Monday, September 6, 2010


If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water that little fella will jump out right quick to survive. 
However, if that same frog is placed in a pot of cold water which is then heated; it will not take evasive action, but rather will be complacent and perish as the water boils.
So go the frogs at the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

People fear change and often grasp at any excuse not to rock the boat ......never realizing that they can actually swim to shore.
Life throws some overboard to sink or swim, others jump on their own volition and some are content to sit idly on board as the ship sinks or putters along.

Educated Americans living in this great country have choices.
An individual may choose to listen to the voice that tells him that security, safety or even great wealth trumps integrity and honor. OR he may choose to listen to the voice of righteous values AND walk the walk.

The dignity inherent with the freedom to DO, not merely SAY, what is right BECAUSE it is the right thing to do is what separates us. It is what USED to make GREAT prosecutors.
On the other hand, politicians, cowards and the politically correct tend to merely talk the talk.

Which voice will you listen to?


Anonymous said...

so go the frogs..... ribit. Pricness Wart Frog Lykos had the water boiling from the start though.... some people are just desperate.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:56,
We were not all "desperate". We loved our jobs and thought that Jim Leitner would stand up and be a buffer between that hateful woman and us. None of us thought Jim would turn out to be such a sell out and coward.

jigmeister said...

Far to simplistic, Ink. Mid level prosecutors have young kids and families to support with little certainty of being able to provide in the private sector; while some are still paying off student loans. Others think that prosecution is a noble calling that needs doing and that's more important than personal happiness with the job conditions. Long time prosecutors are bailing as fast as they can line up other gigs like benches or senior jobs in other offices. A few are just ass kissing yes men. Personally, I would like to see some knowledge retention when hopefully we kick that bit#$% out next year.

What Lykos doesn't get and is frankly phychologically incapable of getting, is that this treatment of employees makes for bad job performances, which ultimately reflect on her.

When I read Shirley's resignation letter, I was struck with the impression that she was one who really tried to do a good job and needed to hang on until she was eligible to retire despite the road blocks Lykos and company put up. Many others are in similar positions, though it's not quite so obvious.

BLACK INK said...


No doubt that personal issues such as retirement, health insurance, paid vacation/comp time/sick time and the security of a current paycheck are factors in anyone's decision making process.
However, I doubt these perks are why ADAs became prosecutors in the first place and are certainly not the foundation of the premise that the job is a "calling".

I submit that the nobility of doing what is right because it is the right thing to do is the calling most prosecutors answer.

Being a prosecutor is no doubt a stepping stone for some to a lucrative private or political life.

But the point of my post was:
to those ADAs that choose prosecuting as a career, is it for the government safety net or is it MORE than that?

If the ethical foundation of a DA's office has been corrupted shall an individual prosecutor's ethics shift with it or rise above it?

My position is that a prosecutor must stand up for justice whether it is to protect a victim's rights or to preserve/restore the integrity of the office of the District Attorney.

To stand down in the face of injustice is unacceptable for a prosecutor merely on the pretense that personal risk precludes it.....because at the end of the day to risk nothing is to be nothing.

Anonymous said...

Jig, the only thing "certain" in life is death.

Anon 6:56, Jim Leitner has never been a stand up guy. Don't believe me ask the in-laws.

Inkman, character can't be guilted you either have it or you don't.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink,
Just because I am an ADA under the Judge doesn't mean I lack character. I never thought all the rumors about the Judge could possibly be true. I also never thought she would bring in so many losers and make a mockery of our office. I always thought I would spend my entire professional career as a prosecutor. I don't do it just for a paycheck and benifits. My lack of judgment is not a reflection of my core values I am an optimist. I do agree that there is no realistic expectation that things will get better under the Judge's rule and that her yes men and women don't care how bad things get. I know that few active ADAs have the courage to challenge the corruption at our ofice and 2012 will be no different. I will be part of the Christmas resignations. I will leave this office with great sadness but would be even sadder to watch it dissolve even further as an ADA. This transition will not be easy and for some will be harder. To judge those that stay who have pure hearts is something I won't do but I will pray that their situation improves and is tolerable in the interim. Judge Pat Lykos is a truly evil woman and am ashamed that more of us didn't see that in 2008 and actively support Kelly. There is no excuse for apathy.


Bully frog bully frog;
How do you like this blog?

Swimming in your little pond.
Not a soul to make your bond.

Poor silly Jimmy Leitner;
Never really a good fighter.

But when it came to kissing ass;
Jimmy Leitner was 1st in his class.

Squealing like a stuck feral hog;
Yearning for the troll wart frog.

Give me a smooth my pretty;
And Snookems obliged with a quickie.

From tadpole to frog;
Leitner arose from the bog.

So we need us an Aggie;
To gig Jimmy's fanny.

A sack of Troll Rid;
To finish the bid.

So goes the legend of James Michael Leitner;
Neither a man nor a friend comes from such a creator.

Anonymous said...

Ink, I have to agree with the jig. It isn't always as simple as walking out, especially when the the medical insurance is so important to a family. I should know. I had my entire family on my medical insurance and had to make other, more expensive arrangements when I was no longer needed. I have teenagers, though. Many don't. It is truly ashame what this administration is doing to that office. It was and is a career for so there is no pride in what they do. They don't even look like they enjoy coming to work. It makes me sick. But, I still get why many stay. Up until my last day, I still enjoyed the job. I would have stayed for the 2 years I needed to retire. I would have held my nose so as not to breath the stench, but I would have stayed. It is a calling. The defense side of the practice is a calling as well, and I am enjoying and learning a lot from truly good and dedicated lawyers, which there are many in Harris County. But, there will always be in my heart, something about the HCDAO that was amazing. Hard to explain...I don't understand why they stay, but truly get why they don't leave.

Luci Davidson

BLACK INK said...

Jigmeister, ANON 5:52 and Ms. Luci Davidson,

Your service to Harris County is taken for granted by many but appreciated by those you have touched personally on many levels.

Harris County has lost more than just a bunch of great prosecutors in this continuing purge......the Harris County District Attorney's Office has, as you aptly demonstrate, lost it's passion; and with it, her excellence.

The line between insubordination and integrity is often blurred; but character is measured by how one resolves adversity.

Few Germans stood up to Hitler, few Southerners stood up against slavery and few Patriots signed The Declaration of Independence.

The men and women who overtly take a stance against tyranny often suffer grave consequences so that others can realize the rewards of their sacrifice.

Thank God we have folks with the courage and conviction to stand up and risk of themselves for what they truly believe in. They don't expect gratitude and usually none is given.

An individual can choose to be a victim in the workplace blaming the "Man" for keeping him down or he can choose to be a man. Most often, it really is as simple as that......

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