Monday, May 10, 2010


The Houston media's extraordinary politicization of what clearly should be an apolitical position has resulted in the facilitation of an undermined Harris County District Attorney's Office where integrity and quality have been sacrificed at the alter of Pat Lykos.

The 40% drop in true bills in Harris County during Lykos' first year as DA can be interpreted in one of two ways: either the  Grand Jury system has dramatically and inexplicitly changed from 2008-2009 OR the Harris County District Attorney's Office has dramatically changed during the same time frame.
The latter explanation seems most obvious; unless you use "Lykos math" in place of real world mathematics.

Lykos' tyrannical and arbitrary rule now has supporting solid data to expose her farce.
Most of the top ADAs have been run out of the DA's office.  Those ADAs that remain are either too inexperienced to properly prepare non boiler plate whales or too scared to try a tough case and lose.  As a result only the easy wins are presented appropriately to Grand Jury. 
Kind of gives new meaning to the "Win At All Costs" prosecutor.

Thankfully, May 10, 2010 has marked the end of the Houston media's universal love affair with the DA who insists on being referred to as Judge Pat.
Lykos' seemingly impervious armor of media deception now has a notable chink.
KHOU's Channel 11 finally broke from the lockstep pack of programmed media sheeple.
They chose NOT to settle for the heretofore kid glove softball game the Houston media has notoriously played with Pat Lykos.
KHOU should be highly commended for their journalistic integrity.........BRAVO!!!

Lykos' exposure as a clueless disingenuous angry little piss ant will not bode well with the media.
The CJC waters have been chummed with gross mismanagement and a media feeding frenzy will be difficult even for Lykos to divert.

After watching this interview, if  DA Lykos does not present a clear and present danger to the safety of the citizens of Harris County then  cutting your child's wrists and having him swim in a tank of hungry Mako sharks would be a safe after school activity.

Lykos' pretentious misrepresentations and angry child-like behavior are wearing thin. 
Irrelevant political sound bites, out-right lies and rule by fear and intimidation do not, in perpetuity, compensate for incompetency.

Pat Lykos' total lack of prosecutorial experience and ability is becoming more and more self evident as she continues to plunder the Harris County District Attorney's Office.


Anonymous said...

What a display of total arrogance and who was that dweeb sitting next to her?

Anonymous said...

She has lost the rock stars that made HCDA one of the finest in the nation. It's now relegated to the laughing stock catagory.

I've never worked there, but have many friends who did.

trident5 said...

If Pat Lykos wasn't impaired during that interview she fooled me. But regardless whether or not she threw back a few Jack & Cokes to calm her nerves, there was no excuse for her rudeness and arrogance. It is painfully obvious that Lykos has no earthly idea what is going on at the DAs office and quite frankly she doesn't seem to care either. The Grand Jury issue seems obvious enough: if a tough case gets indicted there are very few prosecutors left that are able to handle them properly and they'll be even fewer good prosecutors remaining after the exodus in November. Lykos can't dismiss every tough case and bad stats will expose her so a no bill gives her an easy out.
But what should we expect from DA Lykos who has never personally tried a single criminal case ever? The DAs office should focus on the pursuit of justice and not political correctness.
I hope KHOU continues to expose this clown of a DA and Harris County gets it right in 2012.

Anonymous said...

And what was up with that idiotic question and answer session at the beginning of the interview? Hey, Pat, you idiot. You've never prosecuted a case. Trying to act like you knew what you were doing by practicing with Greenblatt just proved what a clueless moron you really are.

What I really enjoyed was watching that hugely fake smile creep across her face like the Grinch whenever she thought she said something clever. Too bad she's too stupid to realize what a fool she looks like.

And poor Marc Brown who had to sit through it. I gotta give the guy kudos for not falling out of his chair laughing when Greenblatt shut her down and she didn't know what else to say.

I'm embarrassed to tell anyone that the city I live in has this Jack-and-Coke'd-up troll for the DA. Thank goodness we'll be rid of her in a couple of years.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

I watched the interview again on the internet. One of my friends who is a retired psychiatrist told me that she appeared drugged. She certainly did.