Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Texas is Bush Country.  It is a conservative Red state.
The energy capital of the world and home to NASA. 
The Lone Star State has minimal union influence and a strong military presence. 
Texas is a right to work state with NO state income tax. 
Texas business has minimal government intervention and as a result thrives in comparison to other states. 
We are home to the best barbeque in the world. 
The Texas Medical Center in Houston is world renowned. 
Friday nights highlight the best high school football in the country and successful college programs heavily recruit our boys.
Texas' farms, ranches and fishing industry feed not only Texans; but also many families outside of our borders.
Texans are not ashamed of their strong faith in God and the right to bear arms.....we don't "cling" to these beliefs out of fear; but rather stand strong for our freedom and convictions.

Obama's "Bush bashing" is wearing thin.
His agenda highlights the dismantling of NASA, moving the energy capital to Brazil, crushing American health care, unionizing the Texas work force, ostracizing Christian values, imposing unprecedented tax burdens on Texas business.........heck, Cap and Trade might even make it impracticable to tailgate.

Texas is a state of mind that Obama detests.  I get that.
But what I don't get is why District Attorney Pat Lykos is steering  the Harris County District Attorney's Office in self-destruct mode?  Does she not care, is she that oblivious or this a deliberate act?  Either way she's making the notorious Chuck Rosenthal look more and more competant and moral every day; and I am NO Rosenthal fan by any stretch.

Pat Lykos has professed to be a Republican for longer than most of us have been alive; yet her bizarre behavior contradicts basic Republican principles.
Republicans support responsible behavior and are therefore strong advocates of real justice. 
Merit and common sense are touted to trump political correctness at the GOP HQ.

Prosecutors should be treated equitably and with self respect by the District Attorney.  If cronyism, deceit and hypocrisy are the hallmark of Lykos and her lieutenants what should the community expect from the ADA foot soldiers?
Lykos' blatant self interest over community justice is largely ignored by the media so long as she promotes their liberal agenda.  Who knew?
Lykos is a fool of a prosecutor but a damn savy politician.  Because without media coverage, Lykos is confident that only a relative handful of folks will ever know what a truly disastrous job she is doing outside of our little courthouse world......and that will never be enough votes to make a difference.
Lykos' fatal flaw, however, will be the growing number of monied players who are disgusted with her behavior and ready to support a tough qualified opponent.  Money talks and bullshit walks; so the Harris County District Attorney's Office will have her day of redemption when a Rock Star prosecutor instead of a politician takes the helm in 2012.

Lykos may be an expert at saying, " I'm the queen of the Harris County Republican Party and support The Rule of Law"; but she does not appear to have the slightest idea what that means.

Ronald Reagan was a true Republican.  He stood out as a great  leader because of his core values. 
Reagan had faith in Americans as a people and gave that back to us.
He was not afraid to surround himself with a team of advisors based on merit and ability.  Reagan was secure enough to appoint the most qualified people to positions of power instead of the most malleable.....America's interests came first. 
He created an environment that rewarded hard work and sacrifice. He fostered a pride in America.
He did not throw his people under the bus. He did not base his presidency on blaming Jimmy Carter.  Reagan led by example with honor and respect.  America flourished.
Reagan's principles were reciprocated when Alzheimer's overwhelmed him.  His cabinet not only had Reagan's back, they had our country's back.

A great leader is measured not by what he accomplishes for himself, but for those he leads.

Lykos and Obama will be remembered for many things.............but never as great leaders.


The Fishing Musician said...

Harris County needs a Rock Star prosecutor like never before. How about throwing some names out there. He's about 70 now, but Mike Hinton could do the job well. What about Connie Williams?

I bet you're a Rock Star!

I am so F'ing happy I do not work there. Like Neo and Morpheous in the Matrix, I've tried to help a few escape Patsy's world over the past couple of years for places where they are appreciated.

P.S. I've seen snookems away from the office, always in these horrible jogging/wind suits that look like they came straight off the seconds rack on Harwin. We need a DA who doesn't wear shitty clothes.

BLACK INK said...

Fishing Musician,

I know Mike Hinton very well.

Mike is a man of integrity who would always strive to do the right thing in spite of the consequences.....that is just the kind of man he has always been.

Kelly Siegler is hands down the best Rock Star prosecutor I have ever come across.
The victims and families she has fought for think she hung the moon.
Law enforcement has the utmost confidence in her integrity, preparation and ability.
Peers that aren't threatened by her court room prowess respect and admire her.
Kelly is THAT good and her word is her bond.
But if you're a crook, the media, a defense attorney with issues, a bleeding heart, an under performer or an outclassed political opponent.....you hate her with the venom of a pissed off pit-viper.

The issue is whether or not Kelly would ever put herself through all that again.
Raising big league money and getting major media exposure is a given for Kelly. Couple that with the gross incompetance of Lykos and Kelly would get the most votes in the Republican Primary AGAIN.

But Lykos will undoubtedly stack the deck with a throw down "Leitner-like" candidate or two and we may be faced with an apathetic runoff electorate once again. This is Lykos' ace in the hole......that is UNLESS the old Republican Guard of Harris County can be effectively schooled on what is really going on at 1201 Franklin.

Anonymous said...

That is a cruel tease. I also know KS. She might be all that but I highly doubt she'll want to go through all that chicken shit again.

The Fishing Musician said...

Kelly was my Baby Prosecutor school teacher. I agree with everything you said about her.

I wasn't sure she would be willing to endure the hell she did with the Rosenthal debacle again. If she would, the HCDA's office could become effective again.

Right now, it's like Patsy's windsuits: Shitty. Great people work there, dedicated to justice, but as you often point out, the leadership sucks.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The HCDA's office can't withstand a second Pat & Hannah term.There needs to be a county wide movement to publically expose Snookems $ Assoc.OMG someone needs to video sting her.Can you imagine an uncensored day with Snookems on national news.The Chuckster's shit pales in comparison.

Anonymous said...

It is October 31st. I'm wearing a Wicked Witch of the West mask and a cheap jogging wind suit. I have a 1.5 liter of Jack Daniels in my left hand and a pair of very small Jim Leitner testicles in my right. An unfiltered cigarette with a long ash is hanging from my mouth. A foul maloderous stench permeates my personal space. My speech is condescending and laced with profanities. I have a couple of decomposing ADAs at my feet.
Who am I?

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few names: Ted Wilson, Mike Anderson, Lynn McClelland. There are several qualified women to. If you are an ex-DA who wants to help when the time comes, contact me at dadcob@centurytel.net.

Anonymous said...

The Ideal ideal ticket in the 2012 HCDA race would be Kelly Siegler for the Republicans and Ted Wilson for the Democrats.
That would be a no lose situation and we'd end up with both of these guys back at the office regardless who won.
Hmmmm, Kelly and Ted or Pat and Jim---you decide.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:52
R U Jeffrey Dahmer's mom?

Anonymous said...

"There are several qualified women to." (sic.)

How magnanimous of you.

jigmeister said...

Ah, Anon 5:47, you must be one of my old secretaries or trial partners that enjoyed redlining my notoriously bad spelling and grammar.

Point being, my favorites for the job, Kelly or Denise won't run; and I actually think a woman would have a better chance. I do think that a concerted effort by those of us who really care about the reputation of the office and the personnel can have an impact on the election of 2012.

Anonymous said...


1. Ted is really enjoying teaching and traveling. He doesn't need the money and if he had the heart to run he would have already. Ted would make a great DA if he were interested but he's never stepped up before.
2. Lynn is an adequate choice but lacks the cojones for this type of battle.
3. Mike is rightfully disgusted at how the Republican party treated his wife Devon and is ready to retire in peace without the bullshit. He would be great as well but is tired and fed up.

1. Kelly showed her grit in '08 and is obviously very well qualified and suited for the job of DA. Since resigning, she's put 1turd on death row and has a couple of other pending Death Capitals she's workng on as a special prosecutor. She's also co-counsel on a few civil cases that will still be pending in 2012. Why would she give up her new sweet life to rescue an office that essentially abandoned her?
2. Denise is one of the few talented ADAs left at the HCDAO but should easily win a judicial seat in November. Why would she give up that security and flexible schedule?

1. Kenny is technically qualified but way too much of a pussy to run a heated campaign.
2. Murray would be an interesting DA. He knows the law and would be very fair and ethical. He is empathetic with a great sense of humor and humility. A refreshing change I could believe in. My only concern is that he is so kind he would be too worried to critically evaluate subordinates when needed and make the tough unpopular decisions. No one could ask for a better or more loyal friend than Murray.
2. JBH coming out of retirement would be spellbinding but ain't happening.
3. Rusty used to be someone I would have campaigned for but recent events have soured me on his judgement. Besides, his new lifstyle can't withstand the pay cut.

1. Mia is a very talented prosecutor but she has some personal issues to deal with the 1st of which would be residency.
2. Roe would be great. She is very well read in the law and respected by everyone. She is so fed up with all that has happened under Lykos she's ready to pack it up as soon as she gets her years.

A viable candidate for HCDA in 2012needs to have heart, name recognition, prosecutorial ability/experience beyond reproach, fundraising expertise, really thick skin and a whole hell of a lot of personal time and money to campaign full time.
This race is not like running for a District Court--not even close.

jigmeister said...

Agree that the task is difficult but there are far too many reasons not to try. Don't know who we will eventually recruit but waiting too much longer will make it far more difficult. The one name on your list I wouldn't support is Rusty. I think the old line Repubs could be schooled and lots of us have law enforcement contacts that are none too pleased with Patsy. Others of us have some corporate contacts. JBH won't run, but he is sufficiently pissed to help out. Bert's name ought to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

anon 3:04
Who meets your bottom line criteria better than Kelly Siegler??? Will someone please show her that we will get the vote out this time if there is another runoff. Kelly if you read this blog please consider saving our office. You really were the best we ever had and everybody knows that.

I agree that Bert would be a great choice if Kelly will not run again. What a horrible loss our office suffered. None of this had to happen. You are wonderful to care so much to help us. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is a friggin' rock star prosecutor alright and I bet she runs in '12.