Monday, September 27, 2010


 Detractors of  "The Draft" will cite the short term higher cost.  That it will cost an exorbitant amount of money to train the plethora of young inductees who are predicted to serve a mere two (2) to four (4) years and bolt.  However, the adage that career soldiers volunteer and are not drafted may not be as accurate as it once was.  Notwithstanding, the long term cost benefit analysis to American society will reveal that it is well worth the investment, regardless of the attrition rate.  The Israelis have drafted their young men and women for generations and look at the character of their society.

In reality, the only real issue most politicians are concerned with is getting re-elected.  So with polls resoundingly rejecting the notion of reinstating the draft; it is of no surprise that Obama supports the idea while most other folks in the cesspool of D.C. move to quash the proposal.

We redeploy our young warriors over and over again.  They are worn out physically and mentally.  Soldier deaths, serious bodily injury and post traumatic stress disorder are more and more commonplace.  The available new recruits are often times ill prepared for what is asked of them and the old guns are burned out.  The cost of this reality is unacceptable. 

To be viable, the draft must be TRULY fair and equitable.  Political favor and political correctness can have no place in the draft.  Every conscript must serve to the best of his/her capacity; regardless as to birth right.
Having a U.S. Senator as a parent is of zero consequence with respect to eligibility and assignment of duties.
Any LEGITIMATE impairment shall be "common sense" considered in deciding how best an individual shall serve his country. Flat feet, psoriasis, diminished intellectually capacity, religious pacifism, etc. are insufficient to warrant a total exemption of service.....everyone is not a front line warrior but politicians' kids are not going to be photographers either.

The consequences of a military draft are not as readily apparent as one might suggest.

If the children and grandchildren of Congress serve like the rest of American families; the decision to declare war will be taken more seriously.  Once American troops are engaged, our boys and girls will take precedence over political correctness and profiteering by the industrial military complex. 
Politicians will provide the mission objectives; while combat strategy will be determined by real military leaders.
The tragic lessons of Viet Nam have been too often's time to pull out the embedded reporters and put in the sons and grandsons of our Congressional leaders.
A Mosque filled with enemy combatants will no longer be a safe haven if a single American soldier is thereby placed at risk.  Wars will be fought to win.

Soldiers from all walks of life will be forced to live, work, fight, pray and die as brothers and sisters.
People will be judged more by the content of their character than by the color of their skin or by the God they worship.
The comradery that grows from the Esprit de Corps is based on a commonality of experience and character.
Hardship does not have to breed the bigotry that plagues America's street and prison gangs.
Privilege does not have to breed the bigotry inherent in college fraternities and sororities.

Imagine if young inner city high school drop-outs had the U.S. Marine Corps as a role model instead of joining the Aryan Nation to survive in prison?
Discipline, sacrifice, pride in self and country and a marketable skill will provide a better future than the lessons learned in gang life.
A kid might not know who his baby daddy was; but he'll never forget who was his Sergeant Major.
Imagine if a young poor black Marine saved a privileged white boy's life on the battlefield?  That white boy will have a whole different appreciation of PEOPLE if he subsequently joins a fraternity in college.

The diversity agenda of America's politically correct highlights the differences among Americans instead of the is no wonder that class envy, racism and cultural bias is at an all time high.

The broader the gene pool of our military personal; the stronger and more effective America's fighting force will be...........AND the more unified our fellow Americans will be towards each other.

FREEDOM is the most expensive PRIVILEGE a people can fight for......and we must ALL contribute to the best our ability.


Anonymous said...

Black Ink, when are you going to sign up volunteers for your campaign?

jigmeister said...

The problem with the last draft was that the standards were set far too low. The military entrance exam had a score of 1 to 100 and you qualified with a score of 11. As a result the very low qualifiers were automatically classified as 11B's or infantry. Thus the combat soldier was primarily black or minority and the morale and fighting ability was extremely low. Women were'nt eligible and college of any kind provided an automatic deferrment. Profess to being gay or smoke a joint and out you went.

Things would have to be substantially different before a draft would work.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably well said; you are a true patriot.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post.
BTW, I didn't know you were running for public office?
I hope it's for DA, Harris County has been without one for almost 2 years.

Anonymous said...


You have Lykos pegged. Keep up the good work.