Friday, February 26, 2010


Harris County District Attorney, Pat Lykos, wants to make Houston a safer more gentler place to be during Rodeo......or does she really?
Zero tolerance for rodeo season revelers has been mandated.  If any cowboy or cowgirl is suspected of DWI during rodeo and refuses to submit to an  intoxilyzer; a blood alcohol sample WILL be drawn. 

There is no question that getting impaired drivers off of the roadways is in the best interest of society.
But one must question the motive of this particular edict.
Is this a publicity stunt or in the community's best interest?
New Year celebrants drew the same scrutiny.

The issue is: what makes alcohol related injuries or deaths on our roadways more significant during rodeo, New Years or other celebratory events?
Is it merely the sheer number of drunks during party season?
Dead is dead whether it's after a routine Saturday night or after the office Christmas Party or after a big time rodeo performance.
Why not have zero tolerance year round or not at all?

Consistency, fair play and due process do not seem to be priorities at the beleaguered Harris County District Attorney's Office since the new regime came to town.
Judge Pat, as DA Lykos demands to be called, established the highly controversial DIVERT program.
Controversial because many legal scholars consider this odd poorly drafted policy to be an illegal subterfuge of the Texas State Legislature.
Nevertheless, the main purpose of DIVERT is to ease overcrowding of our jails by giving non enhanced first offender drunk drivers essentially one free DWI.

So why the heck is Judge Pat wanting to launch a full court press "catch and release program" for drunk drivers during rodeo?

A District Attorney who politicizes drunk driving for personal gain with a total disregard for the health and safety of others is no different than the corner crack dealer.....they are both selling some bad shit.


jigmeister said...

Purely politics and the exercise of power.

Anonymous said...

Inkman, logic doesn't apply to Political Pat. BTW, have you had a chance to read the Houston Press article about the Lykos administration's meltdown in their "handling" of Craig Washington? Those numb nuts will have to hire a special prosecutor if a big hitter refuses to plea and a dismissal can't be covered up. They'll be DIVERTing murders before it's over.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink,

When I googled Leslie Brock Yates your blog appeared..... and she lost.

Nice Job.