Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The Greek tragedy of Iliad has remarkable similarities to the modern day tragedy at 1201 Franklin.

Agamemnon commanded the Greek armies against Troy.  He was a selfish leader whose arrogance often clouded his judgment.

Agamemnon once owned a slave girl named Cryseis whose father was a priest of Apollo.
One day the slave girl's father came to ransom his daughter from Agamemnon.  The Greek commander insulted the slave girl's father and threatened to kill him if he returned.
As the priest left the Greek camp without his daughter, he prayed to Apollo for revenge on the Greeks.

The priest's prayer was granted; and the Greeks began to die from disease. 
Agamemnon realized he would have to give the slave girl back to her father.
But he decided that it would be a dishonor, as commander, to be left without a slave girl.
Agamemnon, with total contempt for the troops that he professed he would gladly lead a charge into Hell with; instead, betrayed them all through his selfish greed as he threw the greatest warrior in Greek army history under the bus----he stole Achilles' daughter, Briseis, to replace Chryseis.

Achilles was enraged by this cavalier disloyalty of Agamemnon and refused to fight.
The Trojan forces began to dominate.

Hector, although no match for Achilles' warrior skills, was the best the Trojans had.  But with Achilles refusing to fight, there was no Greek warrior who could stand up to Hector.  The Trojans fought their way closer and closer to the Greek camp. If they could manage to burn the Greek ships, the Greeks would lose hope and not be able to get back to Greece.............their morale would be broken and their cause would be lost.

The Iliad is a story about many things.
For one, it is about the power of fate, and how one cannot avoid one's fate.
Achilles had a choice:
1. If he fought at Troy, he was fated to die, but his honor would live forever.
2. If he left the war and returned home, he would live a long life, but would lose his honor.

Achilles' fought honorably and died; but his modern day personification WILL step back onto the battlefield................AND next time she'll be wearing Kevlar boots.



Deep thoughts, Jack Handey. Deep thoughts.

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We've heard Rachael Palmer was going to run for DA in '12. Hope that's not the "she" you are talking about?

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Anon 12:19,

I'd love to see a cat fight between little Jimmie Lietner and Rachael. RP's got the reach, height and weight advantage while Jimmie has the back stab down. It'll be a show for sure stock up on popcorn.

Anonymous said...

RP needs to dump the problematic fiancee if she is going to run for DA; Jimmy needs to grow 6 inches; OR we need to present a respectable candidate that doesn't need "fixing".

Riddle me this, riddle me that said...

I'm picking up what you're putting down so riddle me this Inkman:
*Chuck and Pat are selfish arrogant commanders who each lead the ADAs into Hell-I get that.
*Kerry and Jim are slave girls-okay the pickings were slim.
*Cindy and Michelle want to ransom the slave girls-doormats do that.
*But Rachael as a rock star warrior prosecutor-what do you have to smoke to believe that?

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Anonymous 11:51; RP (oops - I mean RH) can't dump the fiancee unless she files for divorce...!/album.php?aid=276640&id=60754487341

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Rachel no longer has a fiancee. They are now married.

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Jan 6, 12:19 -

Newest word going around is that RP is going to run for 177th.

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Rachel Palmer Hooper doesn't have a chance; she married the fiancee last week; and although she isn't announcing it, we have all have seen the wedding photos. Rumor is - she hasn't even told her family.

If it wasn't hard enough for her to get elected before - it is probably impossible now.

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...we've confirmed - Lykos wasn't in Mississippi for her young doppelganger's wedding. Conclusion...she was / is enraged by this cavalier disloyalty of RP.

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How did Racheal Palmer-Hooper get in the thread? She's more like Cinderella's evil step-sister and could never get her fat foot in a pair of Kelly Kevlar combat boots.