Monday, October 17, 2011


Herman Cain is a self made man who succeeded in spite of being black; NOT because of it.  His mother was a maid for the white man and his father was a white man's driver. "The Help" is not just a Hollywood flick for depict's his REAL roots.
Cain's ancestors came to America on slave ships......not on a Kenyan Boeing 747.  Cain grew up under Jim Crow.....he did not have to be taught about discrimination; he rose above  it.
Therein lies the fundamental difference between Herman Cain and the presidential pretender.........."President Cain" would be the first REAL black President of the United States of America.

Mr. Cain's philosophy for success in life is predicated on a work ethic NOT victim hood.  He does not hide from his heritage nor does he exploit it........he chooses to be judged based on performance NOT guilt. Cain considers himself an American who happens to be black; dismissing the divisive term African American.

The race baiters are in a frenzied disbelief: Cornel West, Al Sharpton, Walter Evans a/k/a Quanell X and the left wing media are now in "Palinesque" character assassination overdrive.
As these folks desperately sling their insidious racism against Herman Cain; black America is "out to lunch".
What an OUTRAGE! 

Black "leadership" is stunned: How can a black man possibly succeed on merit and have conservative Christian values?  He must be a grinnin' shufflin' Uncle Tom goober!  He must be destroyed!  God forbid Mr. Cain's values permeate the hood! 
Oh my goodness, what would happen to the poverty pimps of the democratic party if the disenfranchised segment of black America followed Cain's example?  The brainwashed herd mentality would be lost.........the dependent victims would be free at last!

The Tea Party's overwhelming support of Mr. Cain demonstrates their adherence to the fundamental belief that the content of an individual's character is more important than their skin color........principled policy counts.  WOW!
Cain offers solutions instead of excuses and does what other folks just talk about............................he is not a polished politician and that also is refreshing.


Anonymous said...

We'll see how the Repubs feed on Cain in tonight's debate. It's gonna be ugly.

Anonymous said...

What do you think about the 185th investigation?

Point39 said...

If by "real deal," you mean woefully unprepared for the stage to which he aspires to ascend, then you are right. Although 9-9-9 isn't entirely what it purports to be (to the contrary, all legitimate economic analyses suggest that it will raise the tax burden on the middle class), I do appreciate that Cain is brave enough to promulgate such a grand plan. We certainly need big ideas to transform this country from the depths of hell in which she currently finds herself to the land of prosperity she once was. But Mr. Cain's lack of political experience, which makes him an attractive candidate in the first place, is going to be his undoing. He's simply unprepared to respond to relatively easy political questions. Abortion, dealing with terrorists, etc... He's bungled those issues supremely. And now his handling of the response to the sexual harrassment story has once again illustrated that he is probably not presidential material. Hopefully for Mr. Cain this is all happening to him early enough that he can overcome it. But what makes us think there won't be other issues/questions that he won't be prepareed to adequately address? I wish the GOP could cough up a candidate with a combination of the best attributes of Cain, Paul and Gingrich, without the warts that go along with each of those men.