Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The deluge of political mail-outs and sample ballots that flooded my office and personal address yesterday rekindled my abhorrence for the hypocrisy, innuendos and outright misinformation disseminated by the process.

The First Amendment doesn't permit someone to stick political signs in my yard without permission and there ought to be a way to prevent unsolicited political garbage from being stuffed in my mailbox. I consider it an abuse of political free speech and more akin to a form of trespass by proxy or at least littering.
An extension of the optional call block system applied to phones that intercepts harassing peddlers and protects our privacy, should be available to stop these political mail-outs.
Unfortunately, political mail-outs are very effective in tricking voters.....that's why they're so prolific.

Glaring examples of this voter manipulation against community interest are the well orchestrated Republican campaigns of Danny Dexter against the overwhelmingly more qualified but underfunded Marc Brown in the 180th Criminal District Court contest and politically connected Rachael Palmer in the County Criminal Court 13 race who is vastly outclassed in every aspect of the law by the exceptionally qualified Don Smyth.
Although Steve Hotze's endorsement of Dexter is very disturbing, he gets credit for not having the stomach to endorse Palmer, her political offerings notwithstanding.

The average Harris County voter has no idea which judicial candidate is most qualified and generally relies on endorsements and candidate-published name recognition when deciding how to cast his ballot.
How are these folks able to appropriately evaluate the veracity of the numerous judicial campaigns?
Heck, if I wasn't part of this legal microcosm I would probably vote for Dexter and Palmer based on the overwhelming published "support"!
How would I know what  incredibly better judges Marc Brown and Don Smythe would be if I didn't actually KNOW the candidates and their respective qualifications?

Judicial benches should not be for sale to those who know the right people instead of the right stuff.
Equal protection under the law is hindered when the bench is occupied by the most moneyed, instead of the most qualified candidate.

But as we all know, the idealism of truth, honesty, integrity, and ability are no match for who you know and how you spin it in modern American politics......and if anyone doubts that they don't know Pat Lykos.


Anonymous said...

Well put Black Ink.

Aggie Pct Chair said...

Black Ink,

In an ideal world, Hussein Obama would be looking for handouts and not our President. You need to face reality when it comes to politics. Money talks and bullshit walks. Those who can pay can play.

How else do we get the word out to the 9 to 5ers who don't know anything about this. Our media is so corrupt it boils down to mailers and tea parties. If our media was at least 1 percent fair and unbiased we wouldn't have this problem!

StorytellERdoc said...

Loved this post, especially since my new gmail account is being swamped with the junk emails. Ughhhh! well put post, BI.

StorytellERdoc said...

Well done post, BI. My new gmail account is being swamped with junk email...Ughhhh! thanks.