Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Prosecutor named in BAT van case Newswatch a blog

"State District Judge Susan Brown on Wednesday named attorney Stephen C. St. Martin as a “temporary prosecutor” to assist a grand jury apparently investigating the Houston Police Department’s troubled mobile alcohol testing program.
The order appointing St. Martin, a former assistant district attorney, states that grand jurors are investigating possible criminal conduct by the district attorney’s office.
Court officials said Brown intended to name another special prosecutor but hasn’t signed that order yet.
The grand jury gained attention last week when it excluded prosecutors from listening to witnesses testifying in secret proceedings during the ongoing investigation. On Tuesday the grand jury heard testimony from prosecutors under subpoena, providing further evidence that the panel is examining the role the DA’s office has played in cases involving breath alcohol testing vehicles known as BAT vans."
-Houston Chronicle

Welcome to the Major League DA Pat Lykos........or should I say Major Offenders?
*You have done some awful things to some awfully good folks.
*You have defamed and bullied performers for doing their jobs so that you could advance for not doing yours.
*You have pretended to create as you destroyed the creation of others.
*Your pretense has fooled too many for too long.
*Your Republican base will now get a glimpse into who the REAL Pat Lykos is....the rose colored glasses are cracking.

You are a creature of habit Pat Lykos. You historically soil the messenger to hide the message. 
I fully expect you to accuse Judge Susan Brown of having an unfounded vendetta.  You will defame her husband Mark and out-perform the muddiest feral hog in Texas to personally attack Stephen St. Martin.

Your tactics remind me of the late Senator Joseph McCarthy.
During the Army-McCarthy Senate Hearings in 1954, Mr. Welch had finally had enough when in addressing Senator McCarthy said, "You've done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency."
As that hearing marked the end of McCarthy's arbitrary rule; so shall it be for Lykos.

Judge Brown chose well in selecting St. Martin as a Special Prosecutor to bring JUSTICE back to the Harris County District Attorney's Office.
St. Martin is not afraid of Lykos. He is privy to the workings of the HCDAO. He is a REAL prosecutor and understands the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence.

How the Harris County Republican Party leadership responds to the Lykos corruption scandal will be interesting.
Will there be an onslaught of candidates filing in the Republican Primary forcing a run-off or will there be a Rock Star that is supported because she is the best qualified, albeit least political? 

I predict that at least four (4) candidates will file in the Republican Primary forcing a run-off.
Except for a throw-down-spoiler-puppet like Jim Leitner who is ultimately responsible for the Pat Lykos debacle; these folks need to ask themselves:
1. Are you up for a run-off against Pat Lykos?
2. Will the hard core Republicans who always come out for the run-off still vote for Lykos in spite of her disastrous performance?
3. Will any one besides the hard core Lykos loyalists actually vote in the inevitable run-off.....history says they won't?
4. Is Kelly Siegler in it to win it?...........a proven prosecutor who has always fought her heart out for JUSTICE and victims' rights because it is who she is and the right thing to do.

Keep the faith........everything happens for a reason.


Anonymous said...

KS will be awesome. I can't wait for it to be official and for her to make this place a DA office.

Anonymous said...

Great Article, Black! Finally, the day is coming where that old drunken troll has got to stop her bullying ways. This is what the dumbass voters of Harris County get for electing that incompetent grotesque pig.

Anonymous said...

Inkman are you going to interview with the hiring comittee after Kelly gets sworn in? You, Calvin, Bert and Murray might consider of counsel advisory positions to help Kelly square things away. We are all soooooo excited.

AWC said...

Pat Lykos and her minions also allow perjury to convict the innocent.
Check out Youtube: Who Ordered the Plane?