Sunday, January 9, 2011


Chuck Rosenthal begins to implode. Allegations of infidelity, racism, substance abuse, use of government equipment and employees for personal use (pornography and political campaigning), obstruction of justice, aggravated perjury........all reach a crescendo. The media frenzie is in over-drive. 
Rosenthal taunts those demanding he NOT seek re-election with shifty Nixonian tactics. 

At the 11th hour Kelly Siegler reluctantly files in the Republican Primary race for Harris County District Attorney.

Reluctantly because:
1. Anybody in the CJC world who KNEW Kelly, also knew that being Bureau Chief of Special Crimes was her dream job.
Before Rosenthal's meltdown, I once asked her if she ever wanted to be the DA.  She flashed that trademark Siegler smile, "Are you kidding me? I already have the best job in the whole world!"
2. Rosenthal's selfish failure to man up and accept personal responsibility for the good of Harris County, would undoubtedly taint any candidate coming from within the Harris County District Attorney's office.
3. With four (4) candidates in the race a run-off was assured and convincing the old Republican guard (the bulk of the run-off voters) that the Rosenthal apple didn't ruin the whole bushel would be difficult.

Siegler took on the race with the same obsessive preparation and tenacity she is known for and almost won outright without a runoff, getting 46% of the vote.
However, the rules of procedure and evidence are much looser in political  campaigns. Truth and veracity don't apply to political campaigns as they do in a courtroom. It is all about innuendoes, sound bites, party lines, paid endorsements and the media constantly stirring the pot to further their agenda.
The final blow was Rush Limbaugh urging Republicans nation wide to vote in the Democratic primary................ many Harris County Republican voters followed that advice and thereby became ineligible to vote in the Republican run-off giving the old Republican Guard the deciding votes.

What Kelly Siegler lost that day was not an was her job as a Harris County prosecutor.
What Harris County lost that day was an opportunity.

Mark Bennett et al writes one of many anti-Siegler blogs implying that Siegler will resign herself to be a traveling executioner of sorts.  Siegler's "Hired Gun" moniker is taken out of context to imply that she will now carry her, "win at all costs" advocacy skills all over Texas. Afterall, that's all she is and who she is, right Mark?

Here comes Anthony Graves; a death row inmate Siegler was hired to re-try for Capital Murder.
Siegler, in her characteristic obsessive preparatory manner begins to evaluate the case against Graves. She discovers that Graves might be factually innocent.  After an exhaustive investigation--the scope well beyond that of the other Special Prosecutors on the case before Siegler; she concludes that her original suspicion was true and that Graves was factually innocent. 
So after eighteen (18) years, sixteen (16) of which were on death row; Graves, thanks to the tenacity of Siegler, is a free man.
That wasn't enough for Siegler, however, as she went to great lengths to expose this injustice so that Anthony Graves could walk as a free man with respect instead of having an O.J. Simpson cloud over his head; a move that ironically also sealed Siegler's fate for future Special Prosecutor assignments.........because convictions and winning are NOT the same thing for Kelly Siegler.

What Siegler lost that day was her job as a Special Prosecutor.
What Texas lost that day was an opportunity.

Harris County, Texas WILL have an OPPORTUNITY in 2012........Let's not blow it again.


Anonymous said...

Kelly was my chief years ago when I was a felony 2 and that was the mentoring opportunity of my career.
I hope you're correct that Kelly will run for DA again. She defines what being a prosecutor should be.


Kelly was my mentor in Baby Prosecutor School. What a stud. Boy, that was a long time ago...

And now, she has shown that "winning at all costs" also means letting an innocent man go free.

I knew the Kevlar boots you were talking about were for Kelly, and they are made for running for office.

kelly4da said...

If Kelly was willing to run in 2008to save the office from potential disaster she'll have to run in 2012since that potential has become reality. There is no one better or anyone who loves prosecuting more than Kelly so I say you go girl and you'll have a following you won't believe.
I can't wait for a formal announcement so I can start wearing my red Kelly for DA T-shirt again. What an exciting post Black Ink!!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly's the real deal.

Just Sayin' said...

Hey Jimmy Boy,
-Who's afraid of Pat Lykos? It sure as Hell ain't Kelly Siegler. I think you might want to consider putting in for a judgeship like Roger and Rachael 'cause you won't make the cut in '12.

Just Sayin'

Anonymous said...

Wow, what would Little Jimmy do? He won't have a job and from what the rumor is, somebody else may have his ----, too. Makes me feel sorry for the nutless wonder.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink,

A lot can happen in a year. If the Tea Party movement continues to have strong support Lykos is finished. Otherwise it will be difficult but doable to motivate people outside the republican base to vote in the primary. If I was Kelly I would wait until Memorial Day to decide whether or not to file.
I agree if anyone can beat Lykos it is Kelly and she has some big decisions to make.

Anonymous said...

Tea party folk love Pat, I don't get your comment at all? Tea Party folks think Kelly is part of the Rosenthal, Blizzard, Newman, Porter, Davidson, drunk, why can't we have a keg at the office, crowd?

BLACK INK said...

Anon 4:26,

That dog won't hunt anymore.
Tea Partiers do party......they are not Teetotalers; nor to they pretend to be.

You and Pat Lykos may have fond memories of Prohibition; but Kelly Siegler is way too young.

The Tea Party electorate could give a damn whether it's Pat Lykos slurping down a Jack and Coke or Kelly Siegler drinking a beer.
What they do care about is quality leadership that is responsible and accountable to the citizens.....they are tired of, "politics as usual".

What is more important to the Tea Party members is not one's choice of beverage; but actual leadership ability.

If Pat Lykos thinks she can rest on her laurels as, "I've been a Republican longer than any one alive in Harris County" and campaign on non-relevant issues; the Tea Party will not support her.

The fact that Pat Lykos has NEVER prosecuted a single criminal case in her entire life and her leadership as DA thus far has been all smoke and mirrors will not balance well against a proven highly qualified opponent who drinks beer with her buddies after hours.

An issue oriented campaign will not bode well for Lykos....perhaps that explains why you choose to "DIVERT" the matter.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, well I will try to look harder
the Tea Party events for Kelly,
Pat I run into?

BLACK INK said...

Anon 12:30,

Your comment speaks for itself.

Luci Davidson said...

Anon, 4:26 on January 23, 2011-
Man, you people are amazing. You continue to trash career prosecutors that have put more people behind bars and on death row than you could ever imagine. This administration is a joke and everyone at CJC knows it. And yet, you continue to trash us and post as "anonymous". Where I come from, there is a name for that. I won't call you that on here, but it begins with the letter "P"...use your imagination, if you have any, which is doubtful. How about showing some real guts and step outside and say that to my face, you POS!! Oh, and by the way, I AM A MEMBER OF THE TEA PARTY. Can you say that?

Luci Davidson

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I got ten bucks that says that Anon 4:26 if EFF UP. He's the only person I know that has a beef with Porter.

So, consider the source.

Sandy (St.L.) said...

A year or so again, I didn't know Kelly Siegler from Red Skelton; I am 70 years old and was watching 48 hours one evening and Kelly was prosecuting a lady; she was so good she sure got my attention. I would put her up against lawyer, prosecutor, DA, et al. This girl is a winner. Also, after years and years of professional women being judged by their male peers as being incompetent by their very nature, it's no wonder a girl has to work harder. Why is that wrong? So when you compete in a man's world, you need to be a cut above or they will chew you up and spit you out. Kelly, to me, is an icon for women everywhere and someone to look up to. So dear Kelly, I don't know what you eat for breakfast, but I sure would like some of it.

I say leave this lady Kelly Seigler alone - some people have it and some don't. Don't take cheap shots or try to undermine her. It's a dirty job but somebody has to put away the bad guys.