Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Harris County DA Pat Lykos' hap hazard stance on the Death Penalty issue will be her death blow when she runs for re-election in 2012.

The Harris County Republican base and the clear majority of true Independents support Capital Punishment.  This is not Dallas County and the fringe bloggers at the Houston Chronicle are not only irrelevant, they are even less significant than the paltry voters in our little court house world.

The earliest US national Gallup poll on Capital Punishment was in 1936. That survey found that 59 %  of Americans supported the death penalty, 38% opposed it and  6% were undecided.  Throughout the Gallup  polling history on the issue, the majority of the general US population has always supported the death penalty.  The most recent Gallup data being 7 October 2010, which showed a greater than 2:1 support for the death penalty, specifically 64% supported,  29% opposed and 6% had no opinion.

The 7 October 2010 US National Gallup Poll also asked:
In your opinion, is the death penalty imposed -- [ROTATED: too often, about the right amount, or not often enough]?
The following results were revealed:
Too often: 18%;  About the right amount: 26%; Not enough: 49%; No opinion: 7%.

Now these are NATIONAL polls. Texas has recently been polled at a whopping 83% support for the death Penalty and Harris County leads the pack in Texas.

The drastic decline in Texas Death Capitals does not reflect the will of Texans; but rather the media's agenda.
If Harris County DA Pat Lykos acquiesces to media demands because of an underlying fear that her complete and total ineptness would otherwise be exposed, she needs to be held accountable.

Lykos cannot afford to continue to bank on smoke and mirrors if she intends to remain at the Harris County DA's Office.
The illusion of accomplishment by simply renaming divisions within the office or promoting tangential social agendas that are not DA functions or attending Republican luncheons won't cut it.  The people are tiring of political corruption, arrogance and incompetence.
Lykos laughingly labels others myopic when they call bullshit on her absurd policies..............ironically it is those very policies which demonstrate her own gross lack of foresight and discernment.
Lykos now has a record as Harris County DA.  It will not stand up to public scrutiny.  Her odd destructive and grandiose "leadership" is becoming more widely noted.
It is one thing to cover up the petty vindictive tirades and inappropriate behavior of a District Judge that ruled decades ago; but quite another to camouflage or mitigate the crazyness of her current role as the Harris County District Attorney.................even for Lykos.

When the sitting County District Attorney does the bidding for that county's media outlets; the citizens are left with the proverbial fox guarding the hen house........Pat Lykos must be working an extra job for Chick-fil-A when she's not scrambling the Harris County eggs!


Ace said...

Can you provide your 83% Texan support for the death penalty source?
Thanks ahead of time.


I had several very politically active "grey haired" Republican ladies ask me recently why DA Lycos doesn't try cases. I explained it to them.

They knew that JBH and even the Chuckster used to try various Capital Murder of a PO cases themselves.

I also explained how she has lost much of the rock star talent that she had in the office, in effect becoming an office of all chiefs and no indians.

I'm hoping Ms. Chow has gotten the water cooler situation all taken care of at the HCDA's office.

BLACK INK said...


In November of 2010, an Angus-Reid poll found U.S. death penalty support at 83 percent, even while 81 percent said that innocents had been executed.

Anonymous said...

a 2004 Houston Chronicle poll showed 75% of Texans supported the death penalty. I suspect the support might actually have been significantly higher considering the pollster.

Anonymous said...

I wish we could put her head on the chopping block.