Monday, February 1, 2010


"The free enterprise system has blessed the United States of America with the greatest prosperity, the highest standards of living, and, most important, the greatest individual freedom known to man. If we can preserve this system, and our freedom, we can look forward to turning over to our children, and our children's children, an America that is more productive, prosperous, and stronger economically, financially, morally, and spiritually, than the one we inherited."
--William E. Simon,  the 63rd Treasury Secretary of the United States

The current US Treasury head, Timothy Geithner,  is no William Simon. He and his fellow Secular Progressives have chosen to dismantle Simon's ideal through a sordid path of blame, bailouts, entitlements and big government.
As we allow big government to replace our individual liberty and moral compass we lose that which made America the envy of the world.

If we are to survive as a nation worthy of being passed on to future generations; then we need to be worthy ourselves. "American Correctness" needs to supplant "Political Correctness".
America's greatness was not predicated on class envy that rewarded failure or inferiority.  Our foundation was premised on early Americans heralding  hard work, sacrifice and common sense traditional values. In contrast, modern Americans are content to be ridiculed and scorned for sharing these beliefs.
Enough is enough.

America must reclaim her sovereignty that she unwittingly abdicated to the fringe groups of each Party.
The average American knows right from wrong; but her lines of judgment have been blurred.  The sensory overload of the socialist secular movement is formidable; but their death grip on American government must be challenged.  Conceptually they are no different than the Sunnis and Shiites and we have allowed them to dominate our public policy nationally, locally and abroad. Each group clings to their own special interests with total disregard for America's best interests or survival.  Corporate America versus the unions.  The "Mom and Pop's" are fading fast.  A feeling of helplessness fueled by anxiety feeds America's trepidation and anger.

So America has a choice:
1. Do we sit back content watching American Idol and NFL football apathetic to our eroding liberties; OR
2. do we demand that our government and elected officials live true to the United States Constitution and serve, rather than exploit the American people.

I submit that the sanctity of life coupled with the freedom of individual liberty affords man the greatest opportunity to achieve is a privilege that our forefathers fought and died for and must never be abandoned or taken for granted.


jigmeister said...

Part of the reason I changed my unofficial party affiliation from life long republican (except for a brief liberal bent during the 2nd Nixon administration)to independent is the hard right turn and corruption that I still see in the Republican party, while fearing big government, higher taxes, and socialistic tendencies of the Dems. Frankly though the biggest fear is that lobbyists have such a hold on our legislators at all levels to the point where one man-one vote is an absolute joke. Obama was right when he said that the American people have no trust, but he isn't doing anything to fix it.

BLACK INK said...

The young are said to have no heart if they are not democrats.

The mature are said to have no brains if they are not Republicans.

Those with true wisdom are said to have neither hearts nor brains if they are not Independents.