Thursday, December 3, 2009


Texas Governor Rick Perry might not have the charisma of former Governor and Baptist preacher Mike Huckabee; but on the other hand, when it comes to the meting out of Texas justice, he doesn't have Huckabee's cavalier arrogance to disregard his constituents' deliberations .
Texas citizens, who take the time to serve as jurors instead of shirking their responsibility, know that their commitment is not going to be tossed out of a window at the Governor's mansion. 
If Huckabee is so concerned with mercy for the wicked, in lieu of enforcing justice, then he needs to head back to the pulpit from whence he came.

Huckabee's excuse of not having a crystal ball when he commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons is a cop out....literally four (4) cops out.
This wasn't Huckabee's first rodeo in the clemency ring either.  Over 1200 crooks had their sentences commuted by the merciful Huckabee.

Sometimes those that preach the Word of God forget Who is really speaking.  Combine that same preacher with the power and arrogance of high public office and he can easily become a false idol unto himself.


Purple Rain said...

You and your fellow die hard religous conservatives need to gain some perspective. Fairness, belief in people, sympathy, and community are considered when commuting a sentence. To expect the Gov. to be able to predict this is weak at best.

Turn the page.

BLACK INK said...

Purple Rain,
I am proud of my strong Christian faith; but prefer that my Priest, not my Governor preach forgiveness.
"Fairness, belief in people, sympathy and community..." are all things that a JURY considers in the punishment phase. The negation of the jury's decision should not be done on a wholesale basis by a Governor who appears confused as to what hat he is wearing. My point being that Christian forgiveness is NOT the role of a state Governor.
It seems that you are confused as to which of us is the die hard religious conservative with respect to the judicial affairs of state.