Friday, April 23, 2010


If  President Barrack Hussein Obama is not a socialist, ideologically, what is he?

Is Mr. Obama a Pinko?
A "pinko” is defined in Webster’s unabridged dictionary as: a person who holds leftist views. 
Well, how does Webster  define “leftist views”?
POLITICAL LEFT: “The part of a legislative assembly, situated on the left side of the presiding officer and that is customarily assigned to members of the legislature who hold more radical and socialistic views than the rest of the members.”

Wikipedia defines “Pinko" as: "a derogatory term for a person regarded as sympathetic to communism, though not necessarily a Communist Party member.”

Wikipedia goes on to relate: “The word pinko was coined by Time magazine in 1925 as a variant on the noun and adjective pink, which had been used along with parlor pink since the beginning of the 20th century to refer to those of leftish sympathies, usually with an implication of effeteness".
In the 1920s, for example, a Wall Street Journal editorial described supporters of the "progressive" politician Robert La Follette as “visionaries, ne’er do wells, parlor pinks, reds, hyphenates [Americans with divided allegiance], soft handed agriculturalists and working men who have never seen a shovel.”

This makes sense when you consider that early 20th century “progressives” were obsessed with Socialism, Fascism and every other radical left leaning ideology that came down the pike.
Heck, W.E.B. Dubois thought Hitler and Mussolini were the cat’s pajamas until the Reich’s National Socialist Program began their final solution.......mass murder, unfortunately for the left, made Fascism less fashionable.

Notwithstanding, Liberals still teach that Fascism is a far right philosophy; despite the glaring lack of right wing ideology expressed by its two greatest practitioners. If you removed the names Hitler and Mussolini from much of what was said both publicly and privately; you would think you were reading the transcript of the latest Bill Moyer Sunday show featuring Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank.

So maybe Mr. Obama is a Pinko, slightly socialist, but not a card carrying commie.
The American left certainly disdains debate like the Fascists and Commies of old. 
In his interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier, Mr. Obama did everything but the moon walk to avoid talking about the health care bill process. 
Similarly, I’m fairly certain I heard Billy Jean starting up as Congressman Anthony Weiner ended his interview with Bill O’Reilly on Obamacare fall out. 
Watching Weiner avoid admitting that the IRS will enforce the healthcare bill, looked like Dracula evading a garlic wreath, all fangs and hissing.

Actually, the O’Reilly v Weiner debate on "The Factor" was like watching Abbott and Costello perform Who’s On First? I kept waiting for Weiner to preemptively shout: “Who's on 1st?”

America is supposed to be an open society; yet the left works tirelessly to quash any debate.
You see it played out on liberal college campuses across the country as students, often provoked by their instructors, deny invited conservative speakers the right to voice their views. 
This was recently displayed at the University of Ottawa, where an Ann Coulter dialog was canceled due to rowdy students letting their fascist slips peak out from beneath their brown hems.

Since liberalism on it’s own strength cannot compete in the market place of ideas, you have fellows like MSNBC's Ed Schultz  calling for Congress to “equal out the audience” by bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine”.
Schultz goes on to say: “Hell, if we’re gonna be socialist, lets be socialist across the board.”

If the President is not a socialist and he is not a Pinko, then what is he?
Do we need a new name for a new “ism"?
The President’s impromptu and none to private tête-à-tête with Joe the Plumber sounded like socialism to me. 
Forcing people to buy health insurance against their will to pay for others health insurance sounds like socialism too.

The 21-year-old-- fresh out of school and on his first job, can opt out of the health care plan; but he still has to pay a fine enforced by the IRS to pay for the guy ensconced on his sofa playing Wii all day long. 
That’s not too fascist is it?

If President Obama is not a socialist or a fascist, he certainly has a strong predilection for those who are.
He has dinner with them.
He starts organizations with them.
Obama hangs out with them and appoints them to his Cabinet.

What the Liberal Leftists don’t get is that in their attempt to be conciliatory when talking about the president, they do him a disservice.
How is that?  
Because by doing so, they are suggesting that the President is too stupid to know he is promoting a socialist agenda.....that Mr. Obama is too dumb and oblivious to know what he is doing.

Despite the nattering denials; Congressman Dingell is too out of touch to even care about denying this healthcare bill is about controlling people. 
Whether it’s the insurance companies or the common man he advocates controlling; it is, make no mistake, about control.

What shall we call this new thing? Controlism? Governmentalism? Regulatism?
If President Obama is not a socialist my friends, what is he?

These excerpts come from the common sense genius of Digital Publius' blog; a site well worth reading if you are so inclined.

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Anonymous said...

i like the new 'isms' with which you've come up...shifting the argument to one that is closer to reality (i.e. role of government, rather than left vs. right) will do much to at least advance discussion in the right* direction.

*as in 'correct'