Monday, February 8, 2010


The political endorsement industry has truly become a seedy business.
In Harris County, WHAT an individual knows, too often takes a back seat to WHO he knows, literally.   When a candidate succumbs to the brothel mentality that lures him into the political elite's backseat; we're the ones getting screwed at the end of the day.

The Harris County "King Makers" (as these skanks like to be called), not the voters, elect our local politicians. 
I am not sure who is more vile and disgusting: the vermin of the political endorsement industry or the apathetic uninformed citizenry of Harris County who have,by proxy, conceded and acquiesced the process.

What coffee or luncheon a politician attends and who is outright paid off is more significant to a successful campaign than what qualifications or experience a candidate has.
The average citizen lives in an oblivious fog to this reality; while those of us informed as to the actual qualifications, ability and experience of the candidates in a particular race are self righteously appalled. 
But lest we be hypocrites; most of us that truly are well informed on a particular race, are so for personal reasons; proclamations to exclusively serve the best interests of the community, notwithstanding.

One of the things I hope this new movement to awaken America achieves is that people of character become more informed and involved in the political process generally and not limit involvement to narrow personal needs. That not only do they become fed up with this corrupt way of pre-selecting our candidates based on payoffs and political extremism; but also that some of them decide to stand up and replace the self serving professional politicians.
President John F. Kennedy was profoundly prophetic when he implored Americans to: "....Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country..."

Men and women in our communities with real life experience who have excelled in their chosen field based on ability and merit; whether in the private sector or in government, must actively decide to make a difference in the governing process. 
Entrepreneurs, plant managers, small business owners, doctors, teachers and others should be encouraged and supported to take the time and make the sacrifice---not to enhance their careers or portfolios; but because it is the right thing to do for their community.
Giving back, for those that have been blessed with so much, is a privilege.

So if you're tired of inept professional politicians like Pat Lykos----get involved in the process and promote quality leadership for Harris County. 
You have no right to complain if you don't vote and you should not vote if you are not informed.


Anonymous said...
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just another bad republican... said...

I used to be a hard core Republican. Not anymore. The party doesn't represent my values and is so dishonest and sneaky these days. Hotze and Lowry have become a joke and the C Club is close behind. The good old boy political establishment needs to get on out of H Town and take that horrible crazy Judge Pat Lykos with them.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

You make some good posts Black Ink. This is being looked into. When Hotze got into the mayoral race we started to have major concerns. Lowry is a non factor.

point39 said...

Debra Medina seems like a refreshing candidate for Texas governor. I don't mind Kaybay, but Perry is a political whore who has engaged for years in the type of "legalized prostitution" you write about. I am a conservative, though I don't always vote Republican. Perry and is ilk are the problem with the future of the Republican party. Same ol', same ol'.

BLACK INK said...

For once we agree....

point39 said...


Come on, we're not far off in our respective beliefs. Otherwise, I wouldn't spend time reading your posts.

point39 said...


What do you all think about Bill White? I amimpressed that, even as a Dem, he does not support a moratorium on executions in Texas. Since I don't live in Houston, I don't know much else about his politics.