Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ironically, Harris County District Attorney Pat Lykos and state District Judge Kevin Fine have a lot in common.
Instead of performing their respective duties in a professional fashion within the course and scope of their actual job descriptions; each has chosen to  pursue re-writing the, "Rules of Law", for political gain and personal recognition.
These arrogant distractions to compensate for personal gross incompetence are disgusting.

Lykos seems worried that her ineptness is contagious.  Why else would she send her ADAs to a bogus hearing in time-out mode?  The implication is that there are no senior ADAs left who know what the heck they are doing?  To place a self imposed gag order on prosecutors at a hearing is demeaning to the office of the District Attorney generally. Lykos has degraded not just ADA Alan Curry, but the very process itself.

Personal agendas instead of the "Rule of Law" is paramount for these two (2) clowns.  Fine doesn't like the Death Penalty and Lykos wants drunk drivers to get one free pass (DIVERT)..........the Constitution, the Texas Legislature and the will of the people be damned.

If Pat Lykos and Kevin Fine can't represent their constituents in a competent lawful manner THEY are the ones who need to "stand down, step down and shut up".

Lykos is quoted as saying, "the constitutionality of the death penalty is well settled law". 
But Lykos has a history of disregarding well settled law; so it begs the question, "does Lykos support the death penalty or not?"
If you judge a book by its cover instead of by the content, Pat Lykos is a death penalty advocate.  However, if one's actions are a better judge of an individual's position; Lykos' lack luster pursuit and defense of the death penalty should give Texans pause.

There are some people in society that are so horribly dangerous and vile that the death penalty is warranted.
Society has a responsibility to protect ALL its members in a reasonable manner; not just the sociopathic most violent segment.
The criminal justice system must always strive to prevent wrongful prosecution; but it can never be expected to come with a warranty.  When an innocent individual is found to have been harmed, every reasonable effort should be made to minimize a future similar occurrence. 

The death penalty, it has been argued, is not an effective deterrent. Further, an eye for an eye revenge mentality is not condoned in many civilized societies.
Philosophical bullshit aside,  whose safety is society really protecting by abolishing the death penalty? 
There is no guarantee that every capital murderer will be a model prisoner. That he will never harm fellow prisoners or prison guards.
There is no guarantee that a capital murderer will NEVER escape from prison either. 

The argument that it is better to release a thousand guilty violent criminals than to to punish a single innocent man does not address what harm those thousand bad guys will render on INNOCENT civilians after their release.

The execution of an innocent man, whether it is sanctioned by the state or by a violent crook, is a travesty.
Dead is dead and the victim killed in a robbery is of no lesser value than an innocent man executed by the state. To require that a capital killer can never get the ultimate punishment for his crime unless we have a video clip of the murder that is accompanied by a confessional narration, reduces our justice system to politically correct insanity.
What if we applied this convoluted logic to the rest of our daily lives?  We wouldn't have cars, planes, guns, whiskey or Whataburgers.........

You don't fix incompetence by throwing the baby out with the bathwater.....you clean the tub. 
If Pat Lykos simply stands down because she's too wobbly to stand up--then she ought to get out of the way so a real prosecutor can take charge; AND if Kevin Fine wants to legislate then he ought not put on that black robe.

2012 can't come soon enough........


Anonymous said...

You nailed it again Black Ink.

Anonymous said...

Judge Fine is an odd District Court Judge but comparing him to Judge Pat is defamation per se.

Anonymous said...

Well put inkman.

RPC said...

Patsy Lykos is only concerned with Patsy Lykos--she doesn't give a rat's ass about the prosecution of death capitals. Your comparison of her to Kevin Fine is funny shit. The main difference I see between the 2 is that Kevin gets more tats and Patsy drinks more Jacks.

Anonymous said...

The Houston Chronicle's goal to dismantle the HCDAO and with it the death penalty in Texas is near complete.I wouldn't be a bit surprised to learn that Jeff Cohen and his wife are having Judge Pat and Judge Fine as their guests in Aspen this holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Fine is different from Pat. He is doing what he believe and doesn't care about the political consequences. He is pure and she is pure whore.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Why are you advocating for a system to keep the death penalty when it's been proven to be flawed?
Texas doesn't have a good track record when it comes to the dispensing of justice.

BLACK INK said...


No man-made system can ever be perfect.....the best we can do is strive to minimize error; not abandon them all.

Soldiers die and cars crash; but I advocate keeping both of them as well.

A better solution to watering down consequences for bad behavior is to prevent the bad behavior.

Perhaps if the USA promoted faith, family and fairness instead of entitlement and victimhood mentalities; Capital Offences would become a rarity.

jigmeister said...

Fine's public position that he is neutral on the death penalty is a complete lie. Both obviously have a love affair with the camera that dictates their conduct.

Anonymous said...

Inkman will you be attending Judge Pat's ceremonial holiday tribute to herself?