Friday, November 20, 2009


The birth of America's greatness was not spawned by a pervasive victim  mentality nurtured by political correctness. America's roots were founded on the principle of personal responsibility derived from hard work, sacrifice and calculated risk.

Imagine if the Colonists had whined to the British clamoring: " Your troops are better trained and equipped than ours are. That's just not fair!  If we're going to have a successful Revolution you guys gotta dumb it down a few notches". 
Well that's exactly what America is doing  today as she placidly acquiesces to the various  revolutionaries' demands.

Our pioneer heritage is being squandered. The immigrants who kissed the soil of Ellis Island  morphed their diverse cultures into a unified commonality of a strong and proud people--America! They did this by drawing power from the best the world had to offer.
Today these efforts have been disgraced by the promotion of an unsustainable convoluted and divisive diversity position. We used to be Americans first. Now we are hyphenated Americans with each angry group competing with the other under the guise of diversity.
Divide and conquer personified!

When an individual buys an old house in ill repair and fixes it up or an organization cleans up a neighborhood, the State's reward to these home owners is higher property taxes.  However, if you devalue your home or neighborhood by failing to protect and maintain the asset, the State will reward your failure with lower taxes.  The same principle applies to work ethic.  The more successful an individual is, the greater his work effort or self sacrifice, the greater the State penalizes that individual.

The schools whose mission statement was that everybody plays on the team, nobody keeps score and everybody is a winner, have now graduated several generations.
These folks are the new leaders and work force of America's future.
Our success as a nation cannot be sustained or flourish on a foundation of apologetic blame that fosters mediocrity and fails to promote true achievement.

American politicians are a mere reflection of these corrupt values.  The days of public service being a true personal sacrifice are rare at best. No longer is the most qualified citizen who puts personal gain aside recognized or supported when he stands up to serve his community....such a candidate is ridiculed. 
Today's politicians expect the community to serve them. The politician's sacrifice of yesteryear has been replaced with a narcissistic arrogance of entitlement by individuals who have earned nothing and are nothing at the expense of a timid electorate.

So long as we accept the premise that elected officials are above the law which is applied to ordinary citizens, that they need not even remotely be qualified for their respective positions and they need not be held accountable for their actions;  America's demise is imminent.

What if those who contribute to the State to the best of their individual ability so others can choose not to, decide, one day, to refuse to idly drink the Kool Ade in apathetic oblivion?
It is way past due to stand up, man up and be heard.

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