor, Obama.
The DA's job is to PROSECUTE criminals.....ALL of them; even the clever crooks.
Why should a DA's office only accept charges on the "average" sloppy and/or stupid  suspects?
It appears that today in Harris County, if a crook reasonably covers his tracks or his IQ is low enough, his behavior is excused and he is free to prey on Houston's gentler kinder society. 
Is that the kind of change our society yearns for?

A DA's role is to do a thorough job at the onset; not focus on being a division for a criminal defense appellate firm.
It is NOT the  DA's responsibility to serve as a suicide intervention agency.
It is NOT the role of DA to establish a crime lab.
It is NOT the role of DA to to run the mental health department for the state of Texas.
It is NOT the role of DA to establish immigration policies or otherwise rewrite legislation.
It is Not the role of DA to abolish the death sentence.

The Houston Chronicle is so intent on having a Public Defenders Office they are transforming the DA's office into that very entity.

Maybe the Houston Chronicle will report next on how Lykos will fight the war in Afghanistan....that would be equally ridiculous.

So how is Pat Lykos really performing at her actual j-o-b as DA?
1. How is her leadership affecting the prosecution of criminals in Harris County and making the rest of us safer?
2. What are the prosecution stats on violent crime in Harris County?
3. What's going on at intake and has the murder rate really dropped off; or are charges just not being accepted? I suspect the medical examiner and the DA are on different pages.
4. Who is going to trial these days?
5. What are the plea deal parameters?
6. Are any NEW Death Capitals ever going to be tried  under the Lykos/Cohen watch?
7. What's the morale like today among the ADAs and support staff ?
8. What do law enforcement and other DA offices think about the Lykos DA's office?
9. What role does merit play in promotions, position or pay grade?
10. How is the DA handling the tough cases that require obsessive preparation and excellent trial skills?

Is the best way to ease jail over crowding and prevent prosecution of innocent defendants to simply try only the really dumb crooks?

Here's a hypo: An attorney, well versed in criminal law, tires of his wife.  Rather than pursue a messy and EXPENSIVE divorce proceeding, he instead decides to terminate his wife.  He tells his mistress, "if only my evil wife were dead we could be together always etc. etc.". The attorney husband selects a mistress he knows to be malleable to this suggestion and one who will carry out his wishes. The husband reviews ways the killing could be accomplished if, "only they knew a shooter". The actual shooter never meets or even speaks to the unhappily married attorney. The mistress finds several shooters, albeit with bad aim.The deed is attempted and botched. The girlfriend flips on her paramour after hubby and "evil wife" reconcile.  Does Lykos take charges or stand down?

Barack Obama, Pat Lykos, and the mainstream media have a similar philosophy of "CHANGE".................but the real change that's needed is them.