Wednesday, April 14, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS to Marc Brown and the voters of Harris County.
Qualifications trumped party politics last evening in a BIG way....who'd have thunk it?

Don Smyth and now Marc Brown have both successfully demonstrated that the voters of Harris County want a real change from politics as usual.  Specifically, the voters were more informed this cycle and were not content to be led like cattle to the political slaughterhouse.
In these two judicial races, proven ability was able to carry the day in Harris County......a welcome setback for the notorious boiler plate political spin machine that rampantly infests the luncheons and high teas hosted by the Republican women's groups.

Although Brown's victory was by the closest margin, he highlighted this awakening on another level.
Brown BEAT the party blue hairs and their despicable spokesman,Terry Lowery, in their stronghold setting....the RUNOFF.
WOW!!!! I hope this symbolic victory becomes a trend.

Jared Woodfill's landslide victory over Ed Hubbard, on the other hand,  revealed that if a candidate is to overcome the political machine of corruption, the challenger must have overwhelming qualifications.

Unlike 2008, the ADAs who sought political office were not smeared as Rosenthal lieutenants; but rather were judged on their respective ability and qualifications.
Critiques of the candidates were based on the relative merits supported by objective facts and did not lend themselves to the angry unfounded extrapolations of innuendo and outright defamation of character.

If the Harris County voters continue to support ability and proven qualifications over misleading innuendos and blatant lies; DA Pat Lykos will have cause for concern in 2012.
The "blame Rosenthal dog" won't hunt next go round.....that rabid hound will no longer be able to infect the good and strong sled dogs.

The days of dictatorial rule in Harris County Republican politics took a significant hit yesterday......I hope the paid political whores and their blue haired minions get a knock out punch in 2012.


Aggie Pct Chair said...

This retiree or "blue hair" voted for Marc Brown and so did all the other Blue Hairs in my precinct.

Anonymous said...
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BLACK INK said...

Thank you Aggie Pct Chair.

Your support for Marc Brown and good government is greatly appreciated.

The reference to "blue hairs" is symbolically akin to "yellow dog" democrats.
The term is not intended to refer to all retired or elderly "old guard Republicans" collectively; but rather to that segment of mindless Republican voters who block vote as instructed by paid 3rd parties without having a scintilla of actual knowledge as to the issues or the candidates' qualifications
Whether or not a voter agrees with my opinion as to who is the most qualified candidate is not the issue.
What matters is that the voter exercises his right in a responsible fashion.

It is obvious and commendable that you are rebelling from the mindless philosophy of the Lowery ilk; and therefore the term is not applicable to you.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

Black Ink,

You more than many of the people who post seem to get the BIG PICTURE better than the rest.

I would love to hear read a blog from you entitled "Who is Barack Obama"