Monday, December 7, 2009


As the Houston Chronicle reported on the front page above the fold in yesterday's Sunday edition; the hallowed halls of the Kinkaid School are rumbling, as common sense attempts a reemergence from the stifling repression of the politically correct's diversity agenda.
When the Kinkaid School varsity football players dressed as their opponents' cheerleaders, pom poms in tow, to perform a harmless parody at a school pep rally; it should have been nothing more than that, the politically correct's protestations notwithstanding.

When deciding whether or not you support diversity you must first define the term.
The politically correct define diversity as a philosophy that promotes the unique differences of an individual's heritage to the exclusion of all others.  It facilitates a sense of self righteousness and arrogance that leads to confrontation among the different sub-cultures in American society.  Class envy, racism, victim-hood and general social divisiveness are the results.
This is aptly demonstrated with the current drama at The Kinkaid Preparatory School.
However, those with common sense define diversity quite differently.  The common sense folks appreciate an individual's differences; but rather than exploiting those differences to divide and conquer, this faction embraces the uniqueness of the individual while encouraging the collective strength of unity.

America was at it's pinnacle of greatness when She represented the world's cultural "Melting Pot".  People from all corners of the earth flocked to America to be Americans and live the dream.  They were not hyphenated Americans, they were simply Americans. Each drew from the strength of each other.  No one relied on excuses for their advancement. The success that came with hard work and sacrifice was rewarded instead of frowned upon and whining didn't cut it.

My how things have changed at The Kinkaid School campus.  The parents are finally fed up and who can blame them?
It's real easy to condemn these predominately rich white folks for being too white and too rich.  After all, that's what the media has programmed us to champion for a couple of generations; and we obediently lap it up like trained circus animals.
Take a big breath and a few steps back.  These Kinkaid families, wealthy or otherwise, are fed up with the public school system's diversity agenda and lack of core values.  Opting out of this perverse insanity is their right and precisely why these parents are willing to pay the steep private school tuition in addition to the mandated public school taxes.
To now require these families to import the very destructive behavior they paid to escape from truly defies logic.

Ironically, compliments of America's self destructive diversity mandate, those of us who are not privileged white folks, yet have achieved significant success playing by the rules; are routinely condemned by the old and new neighborhoods alike--albeit with grossly diverse criticism.

 Every one does not drive a Bentley and live in a mansion on the hill.  Nor should they.

Success does not render a white man a racist anymore than it renders a black man or other minority a sell out.

Warren Buffet once said: "Success is getting what you want while happiness is wanting what you get."


Anonymous said...

Kincaid is just a school of white racist spoiled brats and everyone knows it.Your cover up attempt doesn't fool anyone,Tom.

Terrified said...

The damage is done to the Kincaid school. It is now a laughing stock for all of America.

jigmeister said...

Couldn't find the story in the Online Chronicle, must have been reported in the paper version only, so I can only guess how the school reacted. Anon: to generalize that all rich kids are racist and spoiled is frankly not worthy of a response. My kids went to public schools and I am happy with that, but I can't fault parents wanting their kids to get the best education they can afford.

Anonymous said...

We all can't go to Madison bro.