Thursday, February 9, 2012


Notorious COP KILLER Carl Wayne Buntion, is petitioning the court to delay the retrial punishment phase of his Death Capital conviction until such time as an "untainted" prosecutor is made available to proceed.


Instead of jurors hearing evidence to decide whether or not Buntion should be executed for gunning down Houston police officer James Irby during a mere traffic stop in 1990; a judge must first decide whether a Special Prosecutor should be hired before punishment testimony can be heard.
The REAL issue ought to be: why is this convicted capital murderer still alive?

Officer Irby has laid in his cold casket for twelve (12) long years...........yet before a second jury can be cajoled by a defense team regarding Buntion finding Jesus, being a model inmate and/or other excuses to mitigate his selfish cold blooded killing of a: husband, father, son, brother, friend and Houston Police Officer---justice is placed on hold while politics holds the court hostage.

Defense counsel Casey Keirnan and Phillip Scardino argue that their convicted cop killing client cannot receive a fair punishment trial for murdering a police officer simply because they believe the entire Harris County District Attorney's Office is tainted by DA Pat Lykos' questionable personal behavior.
Specifically, they submit that since the Texas Rangers and the FBI are currently interviewing certain members of the DA's office in that regard; the entire staff is corrupt.........BULLSHIT!
Disingenuous profiling from, of all people, criminal defense please.

DA Pat Lykos has no doubt behaved badly; as did Chuck Rosenthal before her.
Notwithstanding, the ADAs were not responsible for Rosenthal's bad behavior then nor are the ADAs responsible for Lykos' bad behavior now.

"Mr. Buntion is entitled to be prosecuted by a District Attorney and assistant district attorneys who are neither witnesses in nor targets of a criminal prosecution," reads a motion to suspend prosecution or appoint a special prosecutor.
Careful what you wish for...........does cop killer death row inmate Buntion really want a high profile Rock Star Special Prosecutor who is NOT afraid of nor subject to the whims of disgraced DA Pat Lykos spear heading his retrial on punishment?
Wayne Buntion is no Anthony Graves........and there's the rub.

Law enforcement officials have been talking to Harris County district attorney employees about allegations the DA's office investigated the grand jurors of the 185th District Court, who for six months, investigated Lykos' office.
Lykos admitted she asked her chief investigator to do an "internet search" into possible political connections between grand jurors of the 185th District Court, two judges and a political opponent of the district attorney. She has said it was not an "investigation.".........and Bill Clinton said, "I never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."

Recall that on the eve of the death penalty trial of John Edward Green, Lykos agreed to a plea bargain for 40 years in prison.................James Irby, his family, his friends and his community deserve better than that.

So if Scardino and Keirnan want to challenge justice let's offer them the best Special Prosecutor in the country: KELLY SIEGLER.....................wonder how fast they'll move to dismiss their motion to appoint a special prosecutor after the Siegler ace is played?


Anonymous said...

".....................wonder how fast they'll move to dismiss their motion to appoint a special prosecutor after the Siegler ace is played?"

They'll play the "we were just kidding card"

All kidding aside it would be great to see KS prosecuting a death capital at the CJC again.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25,

It would be standing room only and needle time for Mr.Buntion.
If his lawyers were thinking what better group of losers than the Lykos ADAs to try this? When Mike Anderson takes over there will be quality ADAs like Kelly Seigler once again.

Anonymous said...


FYI:Patsy Lykos is Bill Clinton's great great aunt.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Inkman,

I was surfing the web on your Special Prosecutor and came up with this TV movie gig that features one of Ms. Seigler's old cases.

Lifetime's new TV movie, "Blue-Eyed Butcher."

Edelstein will play Texas prosecutor Kelly Siegler in the new film based on the true story of a young wife and mother who kills her husband in their Houston home. Sara Paxton and Justin Bruening also star.

On the legal drama, Edelstein plays attorney Celeste Serrano, Will's (Josh Charles) ex.

Lifetime "Blue-Eyed Butcher," which premieres Wed., March 3 at 8 p.m. EST: reading the main role of Sara is 20 something mother Sara Paxton fits that role.


I thought Scardino was better than resorting to trix like this.

Officer Irby deserves justice. As they used to say on the bumper sticker 30 years ago...The Badge Means You Care.

Irby's killer deserves the needle. Give him some due process and give him the needle.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink have you checked out the Houston Chronicle's web site this evening? The lead story is your girl KS and one of her upcoming movies.
Talk about an awesome prosecutor as Harris County DA!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Spike Lee is doing a feature movie on Pat Lykos called "The Troll Who Stole Justice in Harris County".

The studio is having a very difficult time finding an actress old enough and ugly enough to play Judge Lykos.

Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Uh, hello? Not even a contest. Helen Thomas. But they need to film her in a really, really harsh like to get close to what Pat really looks like.

Friend of Helen Thomas said...

Helen Thomas after an all nighter slamming shots at a biker bar is a hottie compared to Judge Patsy at her best.