Thursday, December 30, 2010


ILLEGAL ALIENS find that designation offensive and are demanding to be referred to as undocumented workers instead. 
What I find even more offensive is that they are here in the first place.

But why are all these illegals flooding across the US border?
How does one reconcile the fact that we have double digit unemployment among our American workers in the face of this record illegal immigration? 

Oh, the simple answer is that the illegals work cheaply, don't pay taxes, etc. 
Well these illegals are able to not only survive on these so called paltry wages; but are also able to send the bulk of their salaries back to their homelands.  These folks are building our country because LEGAL Americans seem too arrogant and lazy to do it themselves. 
America essentially entices a group of impoverished people to our shores to perform tasks that Americans deem beneath them for wages Americans laugh at and then these same Americans have the audacity to condemn the foreign workers.  Shame on America.

Americans need to get off their sofas, turn off their flat screens and WORK instead of demanding 13 months of extended unemployment benefits after exhausting 99 weeks of similar hand outs.

American kids don't cut the grass anymore; they have personal coaches. 
White boys and black boys don't work construction anymore; the Latinos do that. 
Today, Americans EXPECT to start at the top with all the perks and are not willing to PAY THEIR DUES.  Entitlement has trickled upward and sideways; not just downward.
Too many of the privileged parents are more concerned with lattes and not offending their children's sensitivities than they are with being parents. Too many of the less fortunate parents also fail to make parenting a top priority. 
So it is no surprise that our young work force has the disgraceful work ethic it has.

Supply and demand is the root of illegal immigration just like it is for drugs. 
STOP the demand and the supply will wither all boils down to responsible behavior and consequences.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're on your way to being a cranky old man.

Anonymous said...

"Whose" not "Who's" country is it. If you're going to bash immigrants, at least learn proper English grammar.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 5:23,

Thanks, the grammar correction will be made.

Apparently you missed the entire point of the post.
The only folks being "bashed" were the American "victims" who play the entitlement card; thereby facilitating the flood of illegals into America.

The USA has the most lax immigration policy of any country on earth.
However, if any American dares to challenge illegal immigration he is labled a "basher".

I challenge you to demonstrate specifically how this post "bashed" immigrants; legal or otherwise.

Too bad the bigger issue can't be as easily corrected as the grammatical error.