Wednesday, September 15, 2010


After reading Murray Newman's latest Blog at, "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center"; it struck me how eerily similar Pat Lykos and Barrack Obama really are.
So in that light I thought it would be interesting to list the top ten (10) similarities that pop to mind....... 
Please feel free to add any characterisics that I miss.

Obama/Lykos Commonalities:

1.  Minimal (if that) qualifications to hold their elected position. Obama is a "natural born" US citizen over 35 years of age. Lykos has a pulse and is licensed to practice law in the state of Texas. If anyone is aware of other job related qualifications either of these folks have I'm all ears.
2.    Narcissism.
3.  When speaking in a public forum, the audience might as well be a third grade home room.
4.  Spare no expense when spending tax payers' money on their own personal office decor, personal travel and other non- essential personal benefits.
5.   Blame their predecessor to mask their own ineptness.
6.   Promote self serving legislation with total disregard as to the consequences or the Constitution.  Obama's Health Care reform. Lykos' DIVERT Program.
7.   Re-name existing policy and then claim it as their own.
8.   Surround themselves with incompetent yes men.
9.   Are media whores.
10. Have cocktails and a smoke with Satan every Friday afternoon......


The Fishing Musician said...

Does the devil drink Jack?

Anonymous said...

The spelling of our President's name is "Barack Obama" - not "Barrack Obama" as you have it in your article.

Whether you like him or not, you look like an idiot if you can't spell his name correctly.

Anonymous said...

Scary the similarities between the two.

Anonymous said...

I still love you, Black Ink. And yes, please get the spelling correct. It's O-s-a-m-a. You keep putting in that "b" for some reason.

Anonymous said...

Ink the President's Islamic name Barack has only 1 R while his Western name Barry has 2 Rs so your spelling error is understandable. As Islaminization becomes more widespread and accepted in America these types of mistakes will be much less common. You also forgot 1 major common feature that Barry and Patty share: each is an expert at discarding people under the bus when they are of no further use. Char Bar will be serving free drinks when Leitner gets his.