Thursday, January 28, 2010


"Believe what I say NOT what I do", has officially replaced "Change we can believe in".

Obama's narcissism is something to behold.  I lost count at how many times he used the word "I" in this, his first State of the Union address to the nation.
Dick Morris was correct in his prediction that Obama was an ideologue who would not pivot--that his arrogance would preclude compromise. Thus the pathetic irony in Obama's condemnation of  his Washington cohorts for this same fatal flaw referenced throughout his pandering oration.

Apparently, the buck stops anywhere except at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
If it's not Bush's fault then it must be the fault of Congress, the banks, Wall Street, the wealthy, big business, any successful small business, the energy sector, China, racism, anyone who doesn't buy into global warming AKA climatic change, etc.
Obama is the quintessential pretender but his role as victim is wearing thin. It is time for him to man up and take responsibility for the office of POTUS.

The mystical nirvana Obama promises will crumble when the consequences of reality reveal the delusional foundation of his Marxist premise that the Federal Government not only can, but should, solve all of America's problems. Big government is, as Reagan pointed out, the problem, not the solution.
The government's role is not to raise us from cradle to grave, responsible for our every need; but rather to promote individual responsibility.

There are common sense reasons why Obama's speech was full of it.
How does Obama keep from falling on the floor laughing when he advocates:
1. the need for Cap & Trade in almost the same breath as promoting aggressive exploration of America's natural resources and being more competitive with China? 
2. that his fellow Dems not politicize health care.
That is Obama's exclusive right.  They must vote for it regardless of personal political consequences since he's not the one up for re-election. After all, if someone is going to fall on the sword it sure as heck won't be Obama.
3. taking money from big banks that are now lending responsibly to provide funds to little banks for high risk loans.
Didn't Albert Einstein say that insanity was repeating the same experiment over and over and expecting a different result?
4. an across the board Federal spending freeze described as irresponsible "hatchet style" by Obama when McCain advocated this during the campaign.
But there is a caveat: ~83% of the budget is exempted, a ~24% increase to the affected 17% has already occurred in the past year, the freeze doesn't take place for another year, if then.
What about cutting spending as opposed to jacking it up and then freezing the inflated amount? WTF?
5. another stimulus even though he hasn't spent 2/3s of the last one yet.
Sounds like a squirrel storing a stockpile of nuts before the freeze.
6. $100 BB fee on big banks for past bad behavior.
I'm sure none of that will trickle down to the consumer! Ha!
More nuts for the hungry squirrel in any regard.
7. pandering to the don't ask don't tell military madness.
Now that is a pressing issue right now.
8. circumventing decisions of the US Supreme Court that he disagrees with.
Personally, I also disagree with the high court on their recent decision allowing unlimited corporate political contributions, but that is not the point. George W  disagreed with Roe v Wade in 1973. Imagine the Left's outrage had W called out the Justices at a State of the Union address with a similar inappropriate outburst?
9. a mandate for higher wages for women at a time when employers are cutting wages and employees.
That's going to make women more attractive to employers in the current hiring environment?
10. it is about the American people and not Obama.
Who the hell is he still kidding?

My brother please!


Anonymous said...

Wow StealthMan, even the rag Houston Chronicle agrees with you. In today's spinned version, check out their own editorial (gotta be a first), Goldberg's editorial AND their editorial cartoon. All lambasting the "I" man!


Even if the Houston Comical agrees with you so do I. Wait until the democrats lose BHO's old Senatorial seat in Illinois. BTW,who's your pick for Texas Governor?

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

What the hell are you trying do here with this post educate the masses? Good luck,because so many people were expecting that 40 and a mule by this point!

BLACK INK said...

O Man has blown an opportunity that few of us dreamed we'd ever see in our lifetime.
He has disappointed and lied to a lot of people, my brother.
Change, transparency and hope have become a joke; as has his presidency.
Obama is the POTUS and he needs to step up to the plate and act like a man instead of making excuses like a hoodrat victim.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I had a letter to our local fish wrap here in Pittsburgh published right after his election win in 2008.The jest of the letter was not to let your guard down with the election of this truely undercover brother! People don't realize to this day that the rich and powerful in this country and the world will not allow President Obama to do anything to upset the status of them making money.If the demonization of him and his family and his policies don't tell you anything,then we really need a wakeup call.

BLACK INK said...

Bush was demonized as was Clinton before him.
The big bankers of the Federal Reserve unleashed by Woodrow Wilson in 1913 need to be collared not pampered. The United States Treasury should not be beholden to this facade.
More was expected of Obama and he has not walked the walk, all excuses notwithstanding.