Thursday, February 2, 2012


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's Fast and Furious cover-up and Harris County DA Pat Lykos' B.A.T. van shell game subjected both individuals to government investigations.

Lykos skated earlier in the week, her troops are in lock down and the Honey Badger is out for revenge.

Today we will find out whether or not Holder appears in front of Congress and complies with  the subpoena duces tecum or is held in Congressional Contempt.

From Washington D.C. to Houston, Texas, the chief law enforcement officers of our country hold themselves above the law. 

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Anonymous said...

Well it doesn't look like Patsy Lykos skated after all. Now that the Texas Rangers and the FBI have their sites on Judge Pat her days of terror are numbered. I am looking forward to Jim Leitner, Joni Vollman and Rachael Palmer cleaning out their desks and being escorted out of the building.