Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The California Supreme Court has unanimously decided that illegal immigrants who steal at least three (3) years of free public high school education in the state of California and graduate are thereby entitled to the reduced in- state tuition rate.
The challenge that, "states may never give a benefit to unlawful aliens without giving the same benefit to all American citizens", was overcome simply by stating that out-of-state Americans would also be eligible for the reduced in-state rate if they moved to California for three (3) years prior to applying to college.

Well obviously if you are an American citizen living in a particular state you should pay that state's in-state tuition and NOT the higher out-of state fee;  BUT the issue is whether or not an illegal alien should receive preferential treatment over any United States citizen with respect to admission or tuition in ANY state college or university........it is absurd to even have to ask the question.

To the California Supreme Court, it seems that if illegals are entitled to free American healthcare and a free American high school education, it follows that they should not have to pay the high cost of out-of-state tuition that U.S. citizens are subject to.  A faulty foundation at best.

More than half of the California public school system is Latino; a high percentage of whom are illegal.  However,  this statistic alone has no relevance to support, as a matter of law,  that a preferential financial benefit to further the education of illegals over U.S. citizens is the correct course to serve the best interests of America.

As goes California, so goes the country; it is only a matter of time before all colleges and universities in America will have to offer each of their core curriculum courses in both English and Spanish.........



It would be a shocking decision if it came from elsewhere. We know the 9th circuit will affirm, so let's get this little bundle of joy down to SCOTUS and see what they have to say about it.

One irony of this decision is just how hard it is to establish residency in California if you move there from another state, at least for college tuition purposes. Since the 1980's, I've had numerous friends move there and work for 2 or 3 years, live there and some even buy a house and do all the things that are consistent with being a resident of a state. All the while planning to attend college or grad school AFTER establishing residency.

And still get refused in-state tuition. And never get an answer why, despite asking everyone they could. Ultimately, they'd get it, but some waited 5 years or more. And the stories they'd tell about the academia (like our President)who gave them the runaround reminded me more than a little of Josef K in Kafka's The Trial.

I'm a white man. I got no rights.

BLACK INK said...

Fishing Musician,

Excellent point.

We are long overdue to take our country back.

Common sense and responsible behavior should be encouraged instead of punished.

Anonymous said...

Senor Ink;

The US stole California from Mexico and now you dare to acuse Latinos of stealing what is theres to begin with. Amerikas days of imperialism are over. Your down with the Brown and white is right shows that your nothing but a racist hater.