Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Massachusetts rescued the United States Senate--who would have thought it?!
Thank you PEOPLE of Massachusetts and thank you U.S. Senator Scott Brown.

The message is clear; even to the bastion of liberal elitism:  the PEOPLE are fed up with the unprecedented degree of arrogance, entitlement, extremism and blatant corruption of our elected officials.
Big government and big spending are big trouble and the PEOPLE aren't going to take it anymore.

Lest the Republicans quash this opportunity, they must appreciate that this is NOT a win for the Republican Party per se, but rather a victory for the PEOPLE.
The extremists of each party have a stranglehold on the Republican and Democratic Parties and consequently their respective agendas are not remotely representative of mainstream America.
Scott's message was not hard core party line rhetoric that we are all so tired of enduring; but instead he pushed a populace theme of center right that appealed to the crucial independent voters as well as the moderate Democrats.
The hard core extremists on each side of the aisle had better take note.

Scott and his old pick up truck represent the struggle of the PEOPLE.  If Scott stays true to his message of representing what is in the best interest of the American PEOPLE and does not yield to the exorbitant temptations of self interest; it will be a great day for our country.

Slick oratory finesse was no match for integrity yesterday in Massachusetts.....let's hope the rest of  America took note.



We can only hope Aggie Precinct Chair characters are in the minority at the Republican Party Harris County and all over the USA.

Aggie Pct Chair said...


There are those who talk the talk and those who walk the walk. I will not back off of my views because it is the popular thing to do. I believe in family, less government, tort reform, the right to carry guns and law enforcement. I believe religion is a must and should be a foundation in each american child's education. Satan works in mysterious way. Give a little to the devil and he will corrupt you. Stand strong my, this is not a chess match, this is life. You will not find salvation compromising your morals.

Anonymous said...

The common sense analysis in your posts is incredible.I hope you do more local stuff as the elections get closer.Will you post who you endorse before the march primaries?Thanks,

BLACK INK said...

Anon 6:41,
So far Murray Newman is doing a phenomenal job evaluating the judicial races on his blog: Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center.