Wednesday, May 12, 2010


When the Houston Chronicle supported Pat Lykos for DA they made a great misjudgment. Instead of getting the selective incompetence they bargained for; they got total and complete incompetence.

Thus, when it's "okay" for an illegal immigrant to execute a black Houston Police Officer how can it now NOT be "okay" for a white Bellaire Police Officer to shoot a black former high school baseball star in the kid's own front yard while mama watches her son anguish in pain?
After all, selective agenda driven incompetence requires some degree of competence to differentiate AND carry out the mission.

"Cop Killers" and "Killer Cops" live by the sword and so shall they perish.....that is unless the killing fields are located in Harris County.

Maybe this case should have been no billed as well....but wait we had eye witnesses---oh but they were BLACK, never mind!

Hmmm. Striking a Black juror for cause or with a preemptory challenge is racist if that juror is a member of politically connected Lakewood Church; but striking and killing with impunity a black cop or shooting with intent to kill a black high school baseball player execution style is justice?
A DEATH SENTENCE for the assassin and life for the attempted assassination would, no doubt, be condemned by Lykos as "winning at all costs".
Crackhead Lykos logic at it's finest!

So who is ADA Clint Greenwood who "prosecuted" this most recent miscarriage of justice?

Greenwood is a former criminal defense attorney and long time buddy/baggage handler of fellow former criminal defense attorney Jim Leitner.
Both of these clowns are now high level ADAs at the Harris County District Attorney's office after being hand picked by DA Pat Lykos.
Greenwood ironically is in charge of police integrity.......INTEGRITY is obviously not the strong suit for Lykos or her Lieutenants.

So for those of you who don't give much credit to the Grand Jury no bill epidemic....when taken in context with the huge trial loss and dismissal stats since Lykos sashayed into the Harris County District Attorney's office; this recent atrocity should at the very least give you pause.

Pandora's box has been ripped off and burned and Pat Lykos is sitting in the corner smoking with a crowbar in the other hand.


Anonymous said...

So Inkman what was the racial composition of the jury? That would say a lot.

Twilight Zoned said...

Driving while black;
And Lykos got your back;

You might as well pack;
'Cause you ain't got Jack.

Patsy talks a lot of smack;
But all she does is turn her back.

So if a loved one turns up whacked;
Don't expect much from Lykos the hack.

Anonymous said...

What do you care that he was a black American man? Bigots like you are usually just fine with that. The only reason you care that the cop was exonerated is that he was tried under the Lykos administration. Under your buddy Rosenthal, about whom you said nary a bad word, the cop wouldn't even have been prosecuted and you would have been just fine with it.

Grow up. At least be a man and put your name to your cowardly posts, and put your money where your mouth is. At least Murry had the balls to do that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8 10 pm,

Did you just tell another anon to put a name to the posts?

BLACK INK said...

Anon 8:10,
1. Read my 2/18/2010 post: "Leslie Brock Yates and the Rosenthal Factor"
"...When Chuck Rosenthal, a public figure and sitting elected District Attorney at the time he sent racist emails on his government computer, suggested that "Freedom of Speech" shielded his behavior, Harris County scoffed at the absurdity. The implication was indefensible given his position at the time of the bad behavior.
After all, Rosenthal had the power to decide whose freedom, in a diversely populated county of ~4,000,000 people, would be jeopardized by his judgment.
He was not simply an ordinary private figure employed in the private sector on his privately owned computer."

2. I have made many mistakes in my life but I never worked FOR Rosenthal and am not his "buddy".
Even if I were that poor a judge of character to befriend the likes of Rosenthal; that would not excuse Lykos' bad behavior and poor judgement.

3. Lykos made an issue over racism in her campaign over facts that paled in comparative significance to the racial atrocities of her bizarre administration.
That was the point of the article.

4. Anonymous complaints about another's anonymity speaks for itself.

5. When an individual, such as yourself, throws out the race card to bolster an allegation without a scintilla of evidence in support thereof; it is more than suspect.
"Me thinks the lady does protest too much."

Anonymous said...

I would't give anon 8:10's opinion all that.
The fool sounds a lot like Donald trying not to use man up. Could be Jimmy's boy Clint or even Wee Man himself. Really who care who the loser is the main thing is you hit a nerve and jacked him all up. Good job my brother!

Anonymous said...

The difference is that I'm not railing against the system, I'm just pointing out what a dolt you are. You want some credibility, tell us who you are, you big pansy.

Just Sayin' said...

Anon 8:10/7:23,
Would you be the pot or the kettle?
Just Sayin'