Wednesday, January 11, 2012


District Attorney Pat Lykos, with the support of Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, will have her long awaited regional crime lab. Commissioners' Court signed off on the project yesterday with ground breaking scheduled to commence within two (2) years.................. just in time to kick off her re-election campaign.
Lykos is ecstatic! This has been a political pet project for her and will no doubt play a pivotal role in putting the pending Grand Jury investigations against the Harris County District Attorney's Office behind her........UNLESS an indictment is handed down;which is very unlikely at this point.

Lykos is boasting that the crime lab will be a nine (9) story twenty-first century state of the art facility located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center availing itself of all the surrounding medical resources.

The City of Houston is yet to jump on board; but will have a difficult time retaining autonomy given the political consequences of government waste associated with redundancy.

Judge Ed Emmett stated, "DA Pat Lykos is doing a great job as our district attorney..." during an interview on KTRH 740 AM this morning.
REALLY? What specifically has Lykos done in her capacity as district attorney that would fit that bill?
Spear-heading the creation of a regional crime lab has NOTHING to do with the duties of district attorney. In fact, Lykos has neglected her sworn duties of the office of district attorney just to score political points.


Anonymous said...

Judge Pat is being fitted for designer sunglasses and a new wardrobe. Filming for her starring role in CSI H-Town will be some scarey as shit.

Anonymous said...

Pat Lykos is pro-active not reactive which is what we need in a da. The acceptance of faulty DNA evidence and huge back log of untested rape kits are a big issue for Houston. Pat is taking charge and really doing something to fix a problem others like Holmes-Rosenthal-Anderson ignored for many years.
Judge Emit is correct Pat is doing a great job as our da and will get my vote in the primary and again in November.

Anonymous said...

The DA should have NOTHING to do with a crime lab. Crime labs are supposed to be independent reviews of the evidence. A regional crime lab is supposed to make it an independent entity, not the pet project or triumph of an elected official--especially one who couldn't decifer a DNA report or get it into evidence in a courtroom if her life depended on it because SHE'S NEVER TRIED A CASE IN HER LIFE!
Lykos wants her name on that building so bad she can taste it, and what an embarrassment to Harris County that would be.

Anonymous said...

The player with the most points wins--whether it's football or politics.
Your boys Tim Tebow and Mike Anderson might be really good guys but neither one is going to get the big win.

Anonymous said...

The county crime lab has been in the works since long before Lykos became DA. Under current plans, this lab will not be independent at all, merely opening up the possibility for the same troubles but on a regional scale.