Tuesday, January 24, 2012


On January 20, 2012, PBS' Red, White and Blue held a question and answer session between the two (2) Republican candidates for Harris County District Attorney............incumbent Pat Lykos and challenger Mike Anderson.

Notwithstanding my adamant disdain for Lykos, Anderson's performance last Friday was surprisingly revealing............and not in a good way.
This was not the Mike Anderson I remember from the Johnny Holmes era. There was no heart.........no fire in the belly.  Anderson struggled to maintain eye contact and seemed unsure as to why he was there or what he stood for. He was unprepared for battle and appeared worn out before the first question.
Oddly, in the face of Lykos' 2008 general election victory; Anderson conceded personal defeat by expressing his gratitude and good fortune for not having to be on the 2008 judicial ballot himself.

When co-host David Jones asked Anderson why he was running for DA his response was NOT that the DA's office lacked leadership and integrity and that he was willing to make whatever personal sacrifices were necessary to restore honor and the highest standards of excellence to the office so that JUSTICE would once again prevail in Harris County........................selflessness was a virtual no-show

Anderson's response was quite the opposite. He began by reminiscing when Johnny Holmes decided to step down how lots of folks urged him to run for DA; but since he was a judge at the time he had a responsibility to fulfill his promised obligation to the voters and complete his full term..........a philosophy he abandoned when he put his name in to be appointed to the Court of Appeals; not once BUT twice while sitting on the bench. Therefore, had his bid for higher office been accepted either time, the Governor would have had to appoint someone to fulfill the balance of Anderson's term. How hypocritical.
Anderson also noted that when "Mr. Rosenthal" faltered in 2008 folks again urged him to run for DA; but his excuse at that time was that his government insurance plan was two (2) years shy of vesting and he was concerned that if he was in a bus accident his family would not be taken care of...........an assumption based on losing his bid for DA.
Now that Anderson has absolutely zero personal risk at stake it seems there is no further need to make excuses..........Anderson will lead his loyal army of supporters to the promised land.
Selflessness was a virtual no-show yet again.

Both Lykos and Anderson were asked by Lykos supporter and co-host Gary Polland whether or not as judge either candidate had granted Judicial Bypass (waiving the requirement that a pregnant minor's parents be told before she has an abortion).  Lykos was quick to respond that she never granted Judicial Bypass but failed to mention that she left the bench before Judicial Bypass was even  a judicial option. Anderson was quick to be non-responsive shouting that the proceedings were secret but that he was a big pro-life supporter and always has been.
Please. Generically affirming or denying whether or not as judge you granted Judicial Bypass in no way breaches any specific individual's confidentiality. Grant Judicial Bypass and own up to it, transfer the case to another court or handle it the way Judge Billy Harmon handles D.I.V.E.R.T. in his courtroom..........with integrity of his convictions instead of worrying about what paid political endorsers Steve Hotze or Terry Lowry would think.

"The man,the woman who risks nothing.........does nothing, has nothing, is nothing".
Where is the character of leadership? Where are the risk takers?  Where are the folks who believe in a cause greater than themselves?  Who is willing to risk their job security, their retirement benefits and their own personal money to stand up for what is right simply because it is the right thing to do?
It sure as heck doesn't seem like it is Mike Anderson on any of those accounts.

Physical appearance and debate skills are a lot easier to address than character...........a leader ought not ask people to do what he is unwilling to do himself

Mike Anderson, a lot of folks are counting on you to step up your game; this is the big league.


Anonymous said...

Black Ink you are spot on. Mike ought to follow your advice.

Judicial races pale in comparison to the DA race.

Anonymous said...

Harris County needs a prosecutor for DA not another political judge!!!


Anonymous said...

Black Ink your assessment of Mike is off base. He was dynamic and honest.

BLACK INK said...

Anon 5:16,

I support Mike Anderson; but it was painful to watch his performance; especially his explanation for why he is running for DA......very weak.

The point I was trying to make was that he needs a shot of Tiger Blood......and as Anon 8:39 pointed out, this is NOT like running for a District Court bench.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink, I think you're right about his performance and the program was a wake up call. He's got to be quit being judicial and start being the prosecutor we know is still in there. He's got time and now he's got a kick in the gut to get him going.

Tough love from you, but not unfair.

Anonymous said...

Black you ask:
"Where is the character of leadership? Where are the risk takers? Where are the folks who believe in a cause greater than themselves? Who is willing to risk their job security, their retirement benefits and their own personal money to stand up for what is right simply because it is the right thing to do?"

Ask KS how that worked out and good luck finding another like her.

Anonymous said...

Having known a lot of the personalities involved, I just feel awkward watching this debate unfold.

I have a high personal opinion of Mike, but I can't really disagree with anything Black Ink said.

Conservative Values Count said...

Dear Dr. Steven Hotze,

What would your mother say if you referred pregnant teenage patients to another doctor to kill their unwanted babies?
If you told your mother that you were pro life and that your abortion referrals were secret HIPPA protected would she then say okay son I'm proud of you?

pro choice supports mike andersn said...

Conservative Value:

Dr. Hotze could give a rat's azz about abortion he's all about the $$$$. Judge Mike Anderson helping kids kill their kids is meaningless to Dr. Hotze. If Mike Anderson pays to play the good doctor will overlook his judicial Pro Choice killings and endorse him--so will Terry Lowry for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Mikey is too old school for 2012 and he would crash and burn politicaly and personally if he won the DA spot. It will be best for him and his family when he loses.