Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Contemporaneous with Obama's ill thought out ban on deep water offshore drilling in American waters and in conjunction with a moratorium on the issuance of ALL new offshore drilling permits in US waters; his administration has provided a $2 billion "loan" to Petrobas in Brazil to drill in their MUCH DEEPER offshore waters(14,000 ft there vs. 5,000 ft here).

George Soros, a billionaire with close financial ties to the Obama campaign and "presidency", is also closely affiliated with Petrobas.
The exclusive Brazil-China oil deal from this offshore formation is quite cozy and will reap huge profits for George Soros.
So is Obama's "hope and change" based on an unprecedented level of covert corruption as evidenced by his ACTIONS or on transparency based on his rhetoric?!

It is obvious to anyone not living in a cave that his O'ness makes George W. Bush look like a competent saint!

The owners/operators of the banned rigs cannot and will not allow them to go idle. These rigs will be leased to other countries to produce oil, jobs and infrastructure for foreign economies.
The economic impact to America will be devastating.
The local jobs and economic clout will PERMANENTLY go away!

Rio De Janeiro will replace Houston as the world's oil and gas capital.

When gas soars to $7.00/gallon in ~18 months, Obama will no doubt blame Big Oil for HIS miscalculations; but the real jump in gas prices at the pump will be a consequence of a huge expected Federal "Green Tax" imposed by Obama to curb carbon emissions while padding the pockets of his investors and funding his overburdened socialistic agenda.

A consumption tax (V.A.T.), Green Tax, healthcare tax, etc. may not be raising taxes in the Obama world but in the real world the responsible working class is going to be hammered hard by skyrocketing new Federal tax burdens.

So how will the U.S. economy fare when business after business is regulated into bankruptsy or opts to outsource to foriegn safe havens while American jobs are slashed and Federal taxes, fees and fines are put into turbo drive??????

How can Obama get away with this scheme without first doing a socioeconomic impact analysis on a Federal action as required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)?

The Federal Judge in New Orleans was correct to overturn this arbitrary capricious powers grab by Obama as he usurped the laws of this land.......pathetically we will stand down as a beaten nation when the Obama Brownshirts quash the Judicial oversight recently imposed.

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