Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Why is American unemployment in turbo drive?
In REAL numbers American unemployment is between 16-20% and climbing. Regardless whether one agrees with these numbers or not, no one can question that the only time in American history when the unemployment forecast was more dismal was during the Great Depression. 

So with near record U.S. unemployment, how can it be reconciled that people from foreign lands continue to illegally cross over our borders in droves to WORK?
Not only do these folks work for "slave wages under plantation conditions" but they are also able to send the bulk of these meager wages back home to their struggling families. WTF?
These illegal workers do not complain or whine about unemployment entitlements being inadequate; but rather are grateful for the opportunity to work.
This subculture provides an illegal work force ready, able and eager to do those jobs that most of the unemployed Americans deem beneath them. 
The irony of political correctness has never been more apparent as the consequences of mediocrity and entitlement get fatter and fatter sitting in front of their flat screens burning up AC while foreign nationals sweat and toil to provide for themselves and their families. Which behavior would our founding fathers deem more un-American at the end of the day?

I am not supporting illegal immigration or the drugs and violence that come with it; merely suggesting that supply and demand are greater influences on commerce and trade than philosophical bullshit.

The unemployed American worker will no doubt get an extension of unemployment benefits when West Virginia's interim puppet U.S. Senator gets sworn in today.  Obama's crippling philosophy for the American work force will now embrace 99 weeks of unemployment entitlements for every American..... that will damn sure NOT motivate these folks to get off their collective butts and get a J-O-B!
Why not instead premise unemployment benefits on requiring every able bodied unemployed person to perform the job duties of the illgal worker. We have plenty of Americans on the government dole to displace most if  not every illegal worker.  Heck these unemployed folks can even be trained to secure our borders!!!

Why is American unemployment in turbo drive?  
Obama is reminiscent of the young boy who butchered his parents and then had the audacity to throw himself on the mercy of the court squealing that he is now an orphan and the true victim. Obama has played the orphan victim scheme masterfully. As the Chicago Cartel continues to blame Bush and paint all Republicans as rich cold hearted slave masters; American business is tanking.
Thus the pivital question:
1. Is Obama that diabolical that he is intentionally crushing American business so that Big Brother can take over; OR
2. Is Obama that inept and one dimensional that he cannot comprehend the basic American business model ?

Absent evidence of treason, Obama's actions demonstrate a total failure to appreciate basic business 101. Free market capitalism is profit driven and has resulted in the highest overall standard of living for ALL active participants. The rich may get richer while the poor get poorer and the adage that it takes money to make money does not detract from the fact that the basic worker in this model has always had a much higher standard of living than his counterpart any where else on earth.
American unemployed folks sure as heck aren't sneaking across borders in droves to work in other countries legally or illegally.  What a person does speaks with greater authority than empty rhetoric.

Obama's Tooth Fairy economic policies ignore reality. Business decisions invariably have fundamental consequences in the real world that defy the lofty pretense of tenured philosophers who pontificate from the security of their privileged ivory towers.
People with essentially zero business experience e.g. those who have never met a payroll, negotiated a lease agreement, managed inventory, shopped for employee benefits, etc. are now not only in charge of American business development but also quick to dictate to and condemn those who have battled on the business front. These untested utopians who aloofly suckle the hind teat of government or university opulence don't have a clue as to how a successful real business is conducted and frankly don't seem to give a damn.

Obama is fueling a pervasive sense of entitlement and class envy among a large segment of the unemployed American "working" class. He has opted for the "Katrina government dependency model" as a blueprint for the unemployment crisis in America.

I'll bet this ain't the hope and change the Independent voters had in mind when they misplaced their trust in this Long Legged Mac Daddy.


Anonymous said...

hey bro, if an NBA free agent making $20MM in salary and $30MM in endorsements per year is labeled a slave when he quits Cleveland then what are we going to call the average unemployed guy? 99 weeks is just a start for your boy Obama and to answer your question he is that diabolical.

Anonymous said...

The Chicago Cartel is exactly what it is. Keep writing I miss your posts.

Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as how he has sent more national guard troops to the border than Bush ever did, completed the fence that was funded, and now arrests of illegals are up to the heights of the Bush era, plus going after employers, which Bush never did, I'd say you're crying about something that Obama has actually improved.


Anonymous said...

Senor Rage Judicatito,

Arizona and the other border states want you to try some Jonestown Kool Ade. The Obama stuff is way too watered down for you Bubba.