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The Harris County Republican Party, in my judgment, expects their elected DA to adhere to the following principles:

YOUR PRIMARY JOB DUTY will be to do anything necessary to keep getting re-elected.


1.  You must be willing to raise large sums of money every election cycle.  To collect the vast amounts of required cash, you can either convince many fellow citizens to give you money or you can make secret promises to well connected political entities or decide.

2. You must spend most of your time on the job secretly promising favors and pandering to the hard core Republican base, while simultaneously denying to your constituents that you’ve made secret promises.

3. You must be willing to expose yourself, your family and your friends to the constant risk of being defamed by incoherent disgruntled people.

4. You must be willing to find a way to avoid spending time with moderates, democrats and other undesirables.

5. You must be willing to expose yourself to constant ridicule and false charges trumped up by the media to sell advertisements. Everything embarrassing you’ve ever done will appear in publications, especially if it is irrelevant to the issues facing the district attorney's office.

6. Once you start campaigning, you must agree to stop talking candidly about anything.

7. You must support every minutiae of the party line no matter how extreme or irrelevant to your real job as DA; common sense be damned.

8. You must be willing to expose your family and your closest friends to massive invasions of their privacy.

9. You must explain and solve complex social and legal issues using only 8-second sound bites.

10. You must be willing to expose yourself to scandalous and false attacks on your career as a prosecutor.

11. You must accept that most people who you once thought were your friends will only be there for you  if you win. And if you win you will have lots of new friends.

11. Your door must always be open to the opinionated blue haired loyalists and the well-heeled republican donors.

12. To win re-election, you must get down in the dirt and personally hurl false charges against your opponent, because the ends will justify the means.

The Harris County Republican Party might not recognize it; but the citizens of Harris County are in desperate need of an honest, intelligent, dedicated, and qualified candidate to apply for the office of Harris County District Attorney.......YOU are that hope for the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

I do not recall a county election where a candidate was as brutally and unfairly attacked as you were in was disgraceful on so many levels; but you stayed in the ring, you took the body shots, the head butts and you never gave was the Harris County voter, at the end of the day, who threw in the towel.

In fact, the Kelly Siegler haters are already crawling out of the sewers against you in mere anticipation of your "possible" candidacy. They are that afraid of your courage and spirit.

Even now, in an attempt to excuse the recently exposed consequences of Lykos' incompetence, the Republican operatives are accusing you of orchestrating an anti-Lykos conspiracy.

I can't believe you would even consider getting back in the ring..............thank you.


A Harris County Lawyer said...


Anonymous said...

Geez, when you put it that way, why would anyone ever want to get into politics? God bless you, Kelly. You and your family don't deserve being drug through the mud simply because you wanted to continue in a job that you do so well. Well, now the Harris County voters are dealing with the fall-out. All the good prosecutors have gone with you or since you. There are very few left. So, I say to the Harris County voters: What's it like knowing that you now live in a county where the criminal element who is also living here or who is a transplant feels that it's safe to be a murderer, rapist, burglar, child molester, thief, serial killer or whichever path they should so desire knowing now that they can commit their heinous crimes and there's a good chance they're going to get found not guilty? Pat Lykos has continued to further decimate the quality of prosecutors in that office because no one can work for that egomaniacal sociopath.

And I've got to ask you, who in their right mind in today's economy when people can't afford to pay their car note, mortgage, eat out for lunch or even have to think twice about buying a coke, who, WHO besides the most self-centered narcissist would fly to Hawaii on the taxpayer's dime? Y'all think about that. You're panicking because it's the first of the month in a few days and your bills are due. Pat Lykos is quite possibly on her fifth or sixth drink at a bar right now in HAWAII. And YOU are paying for her trip. Jesus Christ, people. What were you thinking when you voted for that troll?

One last thought. If Kelly was such a terrible prosecutor, why do all the tv stations, newspapers, radio, et cetera, why do they continue to cover her trials when she's not even doing them in this county? We're missing something here now. And it's quality. Congratulations, Pat. We're a laughingstock now. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

thank you kelly

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a natural job for any sociopath. There should be lots of takers.

Anonymous said...

I'm just a little old gray haired citizen who enjoys reading your (and Murray's) blog. I voted for you in 08 and don't see much reason at this point to go vote in 12, but if you're on the ticket, I'll be there, with your campaign sign in my car window and on my lawn, you have my vote. Please, for the love of Texas, get in the race.

Anonymous said...

KS, how 'bout 10 quick suggestions:
1.File for DA as a Republican.
2.If you decide to hit a blue hair event smile and don't take their crap for more than it is--crap.
3.Collect a huge amount of money from the hook-ups you already have.Your future campaign web site can collect some extra.That minimizes money grubbing.
4.Book some time on 740 am and get Michael Berry on board
5 Buy as much TV as you can with every law enforcement agency in Texas standing with you
6.Line up the victims you have helped over the years and make a collage TV ad to show the world what tough love is all about.
7.If Lykos wants dirt her booking photo will do just fine
8. Mail-out and robo calls can't insult you
9.Most importantly when shit is thrown at you consider the source. Turds are turds and that's what they do.You have more supporters than you or this Black Ink guy can imagine and now they will vote.
10.You gotta believe. No regrets if your head is right going in.

I know it not near that easy but no one else has a chance except for you.You have my vote either way 'cause if you don't file I'm writing you in.

Anonymous said...

The corner office on the 6th floor is looking more and more like it will soon be smoke free.

Anonymous said...

Lykos seems to have stepped in toxic poo poo. Jimmy get the pooper scooper and whack a couple of ADAs.

Anonymous said...

My son is graduating from UT law school next year and wants to be be a prosecutor just like you. Thanks for unknowingly being such a positive infuence in my son's career. This reformed old Republican insider will vote for you this time as will my bridge club and my husband's breakfast club. When the time is upon us and you need volunteers we're ready.

Anonymous said...

you'll have my vote Kelly because you earned it politicians like Judge Pat Lycos make me sick

Anonymous said...

HOUSTON - The Harris County Deputies organization has released survey results showing 94 percent of deputies and district attorney employees have no confidence in Harris County DA Pat Lykos

Read more:

Anonymous said...


Now people go out and vote this time damn it.

Anonymous said...

WOW Kelly I just had no idea what you went through. Thank you so so very much.

Anonymous said...

Okay so Devon told me Mike is running for sure. He will file early just like Chuck did hoping no one else will. When Kelly files later he can paint her as a spoiler. Who really cares it's all about thick skin not when you file. Judge Lykos needs to go and now she has a record to address not just empty platitudes. Kelly and Mike each have a good shot in the inevitable run-off. The question is who has the stomache for it. Kelly knows exactly what is at stake. Mike left the office back in the good old JBH days and has no real idea what a campaign at this level requires. No one in his position could. Mike and Devon don't know what's going to be in their closet ask Herman Cain about that. It doesn't matter what's true perception rules in this kind of contest. We'll have to see how Mike and his family deal with all the dirt real and make believe. Kelly and her family know all too well how that works. I'm voting for Kelly but will strongly support Mike if she doesn't make the runoff. Good luck to both you guys.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:53,
Looks like you might be correct. Mike Anderson is puckering up making the political rounds and Kelly isn't ruling anything out which means she's in as well. We'll see who endorses who AFTER the filing deadline. The political posturing has begun.