Sunday, October 31, 2010


Those who pass through the doors of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center generally voice a strong opinion when they speak of Kelly Siegler. Her name evokes the extremes of our judicial consciousness.

Murray Newman's latest post, "An Aggressive Prosecutor", found on his renowned blog: is a remarkable tribute to a very remarkable lady who just happens to be the best prosecutor in Texas history.

Newman's closing comments succinctly address the controversial prosecutor:
"Who is truly the better candidate to be a District Attorney: A pandering politician or an "aggressive" prosecutor?
I'm sure that  former death row inmate, Anthony Graves, today wishes he had an aggressive prosecutor like Kelly Siegler back in 1992."

Siegler stirs controversy because she doesn't give a political damn in her pursuit of justice.  She does it her way, in your face and makes no apologies.  She doesn't kiss ass, she kicks ass........and a lot of folks don't like that.  The hard reality of her tough justice is difficult to accept for many politicians, pundits, and the bitter opponents she crushes and leaves in her wake.

Siegler's job has always been to ensure justice for the victims she represents; whether it's exposing a crooked prosecutor or crooks in general.

Anthony Graves' exoneration from a death capital murder conviction highlights yet another victim Siegler fervently fought and achieved JUSTICE for--kudos to Newman for pointing out that had Graves file ended up on Siegler's desk at the onset, it never would have gone to so many other cases Siegler has dismissed as a prosecutor without fanfare over the years.    

There is no bringing back the consequences of innocence lost for Graves' terrible injustice; and although it pales in comparison to the loss of a murdered son or daughter who never get a second least Special Prosecutor Siegler provided that small solice of a new beginning for Graves as he now lives in freedom.

For Houston Chronicle editorial columnist, Rick Casey, to espouse, "My fantasy: Siegler puts DA on trial," is incredible.  When it suits the media to destroy a corrupt prosecutor, they want the very best to take him down. But when Harris County is prosecuting a capital murderer, the prosecutor better not be too aggressive.

Constitutional application and common sense cannot rationalize this manipulative media driven bias.
If the media logic holds true that a few bad prosecutors corrupt the entire class..........then what about firefighters, cops, combat forces, priests, doctors, Muslims, democrats, defense attorneys, reporters, etc. 

I concur with Murray Newman: Kelly Siegler has my support over a pandering politician any day!

Congratulations Kelly Siegler for once AGAIN doing the right thing simply BECAUSE it was the right thing to do. You could have just as easily have said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Graves; but instead you put your neck out there to proclaim his INNOCENCE. That selfless act took courage. Your proclamation carries great weight and will help Anthony Graves hold his head high when he walks down the street; someone of less character would not have cared.


Anonymous said...

Judge Pat makes Charles Sebesta look like a Boy Scout.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:17,

Make that an Eagle Scout.

Anonymous said...

When I first read Rick Casey's editorial I didn't see his sarcasm and hidden digs.You made some solid points I never thought about.It's funny he admits Kelly Siegler is the best prosecutor around these parts though.She has my vote next time.Why isn't the new DA Lykos the prosecutor on that women who cut her husband so many times?That would have been a good test to compare her courtroom skills to Kelly Siegler don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Dear Rick Casey,
You want to talk fantasy, here's a better one.
My Fantasy: Siegler to prosecute DA Lykos and her personal assistant Leitner.

Imagine if Harris County hired the legendary Kelly Siegler as a special prosecutor to investigate allegations of widespread fraud, official oppression, racketeering and other serious crimes said to have been committed by Patsy Lykos and Jimmie Leitner. Disbarment proceedings and prison cells would be on the table for these clowns. Wow, how sweet would that be?

Anonymous said...

If Lykos ever tried a case she'd be a Sebasta in a skirt.

Republican witches don't get the votes they used to and Lykos is more than a little vulnerable to public scrutiny. Kelly would have a field day if she decides to run.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink,it's election time is your girl Kelly Siegler going to run for DA in 2012?

BLACK INK said...

Anon 6:53,

I hope Kelly Sigler does run for Harris County DA in the upcoming Republican Primary.

America and Harris County both lost in the 2008 election cycle. The outcome demonstrated the destructive nature of professional politicians and why performance is based on experience and ability.

The current DA,Pat Lykos, has run the Harris County DA's office in a similar fashion as President Obama has handled the economy........each are masters at playing the victim as they blame others for their own leadership failure rather than stepping up and taking responsibility.
Angry outbursts are no substitute for ability and it is time to replace the Obama/Lykos arrogance of professional politicians with QUALIFIED leadership.